Solid channel for inbound leads
September 15, 2021

Solid channel for inbound leads

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Overall Satisfaction with SourceForge

We used SourceForge to generate leads for our company. Generally, this was managed by the Marketing team, however, members from different parts of the organization were involved in implementing the program and making sure those leads made their way to our sales team. The implementation was easy, SourceForge just provided a source of the traffic to our landing page and much of the effort was involved in creating effective processes for following up with those leads. Once we had put a small amount of effort in the setup, there was virtually no work after that.

SourceForge addressed my teams never-ending needs for more high quality leads so that we could continue to grow our user base. They also had some cool features that showed us the names of the companies looking at our page so that our sales team could actually go out and contact those companies.
  • Lead generation
  • Simple setup, easy to manage once live
  • Increase brand awareness
  • displace competitors
  • Good customer service
  • minor UI fixes for admins
  • minor additional API functionalities
  • more in depth reporting functionalities
  • inbound lead generation
  • increase brand awareness
  • customer acquisition
  • easy to manage
  • Positive ROI
  • Good conversion rate compared to standard channels like google
  • helped grow business
We have experience with several of the software review sites, specifically Capterra and G2. It's pretty clear that these kinds of marketing channels are important when marketing software, and we also had success with Capterra. We chose not to go with G2 as their long-term and high cost didn't make sense for us.

SourceForge stacks up well against Capterra and offers a similar benefit. I think it's important to be on both channels because they both bring in good leads at reasonable rates. The services are very comparable, the biggest difference between the two was that Capterra is a PPC model and SourceForge has a subscription service. I'd say the subscription was a little easier to manage than PPC for my team, but they were both straight forward and we were happy with both.

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SourceForge is best suited for a software company that is looking to generate leads to find new customers. Our software is niche, which means it can be hard to use traditional marketing channels to find the right buyers. Software review websites like SourceForge provide an effective marketing channel that allows the right people to find our website. This inbound marketing channel brought consistent leads and was easy for our team to manage. The service is very straightforward, once you sign up you get links back to your website and they start sending the leads to you. If this is what you are looking and you're a software company trying to grow, then SourceForge could be a good fit for you.

Using SourceForge

5 - SourceForge was an inbound marketing channel so it covered a handful of departments. It was set up with the help of IT and development, managed by marketing and the leads went to sales. Not a lot of work went into SourceForge, but it was part of our inbound marketing efforts to grow our business so it involved several departments
1 - The ongoing support was very very easy. Once it was set up the inbound leads were passive. There was no additional work to manage SourceForge except to manage the leads as they came in.
  • lead generation
  • increase brand awareness
  • customer acquisition
  • competitor displacement
Souceforge was very straightforward and easy to manage. The leads worked for us so there is not a lot else to say about why I'd use it again. This isn't some complicated software product, it is a simple inbound marketing channel that is meant to generate leads and help us with brand awareness and it did exactly that.

SourceForge Implementation

Easy to setup, we just needed to update our page and send them UTM tracking links. Most of the effort came with setting up our follow up process for our sales team.
Change management was minimal
  • no issues, easy to setup

SourceForge Training

When we first signed up, they pair you with a campaign manager who trained us on how to use the product properly. The product is simple so the training was only about 30 minutes and after that we understood all the features and how to make the most of it. Most of the work came with making a custom landing page and building a follow up process for our sales team.

Configuring SourceForge

Easy to configure
Make sure you have a good landing page and a process for follow up. It doesn't matter how much traffic they send you, if your landing page sucks then nobody will convert. That is what took the most time for us, but it makes a huge difference.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - In the admin panel you can update all of the information on your software page. Its easy, just like updating any profile page.
No - we have not done any custom code

SourceForge Support

SourceForge paired us with a campaign manager who helped us with onboarding, setup and any questions that came up along the way. Many platforms these days are self service, which is sometimes nice but having a real person help when problems arise is nice. They were friendly and response. After the setup period, we had very few questions so ultimately I had a good experience with support.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Every package came with support, so there was no need to purchase premium support. This was not a complicated setup process, so the support aspect is not something to worry about. The help that we did receive was high quality, but rarely needed. I wouldn't worry about support being an issue.
The onboarding process was the only real time we needed support from their team, and it was easy. We had a call with a campaign manager, she told us about all of the features and how to make the most of our product listing. They also provided some additional tips on how to follow up with leads and how to optimize our landing page for this kind of marketing channel.