PCRecruiter - A Robust Solution For Smaller Companies
Updated December 15, 2014

PCRecruiter - A Robust Solution For Smaller Companies

Lee Anthony Iovino | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • ASP-hosted Applicant Tracking
  • Outlook integration

Overall Satisfaction with PCRecruiter

We are a small government contracting firm with a small overhead recruiting staff and a limited budget. We use PCRecruiter for all applicant tracking and job posting functions. We use it to capture and track all recruiting-related information and to craft, edit, store and display all job openings on our website. We use the Outlook integration function to automatically log all communications with each candidate and for easy access to all candidate and job records.
  • PCRecruiter allows for extremely quick candidate entry and tracking of all candidate communications via the Outlook integration. All emails to and from a candidate are automatically logged in as part of that candidate's record.
  • It lets us quickly craft and post new job requirements directly to our website. PCR then disseminates our jobs out to some of the major job aggregators like Simply Hired and indeed. We can format our posts any way we like, and the web extension through PCRecruiter matches the look and feel of our website.
  • The ability to generate custom tabs for each candidate record is a unique and extremely useful feature of PCRecruiter. Using this, we can look at a candidate's contact info on one tab, then easily click another tab to view cost information, another for security info - up to ten tabs for each candidate record.
  • The MyPCR (home page) allows for the creation of a custom starting place. You can create shortcuts to custom searches that you use regularly, shortcuts to websites you visit frequently - you can even link to documents you use in the recruiting process, all from the starting page.
  • The integrated email module can be clunky and buggy. The only reason we would use it is for mass emailing - which is something we don't do. So for us, it isn't an issue, but if you are looking for a great mass emailing capability you may want to investigate this further with the folks at PCRecruiter.
  • They are usually a version behind in supporting popular browsers. You will want to check with them before upgrading the browser you use.
  • PCRecruiter allows me to track a huge number of candidates and post/track a huge number of jobs all by myself.
  • We definitely provide a better experience for our candidates with PCRecruiter.
  • We can quickly and efficiently post jobs and get them out to a number of websites automatically, saving a lot of time.
PCRecruiter provides a better experience for our candidates and allows us to customize our own database in a much more robust way. Not to mention PCRecruiter costs a significantly smaller sum of money. For the smaller companies who may not have a huge team of recruiters, PCRecruiter is the better solution in my opinion.
We really aren't lacking anything with PCRecuiter. It solves our basic needs, gives us additional useful functionality and the cost is beyond reasonable - especially for a smaller company with a tiny recruiting staff like ours. We are not considering changing applicant tracking solutions and will remain customers of PCRecruiter for the forseeable future.
I have only personally used PCRecruiter in small company environments. In that capacity, it is a robust yet affordable option with features you won't see from other companies at this price point. I cannot comment on how well it works for larger companies with huge recruiting staffs. You will also get more out of PCRecruiter if you are fairly computer literate. If the thought of creating custom fields and custom searches gives you nightmares, you may want to look somewhere else.

Using PCRecruiter

1 - Director of Recruiting. It is important that information be captured so that in the future, other users can be added and they can get to work right away picking up where I left off with our candidate base. So I keep that in mind when I am recording notes and actions.
1 - I self-support myself (lol) on PCR. Most System functions are self explanatory and easy to figure out. Very intuitive. If you need help, you can refer to the Main Sequence PCR knowledge base that is also very easy to navigate. Finally, you can easily open a trouble ticket with them for a prompt response if all else fails.
  • Applicant tracking.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • Employee referral tracking.
  • Nothing fancy - don't need fancy.
  • Should be able to scale up to multiple users easily.