Jama Connect - By an MSP Engineer
September 03, 2021

Jama Connect - By an MSP Engineer

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Overall Satisfaction with Jama Connect

It is used by our Engineering team and also with clients who we work with. Essentially, it helps us organize tasks and work items. We can break down larger projects in a different manner (agile, etc.) which allows us to clearly assign tasks and report back on items such as workload, backlog, assigned/unassigned, etc.
  • Organize tasks and projects in multiple methodologies (agile, etc).
  • Allow clear task assignments so teams understand their responsibilities and workload.
  • Allow reporting of tasks/workload/etc so the lead/managers/etc can make informed decisions for our team.
  • Integration with other tools is always something that can be improved, although Jama does pretty well with it.
  • Allowing cross-organization task assignments to be easier. You can do this now but it would be nice to find a way to make it more seamless.

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  • Made it easier to know what I'm responsible for, from a work task perspective.
  • Allowed leads/managers to assign work in a more educated manner by seeing workload, etc.
  • Allows clear deliverables and more accurate work estimates, since we can look back at previous examples (assuming there are some).
We expect to be able to see our work accurately. Basically, we want to see who is assigned what, what 'load' people have, what we 'delivered' to a client in the form of work/tasks, and how we can assign new tasks/work. This allows the business to make extremely informed decisions and be able to accurately look at estimates without having to guess. This allows for better estimates to reach clients for work, as well as increased margins because we have real data to see what work has been done.
Jama is quite effective at this. The tracing is what makes a difference if you actually use the system. Being able to trace work/requirements/tasks across a lifecycle allows teams to make informed decisions based on data and not 'feel' or guesses. Collaboration can always be increased as new tools are developed and new methods are created, but it is rather easy to collaborate across teams and organizations.
I haven't used the other tools in some time, but I know I prefer Jama over Jira and MS Project. Again, this is skewed based on the fact that I haven't used the other 2 tools in years. Jama is used more by clients whom I work with so it seems to be more of a market leader than other products, but that could also be the case because of the businesses we work with.
Nothing is perfect, but Jama has done a good job of implementing features that are representative of current methodologies. It's easy to get started and not too complex, but it could always be better. I think making use cases available to understand ways to improve our use would be good. Amazon does this with some AWS things where it has use cases of clients who have used a service/product and it can help teams/companies to implement new features, plus do things they may not have thought of before. Basically just examples but with some good details.