If you are using PHP, you should be using Laravel!
August 24, 2018

If you are using PHP, you should be using Laravel!

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Overall Satisfaction with Laravel PHP Framework

My team and I are using Laravel as the main framework for our web app/sass app +to service hundreds of thousands of users around the nation. Our web app utilizes lots of UI components which the user interacts with to fire off tons of XHR requests to update items on the backend MYSQL DB. Through the rigorous implementation of monitoring software, we also are able to utilize Laravel to monitor the efficiency of those on our platform and pinpoint pain points for our user experience.


  • The framework takes care of so much of the legwork of accomplishing arbitrary things you might want to do in your web-app. This is because it plays well with NPM + Composer - which is perfect for building websites quickly, securely & beautifully.
  • Using its built in capabilities like Eloquent, the Schema Builder, and Blade templates make mundane tasks quick and easy. Laravel has an amazing data model and is expandable to suit your needs, whether it be a small business or a corporate enterprise at scale.
  • Laravel has an amazing community @ Laracasts which can help identify and find solutions to almost any problem out there.


  • There isn't a whole lot to dislike about the framework, honestly. If I am forced to say something is that sometimes the authors change the directory layout and it's not always easy to deal with. That being said, I've never not been able to upgrade within a few hours.
  • Sometimes using the artisan CLI - it requires additional tweaking to get it running on non-standard application rollouts.
  • We've had a positive ROI on using Laravel as a webapp overall through it's seamless integrations and built in capabilities.
If you are using PHP, you should be using Laravel! It is superior in every way to CodeIgniter & CakePHP. Not to be unfair to Cake & CodeIgniter, which both have built in ORM, making queries very simple. Laravel on the other hand offers their eloquent ORM that makes database relations simple. The foremost reason why Laravel is the best framework and has an edge over other frameworks is that it is very configurable, and has an inbuilt, fast and extendable blade template engine, making it easier for Laravel developers to add the features with no need of hacking the core or modifying pre-existing CORE files which need to be re-updated as the user upgrades to newer releases of the software. Laravel also wins in ease of use - for its easy to use Artisan CLI, easy readability and scope for developer's creativity. Pagination in Laravel is much easier, as it generates a clever "range" of links. While CakePHP is more famous with blog sites, Laravel, on the other hand, is ideal for bigger projects and also for projects that need continuous maintenance even after they are launched.

If you are using PHP, you should be using Laravel! I have used Laravel to create business solutions at a small and enterprise scale. It is great for building standalone data API systems, perfect for building websites, has an amazing data model service that is customizeable to scale. Many of my Laravel applications are able to run scalable across multiple Amazon EC2's with Mongo/MYSQL running for user data tied to other services and an RDS cluster for Oauth connections.


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