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Printfection is a swag management platform that aims to simplify the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise, from the company of the same name in Denver. They offer a suite of online swag management tools and APIs alongside custom printing, inventory…


Sendoso is a gift sending platform designed to support B2B sales and ABM, and provide a sales accelerant.

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Sendoso is a gift sending platform designed to support B2B sales and ABM, and provide a sales accelerant.


Printfection is a swag management platform that aims to simplify the buying, managing, and distribution of swag and branded merchandise, from the company of the same name in Denver. They offer a suite of online swag management tools and APIs alongside custom printing, inventory…


Founded in 2020 in San Luis Obispo, California, Postal is a Global Offline Engagement Platform that serves over 600 B2B customers like Yelp, Cisco Meraki, Seismic, and Fivetran. Postal helps customers to create meaningful and impactful human connections with prospects, partners, customers,…


SwagUp in Piscataway aims to bring simplicity and quality to the world of branded swag. The solution provides swag packs for employee welcoming, client gifting, and event attendees. The service is paired with warehousing and fulfillment services.


AXOMO is a solution to design, produce, and ship branded gear out as automated employee rewards. Giving employees the chance to feel appreciated and to represent company through branded gear can lift a brand, but, the vendor states, it can also increase employee engagement as well.…


CorporateGift.com offers a variety of products to ensure recipient satisfaction, advanced technology and automation for process control, and a team of experts ready to provide best practice and support to make sure every customer’s need is met.

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Slingshot offers premium branded swag, a custom store for employees and fans, and worldwide fulfillment. Slingshot creates and ships swag to anyone in the world to drive more sales leads, community members and social media shoutouts.

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YouInkIt is a corporate swag solution featuring swag boxes and kits designed to fit any budget or objective. YouInkIt supports HR Directors and Marketing Managers with their Proprietary Swag management Platform. YouInkIt eases the user experience of swag with customizable swag boxes…

iPromo SwagCloud

SwagCloud is a cloud-based swag management platform from iPromo headquartered in Canal Winchester, that handles the storage, inventory tracking, and distribution of swag. Also, SwagCloud includes access and support from EcoCloud.

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&Open gifts at scale from brands to people around the world.

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Zest is a B2B gifting platform used to send a branded gift, swag, or gift card to one or many people in 60 seconds or less. It helps users to deliver a personalized experience that cuts through the noise and make more genuine connections with everyone from cold leads to loyal customers…

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BlinkSwag provides promotional products to clients from small or large industries, to support brands' advertising strategy, whether with event giveaways, corporate gifts or branded clothing. Blink Swag offers a warehouse of collections and promotional products with the ability to…

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Gemnote helps users curate, source, warehouse, fulfill and ship branded merchandise and company swag, with items including direct mail kits, new hire swag, event giveaways or merchandise that helps a brand to stand out. Its technology helps users place/track orders, view real-time…

Swagger Swag Management
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Swagger is a swag management solution from Dragit LLC headquartered in San Francisco.

Imprint Genius

Imprint Genius is a solution providing automated management and delivery of promotional and giveaway items boasting the ability to print over 100k items on demand, a proprietary app, and hands-free fulfillment for users.

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EDC provides B2B fulfillment, marketing execution and print management, sourcing, managing, and fulfilling inventory and marketing materials. EDC leverages proprietary technology to support the user's supply chain and custom marketing materials into a simple and private eCommence…

HALO Branded Solutions

HALO offers branded merchandise, uniform programs, and recognition and incentive solutions. They help to break through the clutter of media and connect brands to customers, employees and other audiences critical to their success. HALO Branded Solutions boasts more than 1,800 employees…

Learn More About Swag Management Software

What is Swag Management Software?

Swag Management Software - also called promotional product management software, corporate gifting software, and swag management platforms - handle the creation, storage, and shipping of promotional items for a business. Swag Management Software source customized products such as shirts, water bottles, and pens, then ship them to recipients. Swag Management Software also creates customized swag landing pages, manage orders, and artistically box (“kit”) merchandise. These products can also be used to collect recipient information, automate merchandise fulfillment and reordering, and provide product storage.

Swag Management Software provides a wide range of tools to help businesses utilize the promotional power of swag and merchandising. In addition to producing promotional items, these products handle shipping, storage, and inventory management on behalf of the business. Swag Management Software can also be integrated with other products to gather recipient feedback and automatically ship promotional merchandise. These platforms will also source the merchandise to meet the pricing or delivery needs of a business. They also help manage different promotional campaigns, with items tailored for these events categorized and ordered separately from other merchandise.

Swag Management Software products also tend to be Direct Mail Automation Software, or may include direct mail features. This is because products in both categories specialize in fulfilling orders of physical promotional items. The key difference is that Direct Mail Automation Software products typically focus on paper-based promotional items like brochures, menus, or flyers. Swag Management Software may offer these products as well, but they typically focus on items that can be purchased as merchandise in the future.

Swag Management Software Features

The most common Swag Management Software features are:

  • Swag ordering and fulfillment
  • Requested item management
  • Automated ordering
  • Item storage
  • Item customization services
  • Giveaway management
  • Custom kitting and boxing
  • Third-party integration
  • Swag suggestion
  • Store page management and customization
  • Inventory management
  • Product curation
  • Promotional email
  • Product sourcing
  • Multiple campaign management

Swag Management Software Comparison

When choosing the best Swag Management Software for you, consider the following:

Samples. In addition to trial services, many vendors offer samples of merchandise. Generally, these sample kits include pens and lanyards, with some vendors offering samples of water bottles, shirts, or journals. If product quality is important to you, check with the vendors to see which products you can sample before you commit.

Design services. Some Swag Management Software platforms offer product designers to help you curate merchandise stocks that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but suitable to your business or brand. These curators are not part of every product, and the extent to which they can be used may vary based on pricing package or designer availability. For businesses not looking for a designer as part of their Swag Management Software, these services also offer self-service customization tools.

Items produced. The types of merchandise you’d like to use will also influence the choice of Swag Management Software for your business. Most products offer popular items such as pens or shirts. However, if you are looking for more specific items, such as watches or candy, some products may have a better range of options. Additionally, sourcing and production needs may affect overall item pricing.

Storage services. Swag Management Software products typically offer some form of storage for merchandise. However, storage space depends on the pricing plan you choose, and each product offers different storage pricing. Additionally, only a handful of services, such as SlingShot, offer to store merchandise produced elsewhere. If merchandise storage is a concern for you, compare each product's storage capabilities.

Pricing Information

Each Swag Management Software has a variety of pricing considerations, including the number of items created, shipping and order fulfillment, design consultation services, storage options, and more. Each vendor requires interested parties to contact them for specific pricing. Many vendors offer free trials and demos of services and merchandise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Swag Management Software do?

Swag Management Software lets users create, ship, and store branded merchandise. They often include design consultation, inventory management, automated ordering, and store page management features.

What are the benefits of using Swag Management Software?

Swag Management Software can be used to create swag, merchandise, and gift items that accurately represent a brand or business. They can also provide ways to support multiple promotion campaigns effectively and efficiently.

What are the best Swag Management Software products?

The most popular Swag Management Software products are:

How much does Swag Management Software cost?

Swag Management Software pricing varies based on the services vendors perform, features included in the platforms, the types of merchandise products, storage space, and other considerations. Many vendors offer free product trials and merchandise sample kits.