Pure Storage Flash array can meet or beat the goals you are trying to achieve
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November 28, 2018

Pure Storage Flash array can meet or beat the goals you are trying to achieve

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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashArray

From the beginning they talked up the "new" way to provide support by continuous monitoring of the system 24/7/365. We were skeptical at first, but they have stood behind that promise. We have had no outages since our first purchase over 4 years ago and have been happy since. We have done multiple controller replacements and upgrades with no issues or outages. They "Provide".
Pure FlashArray is being utilized across the enterprise for out Tier0 and Tier1 applications. It addressed the needs for reducing latency times across our entire system, being a hospital system this has greatly improved our status within the organization. The support we receive is beyond expectations, as what they provided from day 1 has never been offered by any storage company. Being able to swap out the controllers "live" has been an added experience I am happy to brag about, the cost was even better.
  • The increase in data reduction from their compression is better than expected.
  • Our latencies dropped dramatically in IT terms to sub-millisecond.
  • The ability to swap out and upgrade to new controllers with no "fork-lifting" just saves on everything, migrations, downtime you name it.
  • Possibly more reporting on the compression of the data
  • Management of the snapshot environment.
  • Though support likes to do all the work, they should listen closely to the clients' needs and environment. Not everyone is the same.
  • We have reduced time to production as our testing goes quicker on Pure.
  • Our RTO and RPO times have been reduced by the ability to mount snaps much quicker in the event of a disaster.
  • There has been no negative effect on our ROI.
We have benefited greatly from this as the ease of installation saves man-hours and frees up our time to better manage our storage environment. Pure support monitors the systems and alerts, thus providing as much of a proactive approach to support that can be imagined. If there is something that support needs to look at we just have to enable the RMA and that is it - no long endured WebEx just them checking out our systems while we go about our normal work......
Always compare and always ask for a "roadmap" you might be more inclined if you have access to the future also. Sometimes you can get caught up with their marketing; peel back the covers, talk to others ask for references, don't just be dazzled by the talk especially sometimes they can over quote the "space reduction" numbers from compression.
Pure Storage was tested against 3 different arrays as we are a hospital system running EPIC we needed a system that could handle the large database load and still provide sub-millisecond latency. All systems came real close to the SLAs we were looking for, but in the end, Pure had the lowest latency, highest compression and what we viewed as possibly the best support operative. Oh, and the price of the controller upgrade can't be beat!
  • We have been able to provide a much quicker response time for our hospital applications, thus making the client and our prospective customers experience that much smoother and quicker.
  • We were so enthused by how it handled our application workload that we now use it for VDI, thus again providing quicker access to work functions. Especially being in a hospital where one user needs to log out of each workstation before accessing another in a different patient room.
  • With the snapshot technology we have been able to lower our RTO and RPO times thus again making our organization stronger where we know if something fails we will be operational in a fraction of the time compared to previous systems.
It is great at databases and high IOP applications. The ability to scale-out as your data grows (whose data shrinks?). It did so well with our database environment we deployed it for VDI pushing out a competitor. Not good for low I/O workloads as it is overkill. Also if you want the ability to manage snapshots, this is not the system.