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SEON Sense Platform and NICE Actimize.

Fraud Detection Software Overview

What is Fraud Detection Software?

Fraud detection software is increasingly important to financial organizations, and online commerce organizations, which depend on authentication mechanisms to detect identity theft, hacking, and other fraudulent activity. Most products in this category are designed to strengthen authentication flows, evaluate the risk of events as they happen, and provide prevention mechanisms like multi-factor out-of-band authentication.

Out-of-band mechanisms refer to the practice of requiring two separate and unconnected authentication channels, making it much harder for a potential hacker to gain access.

A secondary method is the practice of requiring the user to make a phone call from a number on file, or respond to a code sent to the number on file via SMS.

Fraud Detection Products

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SAS Fraud Management
SAS Fraud Management is designed to allow enterprises to respond faster to new threats, and reduce false positives for a better customer experience. SAS Fraud Management uses data analytics and machine learning to monitor payments and nonmonetary transactions, as well as events, enabling users to id…
Pindrop in Atlanta offers telephone fraud detection technology, Phoneprinting, as part of their fraud prevention services for call centers that use voice analytic technology to prevent telephone fraud.
ACI UP Payments Risk Management
ACI Worldwide offers their fraud detection suite, the UP Payments Risk Management suite designed to detect fraud in transaction and provide automated preventative and protective measures to eliminate or mitigate it.
BAE Systems offers NetReveal to financial institutions, their suite of fraud detection products to a wide range of entities, from banks and financial entities to corporations, government, insurers and others. The system is primarily oriented towards first-party fraud so the company emphasizes balanc…
Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Platform
The Bottomline Cyber Fraud and Risk Management Platform, from Bottomline Technologies in New Hampshire, provides behavior analytics for suspicious behavior detection, predictive risk scoring, provides audit data and is dedicated to providing financial institutions and corporations with a compliant s…
Kofax FraudOne
Kofax FraudOne is a fraud detection solution.
Mavenir Security and Fraud Management Suite
Mavenir, headquartered in Richardson, offers their Security and Fraud Management Suite, a modular collection of applications designed to protect the revenue of CSPs with a powerful correlational engine for real-time threat detection, whitelisting to prevent fraud, credit scoring, an IoT security mod…
CNSI ClaimsSure
CNSI headquartered in Rockville offers ClaimsSure, a Medicare / Medicaid oriented billing fraud detection application.
RealNetworks offers Kontxt, a fraud detection and anti-spam for application-to-person (A2P) communications across a network.
CGI HotScan360
CGI offers HotScan360, a fraud detection and financial risk management application for financial institutions, with included reporting and analytics.
Vynamic Security Fraud Detection
Diebold Nixdorf offers Vynamic Security Fraud Detection application, protecting ATM transactions, multi-channel POS transactions, and providing anti-money laundering security to financial institutions and retailers.
Ribbon FraudProtect
Ribbon Communications offers FraudProtect, a fraud detection platform for detecting and blocking fraudulent calls and robocalls.
Gurucul Fraud Analytics
Security analytics specialist Gurucul offers Gurucul Fraud Analytis, a prepackaged security app designed to root out fraud for financial entities, healthcare, or in retail transactions.
DataVisor Enterprise
DataVisor headquartered in Mountain View offers their DataVisor Enterprise product to provide real-time fraud detection with analytics.
Kaspersky Fraud Prevention
Kasperksy Labs offers automated fraud detection and prevention via its software, the Kaspersky Fraud Prevention technology solution, for financial institutions and other enterprises (e.g. retail, transportation & government, healthcare) potentially vulnerable to fraud.
TrafficGuard is fraud detection software that provides comprehensive digital advertising fraud protection for brands, agencies and ad networks. TrafficGuard is designed to detect, mitigate and report on ad fraud before it hits the organization's digital advertising budget. Three layers of protection…
IntSights Cyber Intelligence
IntSights is an all-in-one external threat intelligence and protection platform, purpose-built to neutralize threats outside the wire. According to the vendor, it is the only solution of its kind. IntSights solution suite's goal is to equip cybersecurity teams worldwide to more effectively detect, a…
AppGate Total Fraud Protection (formerly Cyxtera DTP)
AppGate Total Fraud Protection replaces the former Cyxtera Digital Threat Protection product. AppGate is formerly the security division of Cyxtera, which was spun off as a separate company September 2019.
ThreatMark provides a fraud prevention and authentication service that is based on the vendor's research in behavioral bio-metrics and the latest advances in machine learning.
GBG IDscan
GBG now offers IDscan (acquired late 2018), an identity verification system for customer onboarding and fraud prevention.
Enzoic Account Takeover Protection
Credential screening for online accounts can help prevent account takeover. Credential screening is the process of seamlessly screening usernames and passwords to identify if they have been compromised. These systems compare users’ credentials to large databases of leaked credentials in order to fin…
Linkurious Enterprise
Linkurious helps government agencies and Global 2000 companies detect and investigate sophisticated threats faster. Data-driven investigators use the Linkurious Enterprise graph intelligence platform to find insights otherwise hidden in complex connected data. Organizations such as the French Minist…
Feedzai headquartered in San Mateo offers machine learning-driven fraud protection software designed to prevent money laundering, transaction fraud, and account takeover for retail banks, acquirers, and merchants.
Fiserv FraudNet
FraudNet from Fiserv is an automated transaction monitoring engine that helps financial institutions proactively identify potential fraudulent threats, mitigate risks and maintain regulatory complianc
Shape Security Blackfish
With Blackfish from Shape Security headquartered in Mountain View, instead of waiting for attackers to try those breached credentials on login applications, the enterprise can proactively safeguard its users at risk of account takeover. Blackfish alerts the company in real-time if and when criminals…