Good, reliable service over 12 years
January 25, 2021

Good, reliable service over 12 years

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

Linode is used as our primary host for our company website, emailing and database hosting of a consumer facing SaaS product where we host a photography community. We've used Linode consistently for over 12 years to provide our business to our customers. We're using the basic VPS product from Linode.
  • Value for money.
  • Reliability.
  • Server upgrades.
  • Billing and online dashboard.
  • Managed services are expensive.
  • Slow to adopt new ideas (Docker especially).
  • No "serverless" offering e.g. Fargate.
  • Good value, in-line with other VPS providers.
  • Stable platform, I haven't needed to switch provider.
  • Occasional hardware upgrades have been helpful, I have scaled down my server size as upgrades have come, which has saved me money.
As a VPS provider, equally as functional for my needs as Amazon, Linode is less flexible (con), but also easier to use (pro).
DigitalOcean seems equally good on many aspects, maybe they are ahead on adopting new/useful technologies.
I wish Linode supported Fargate like container runtime so I didn't have to maintain as much of the stack.
In general support has been ok when I needed it, it's not been remarkable, but mostly competent.
Billing has worked well and no complaints there.
They have a help center/FAQ/wiki thing online that's been helpful sometimes.
Probably the best thing about Linode is that I haven't needed to change provider, they have been consistently good over the last 12+ years I have used them, I've never been so disappointed that I've needed to move provider, so I have stuck with them, this is probably the biggest cost saving, if I had tried to save a couple bucks and needed to switch providers, that would have been much more of a headache.
Obviously reliability s very important for our web service. Linode's reliability has been very good, over the last 12 years downtime caused by Linode and their upstream providers has been extremely low, probably only a handful of hours in that entire time. In terms of hardware, I've not had many issues, a few times where disks have failed on machines and I've needed to be migrated, but it was all automated by Linode and has been very quick and without issue.
Great as a resilient platform for a VPS provider. Good value for a basic VPS service.