SalesLoft a great tool with minor drawbacks (like any software)
Joey Backs | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 03, 2018

SalesLoft a great tool with minor drawbacks (like any software)

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Overall Satisfaction with SalesLoft

Our entire go-to-market team here at Heap uses Heap--including our business development team, Account Executives, and Account Managers.

SalesLoft helps us organize our outreach to prospective customers and users. It allows us to create personal and team "cadences" to set up specific messaging for different personas we sell to, automate a lot of follow up processes, and integrates with other outbound prospecting tools we use like Sendoso as well as our CRM Salesforce.
  • Cadence set up, automation, and workflow: It is easy to set up a personal or a Team cadence for a particular campaign or persona message. Steps can be automated with handy options to pick when automated emails will be sent, when contacts will be taken out of the cadence (if they reply or their email bounces) and so on.
  • Advanced automation rules allow you to trigger Cadence actions based on changes to other data fields, such as a particular Salesforce contact field. We use this to automatically add contacts to a cadence when a specific field in Salesforce is changed (a picklist of potential cadence options).
  • Add on benefits like integration to Crystal to help you know what type of language to use with your target contact, Owler for news and insights on companies you're reaching out to, and a pretty good account management/support team.
  • The Salesforce integration has never worked exactly as I'd like it to, leading to several frustrations. The product and customer success team have been diligent addressing concerns and talking through product updates, but I don't feel the core problem has been addressed. Essentially, SalesLoft maintains a separate database of contact and account records imported via the integration from Salesforce. This means that when a contact is updated in Salesforce, it may not automatically update in SalesLoft, meaning company names can be incorrect, contacts can be attached to the wrong account, and so on. My best practice is typically to just reimport (and therefore force an update) of any contacts I want to reach out to from Salesforce.
  • I'm sure there has been a huge positive ROI in terms of our team's overall productivity and efficiency in comparison to not having anything at all. However, it's hard to say what the ROI is or would be in comparison to another tool in this space as I have not tried any.
SalesLoft does have good reporting for A/B testing message variants to see what works best. This extends to Subject lines, variants within a Cadences, or to overall Cadences. You can see results by open rate, click rate, and reply rate. The reporting is sufficient for my limited needs.
It is great for small to medium-sized teams who want to double or triple the productivity of their business development representatives. In a previous job, our email and call outbounding was all managed in spreadsheets and through Outlook. When I came to Heap and began using SalesLoft I was significantly more efficient, productive, and successful.

As our team has grown, members have joined and left, and our use of the tool has evolved as our collection of cadences and templates has grown messy. A better paradigm for managing these templates, understanding what templates map to what cadence, and so on will help our team scale use of SalesLoft. I can see how a large enterprise may have to strictly control their SalesLoft environment to prevent similar drawbacks.

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