NetBase - Worth The Price Of Admission
August 05, 2015

NetBase - Worth The Price Of Admission

Brian St. Onge | TrustRadius Reviewer
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June 5th release

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NetBase is being used by a department who runs queries for the entire organization. We are using it to address multiple things; sometimes a specific project; sometimes for marketing to a prospective client, and sometimes for other internal purposes. We are a marketing research firm, so understanding social media sentiment on topics we are currently researching is important.


  • Ability to pull from multiple sources, basically anything you can find on Google is used within the analysis. Being able to pull from all parts of the internet is obviously important - ensuring you are picking up conversations from multiple views.
  • Reporting - easy to use dashboards, with certain set views (e.g. word clouds). The ability to quickly filter down on results and/or remove attributes not relevant to your particular needs.
  • The cross-tab functionality provides an easy way to view a data set, narrowing or refining a search quickly without having to create new queries each time you want to make an edit.
  • A savable query. Initially was not available (you had to know what you filtered each time and re-create). Having the ability to save and come back to a query is super important for ongoing analysis.


  • I wish there was Boolean logic of the query available to better demonstrate to our clients (internally and externally) what we had to do to arrive at the findings we are reporting. There are times that this becomes very complicated to explain and we need to create a document showing this logic ourselves.
  • Ideally we would have access to private Facebook posts or private Tweets. These are not currently included and private posts could provide a different view of data on certain analysis.
810 - All users are analytical in nature, helping to deliver results on specific client related projects. A few non-users are business development roles who ask our department to run queries for them on new clients to help highlight our capabilities during their presentations to these prospective clients.
  • More "bang for your buck" on client projects - we have often thrown in additional analysis run via NetBase to a primary research report to show due diligence and "wow" the client.
  • Improved client relations - by providing quick ad-hoc views of a certain topic we were able to ensure core clients are happy and continue to use us for primary research needs.
We did like Crimson Hexagon and some of the additional features and the usability of their platform, however they appear to be a premium service that we could not justify the cost as compared to NetBase which provided very similar features and much less of an overall cost. Given we created an internal department to run these queries we decided that the money was better spent learning the platform using internal resources.
While we have used NetBase for many clients, I am not privy to the companies direction on social media analysis in the future. I believe it is a must have and we will continue to engage more clients with it, but it is an expensive proposition given the licensing and staffing needed to run the analysis.
I think the analysis we can provide would be a great addition to many primary research reports (providing an extra view of data to help highlight what you found during your primary research project). This is also very helpful to use when prospecting new clients - providing them details about your company along with a showcase of what you have found out for them quickly based on some general social media views.

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