Easy to learn and use, and full of creativity and passion to create great things
Guillermo Cruz | TrustRadius Reviewer
March 15, 2019

Easy to learn and use, and full of creativity and passion to create great things

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Overall Satisfaction with UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

We have a new department that is starting the automation of some business process, as we are a third-party company for several clients. We are working mostly with the handling of exceptions and posting payments in a billing software for health charges, and this software is completely worked through remote desktop. So this is a virtual environment and we cannot work with all the activities that UIPath offers. The business problems we address is the reliability and also quality for the process we handle, a robot is more accurate and easy to test and keep track of its productivity rather than a human agent. As we work completely via remote desktop, we need to use the OCR and image recognition assets. Fortunately in the last versions and packages of UIPath they have improved the way to work in such environments. Now our capacity to work with this has increased by far, and we can pay attention to other processes that are sure to be automated in the near future. No doubt this software for RPA is currently one of the best. We plan to make a bigger group of bot developers to create even more solutions for our clients.
  • Excellent management of project files and dependencies
  • Easy integration with .Net technologies, also you can include new activities and features through the Package manager, that use all the power of NuGet
  • Large set of activities that allow you to build the bots for a lot of scenarios and use cases. The limit is your imagination.
  • Easy deployment of the projects and bots, locally or remotely through Orchestrator platform
  • Easy coding and programming by the use of a quite friendly language: VB.net
  • They have to improve the way of how to show error message to the developer, I mean in which file is the error and also, offer suggestions in case that you declare a wrong type of variable or if you are missing something else.
  • For Citrix/Remote desktop environments they have to improve the recognition of some elements in the remote screen, the added a new package to do this but is still in beta version and need several adjustments.
  • It would be awesome if we might choose the language we want to use to code the activities, because even when VB.net is easy, is not the most popular language, rather, C# is currently one of the most famous
  • We can process a greater number of batches and posting payments, almost +300 per hour, and if we implement more robots it could be +600 per hour.
  • As we work with remote desktop environment, there is always a delay while the bot is doing the tasks, so it's a bit slower than do the same job with human agents.
  • With the bot implementation you can prepare the agents to assist them and help them.
UIPath is easier to learn and also has a greater community that helps you no matter what the issue is; they always have an answer. The support of this software is also the best. The OCR is quite powerful, and you have a lot of options with the OCR engine, so in that way you can see to your project which is more suitable.
UIPath is well suited for processes that have a unique structure, that are not going to change through time, and where the information provided has the same format. It is also appropriate for automating simple office tasks such as opening and sending email, extracting information from them, and resending it. If you work in a local environment you can implement the RPA bots in a easier way, but if you have remote desktop apps to handle with UIPath, it will be quite difficult, because there are a lot of issues about work involved in such scenarios. Another scenario when UIPath is not appropriate is when the business processes needs human logic or analysis for being completed. We are still far [from getting] the bots to think or decide as a human so do not take the risk.