I love me some Linode
January 25, 2021

I love me some Linode

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Overall Satisfaction with Linode

Linode runs our company. We have an in-house built software solution that manages nearly everything for our business. We use load balancers, storage, and a dozen Linodes. Our daily activity involves opening a web browser to login to software hosted on Linode. We host our website and database on Linode as well.
  • Easy to manage Linodes, using the web interface or their API.
  • Very cost effective. A $5/month Linode does more than you think.
  • Full control of your Linode software.
  • Tech support that actually works.
  • Their site documentation/how-to's are sometimes out of date.
  • Moving Linodes between accounts.
  • Private IPs should be private to ONLY the account, not the entire datacenter. Or at least have an option for that.
  • Our hosting costs have went down a lot over the years.
  • The uptime, speed, and ease of use have reduced my headaches.
I considered Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google. My focus was on simplicity, reliability, and how does the business keep moving forward if I'm not around. Small business don't have the budget to develop their business for a specific technology, like the big 3. Instead, writing conventional software that can be moved between hosting providers if need be is smarter. Linode is exactly what I needed.
I've had a few help tickets in for various issues. My most recent one was for trying to downsize a Linode's disk. As it turns out, you can't do this while running. Tech support acknowledged the error I was getting was not descriptive enough before I even said anything about it. They told me what I need to do quickly. The protocol for scheduled maintenance is wonderful too.
Linode fulfills their goals of being a great choice for me. Their system is fast, reliable, and easy to use. This means I can spend more time improving the software instead of configuring the servers. Restoring from backups is great too. A few times I've restored a backup to a new Linode because I needed a file that got overwritten. The time saved in that ability is well worth it.
Up time is important to any web-based company. I can only recall one time in the last few years when there was downtime that was noticeable, and it was only an hour or so. Anytime there is scheduled maintenance, it is scheduled far enough in advance that I can ensure that my system will be up and running through it. Load balancing databases and web servers is an important factor in ensuring your system stays up.
Linode is great for traditional servers. Setting up a load balancer web app or database with high availability. Linode doesn't let you provision a database, you have to build your database server, secure it, and maintain it. Linode is great for those of us who want full control over their systems.