Unitrends allows me to sleep well at night knowing my backups will be successful and reliable!
August 26, 2016

Unitrends allows me to sleep well at night knowing my backups will be successful and reliable!

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Overall Satisfaction with Unitrends Recovery Series Backup Appliance

Unitrends is being used onsite as our primary backup for all our servers. We are also replicating our backups off-site to another Unitrends appliance at our remote site to use in the event of a disaster. We also archive our primary file server at our main location to a Unitrends archive unit to increase retention of our file server backups. For us, Unitrends provides reliable backups with increased retention and faster recovery times in the event we need to restore anything from a single file accidentally deleted to an entire server or data center in the event of a major disaster. Our driving factor for purchasing Unitrends was when we became a "paperless" office and recognized we needed to ensure we had a backup system we can rely on.
  • Support - I can't speak enough about Unitrends support staff. Whether I have a simple question or something more involved, they are always extremely prompt in getting my question answered or issue resolved. Support is US based and follow up is excellent. I never dread having to call Unitrends like I do many of my other vendors.
  • Reliability - Our old tape backup system was not reliable at all in that I constantly have failures. Now I hardly ever have any failures and never had a restore fail. The backup failures I did have were easily resolved. I can sleep well at night, knowing my backups will be reliable and that I can count on Unitrends.
  • Speed and GUI - The Unitrends system is quite fast in not only backing up the data, but also restoring as well. The GUI is very intuitive and easy to use. When I go on vacation, I can easily show another member of my team that rarely uses Unitrends how to use it and it is picked up quite well by them.
  • Usually I would have a laundry list of improvements that our vendors can make, but Unitrends is one of the few vendors I deal with that I really can't think of any. The only one I could think of is that it would be nice if I could increase the backup capacity by adding larger drives instead of purchasing a new appliance.
  • Luckily, we have not had any major disaster or system failure where I had to utilize the Unitrends appliance in that manner. So far, I have only had to restore files deleted by users accidentally. The increased retention period over our old tape system has greatly helped as I previously could only restore from 1 month ago. Now, I am able to go much beyond that which has been extremely helpful for our users when they accidentally deleted a file(s) or folder and did not realize it until months later.
This was our first backup appliance that we used/evaluated. Prior to this all our backups were done on tape using Symantec Backup Exec. Because of the amount of time spent on the management of the tapes, the poor user interface, and low reliability and that we were adding 3 more servers, we decided an appliance would be our best option. Unitrends was chosen over others based on demos, pricing, and hearing from other users of the appliance.
I'm not aware of all the Unitrends pricing and hardware options available but for us, the appliance purchase was quite a lot more money than our existing backup software however, the increased reliability and performance is something you really can't put a price on. With that being said, I think smaller organizations might have a harder time justifying an appliance purchase whereas a larger organization would not.
I do think the appliance is well suited for anyone that has mission critical data that needs to be backed up and in the event of a disaster, restored quickly.

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