NetBase is a very powerful platform
Updated May 16, 2016

NetBase is a very powerful platform

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Overall Satisfaction with NetBase

NetBase is being used by our insights and measurement team, which supports business units through the entire agency. The platforms addresses our needs for planning and research (for RFPs, ideation, hypothesis validation, etc.) as well as for some measurement practices like campaign tracking and ongoing social listening for social accounts. We address business questions like: what are people saying? why are they saying it? what is driving their behaviors? who are they? what are they interested in? how do they feel about the topic? where are they in the purchase lifecycle? and more.


  • Their NLP is very strong with the ability to distinguish subject in sentences and then apply analysis based on either the subject or sentence. Competitors lack strong NLP and often have lower degrees of accuracy.
  • The platform is highly flexible with dozens of ways to filter and cut the data. It is great for an analyst that really wants to deep dive into the data. However, the analysis done automatically by NetBase is also strong enough that less experienced users would still be able to gain insight with ease.
  • The customizable dashboards are perfect for client reporting and drastically reduce the amount of time spent preparing recurring reports and decks. These are also very flexible depending on reporting needs.


  • I have a lot of experience with writing boolean queries in social listening platforms, and NetBase's option for boolean is not as user friendly. Getting familiar with the platform's more basic query structure when not using boolean also requires a slight learning curve (if you are used to boolean).
  • Even for all of it's strengths, it gets pretty pricey for only a handful of users. For an agency that requires multiple seats, this can add up very quickly.
  • If having 100% of data is necessary (e.g. for tracking a Twitter hashtag campaign or sweepstakes), you must enable the firehose. Otherwise the decahose is used and then the sample is projected to estimated universe count. Not a problem for some situations, but definitely a problem for others.
4 - Users in our organization are planning and measurement analysts that act as resources across several business units and client accounts in the agency.
NetBase provides a higher degree of accuracy and more flexibility to control the analysis (filtering, etc) in the platform. The platform is also very user-friendly and doesn't have a steep learning curve. The NLP is powerful and provides deeper insights into sentiment, behaviors and opinions compared to other platforms that are very topical and less user-friendly.
  • Netbase has allowed us to answer the harder questions we get from clients, like doing a better job of profiling a target audience, or understanding important subtrends within a larger conversation, or analyzing attitudes towards a brand and it's competitors.
NetBase is well suited for research, new business, and diving into broad topics and finding subtrends.It also does a great job of getting to a deeper level of sentiment and behaviors/attitudes that some other platforms through NLP and the use of themes (with more accuracy). The highly flexible platform ensures that you can cut and filter your data in just about any way imaginable, and it's done very quickly. For research projects where historical data is important, NetBase can go back 2 years without additional fees (competitors often charge a fee for more than 30 days historical). Social queries that return a smaller number of mention may not be as well suited for the platform since some of the analyses won't return significant results if the sample is too small.

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