A day in the life of a Flash Blade array @ SSTK
February 01, 2019

A day in the life of a Flash Blade array @ SSTK

Michael Cannella | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pure Storage FlashBlade

Like I said before, it is our best performing system and we never have any issues with it. Support is excellent, in place upgrades are easy, the user interface is easy.
As of now, we use it for all our NFS mounts to store production customer facing data. For us, speed and agility is key and UPTIME. Since deployment in 2016, we have had 0 downtime and upgrades have all gone successfully.
  • Speed. We are seeing large transactions take very little time.
  • Upgrades- In-place upgrades of both hardware and software are extremely easy.
  • Ease of use- I have several engineers working on this and from setup to day to day operations it is extremely easy to maintain.
  • Replication- I know it is on the roadmap, but that needs to happen sooner rather than later.
  • Object-oriented Storage (ECS)- When we first brought it on board you had it but it needs to function in a more efficient capacity and have replication built into that also.
  • We would also like to see the VAAI interface to be more appealing and user-friendly. We have several operational support staff that view the GUI on a daily bases and for me to give them access via the VMware VAAI would be much easier if it were more user-friendly.
  • This has been a positive return for us. We have a lot of front end customer facing applications on it. One big positive is support, which you cannot overlook. Their support response and matrix is VERY good and they are extremely knowledgeable.
Well Said! We have gone through three upgrades since we have had the unit. All have been software upgrades and all have been with zero downtime and zero loss of service. So the fact that you can still maintain your throughput while doing an upgrade is excellent.
This unit will test VERY well no matter what you throw at it but for now, it has a specific need and function. If you are using AI, which we are, the Nvidia solution really works well. If you are using NFS, the solution works well. The unfortunate part is this comes with a hefty price tag.
Performace knocked it out of the park. Our only issue at the time was that ECS wasn't supported with Replication.
  • Speed and agility- this has allowed us to present to the customer faster.
  • The faster we can process data and replicate it, the faster we can present it to not only the customer but also our development teams.
The product really ROCKS. We handle all of our FTP front end traffic via the FBA and we never have any bandwidth issues. It handles very high IOPS in a short period of time. I wish we could also use it as a traditional array. As of now we are ONLY using the NFS mounts. If we could use it as a flash array also, it would improve productivity.