Using Khoros Community for Marketing
December 21, 2020

Using Khoros Community for Marketing

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Overall Satisfaction with Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

We are using Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) for marketing-focused content. We leverage the community features, such as blogs and knowledge-base, to provide useful instructor content and resources. Our published book authors also use the platform to write blog posts on their subjects and to increase their brand. We also use the community to engage instructors in discussions on many topics and to keep them informed about our products.
  • The platform is a good tool to build a community site; you can make your community as simple or robust as you want.
  • The Khoros management team is really good. I really like the support we have from our CSM. They have programming for clients that I enjoy participating in.
  • We really like the community syndication feature where we could create a feed of our community content to our catalog site.
  • We also really like being able to feed our product catalog into the community so that we can tag our products in a post on the community and link it back to our catalog site.
  • Adjusting to the concept of quilts was a learning curve. Creating layouts was not intuitive and requires some training and practice.
  • The admin dashboard could be better by updating the UI so it's easier to use and find the settings you're looking for. Requires training and practice to get used to.
  • Bulk archive should be a feature! Right now, it's just a page at a time.
  • We're getting a good amount of organic traffic to the community. The SEO features here are good if you do basic things like adding meta descriptions and title tags. We're exploring more SEO features next year.
  • We've integrated the product catalog into our community; we're still working on automating it. Hoping this will help increase conversion rates on our catalog site.
  • We are capturing leads via the registration. This list will help us market our products to people who have found us organically.
Growing the community and adding new categories and groups is pretty simple. The more important thing is having a good content and moderation strategy to support that growth.
Yes, we have used Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) a lot to triage issues we saw from our migration from Jive. As we explore more features and test them, we often find something that we can't figure out, so we open a ticket with Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium). Depending on the issue, responses could be quick or slow. Our CSM is pretty good at helping us escalate some issues that are urgent. We've used the Professional Services and they were helpful in fixing some bugs with our SSO implementation and user login flow.
Community Analytics is very helpful. We really like seeing the page views organized by the community structure and data on users. We just don't understand why the page views in Community Analytics differ from page views in Google Analytics. We use both tools. We have a basic moderation strategy and we hope to build it up and utilize the moderation tools available in Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium).
  • Access to learning and training resources (e.g. product coaching)
We provide instructor content and resources to our customers on the community, and we started using group hubs for exclusive audiences. We've seen engagement on the high school group hubs because that audience is a very engaged group! We've had a few instructors ask for product recommendations and we were able to provide the help. Our customers are not as engaged in the overall community and we think it is the nature of the audience, but we're exploring other things like a better moderation strategy and gamification.
We've implemented some basic gamification badges but we plan to explore and build a better strategy soon.
  • Jive-x (Discontinued)
One thing we miss from Jive is the ability to post an article in multiple places. We also think building layouts in Jive was easier. But overall Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) has met our expectations and goals of using SSO to capture leads, gating content, creating exclusive group hubs, integrating product catalog, and feeding content to our catalog sites.
We use Khoros Communities (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium) for content and peer-to-peer discussions,; we like being able to gate some content and use private group hubs for exclusive audiences. We post some instructor content as gated content so that we can capture leads from the registration. Although we don't use community for customer support issues, we hear that it has been very successful for others with this use case.