IP Geolocation Software

IP Geolocation Software Overview

What is IP Geolocation Software?

IP geolocation software matches an IP address to a geographic location or geolocation.

Every device with internet access has an IP address. This address often indicates the general geolocation of the device. In some cases, an IP address is associated with a specific company. Businesses use IP geolocation to prevent fraud, identify sales leads, deliver regional content, and more.

Vendors of IP geolocation software often have proprietary algorithms for determining IP geolocation. The often offer an API for customized access to their service. Vendors may also provide databases of IP addresses linked to suspicious activity, fraudulent access, or anonymizing services.

Alternatively, some vendors use their databases to trick other IP geolocation software. These vendors provide access to IP addresses with specific geolocation. Their tools change the IP address of a device or distribute activity among many IP addresses. Businesses may use this software to monitor ad campaigns or scrape information from websites.

IP Geolocation Software Features & Capabilities

Common Features

Most vendors offering IP geolocation software include:

  • Matching of IP addresses to physical locations

  • Additional data about IP addresses, including connection type and ISP

  • Detection of suspicious activity and anonymizers

  • API support for developers

Use Cases

Common uses for IP geolocation software include:

  • Detecting suspicious activity, such as an abnormal number of users from a single IP address

  • Validating user identities from the location and connection type of their IP address

  • Finding marketing leads by identifying the companies or locations accessing a web site

  • Delivering location-relevant content and advertisements

  • Complying with legal access restrictions to specific music, videos, mobile games, and other media

Pricing Information

Pricing for IP geolocation software varies based on the number of queries and the amount of information needed about each IP address. Vendors may offer free trials of their software.

Some vendors offer tiered packages. Higher tiers provide more data about each address queried. Per-query pricing ranges from under $1.50 to over $18.00 per 10,000 queries. Yearly pricing ranges from under $50.00 to over $1,800.00 per year.

Vendors may also offer discounts for high-volume usage and enterprise customers. To get an accurate quote for your use case, contact a vendor.

IP Geolocation Products

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Starting Price $89

GeoSurf is browser toolbar that enables users to get the local perspective from more than 110 global locations. It is often used by online media professionals (buyers, campaign managers, sales, affiliates, and compliance teams) to view geo-targeted ads and web content. This way, they…


IP Geolocation service available as database, programming API and hosted solution.


KickFire’sB2B solutions provide account-level information such as industry, revenue, employee count, and more based on an IP address. KickFire’s proprietary TWIN Caching® technology and robust firmographic database deliver business intelligence for first-party intent, content…

WhoisXML API IP Geolocation API

About IP Geolocation APIWhoisXML API’s IP Geolocation API is a resource to link an IP address, domain name, or email to its geographical coordinates. For a given input, the API returns various location data points among which the country, city, time zone, postal code, latitude and…

MaxMind GeoIP®


Starting Price $0

MaxMind offers GeoIP for content personalization, and miniFraud for online fraud prevention.

Neustar IP Intelligence

The NeuStar IP Intelligence family of products offers IP geolocation services for compliance, online fraud protection and website content localization. Neustar's IP Intelligence data family includes IP GeoPoint and IP Reputation, together aimed at providing an authoritative source…

Engage Live Sales Dashboard

The Engage Live Sales Dashboard is an HTML5, browser-based interface that enables users to log into and initiate real-time sales with their web-based visitors, prospects, customers and partners. From this central location users can share their availability (online status), manage…

Loqate (GBG Matchcode360)

GBG now offers Loqate (acquired 2015) to replace the former GBG Matchcode360, an IP geolocation solution for enriching and validating customer data.

Azure Maps

Microsoft's Azure Maps allows developers to create location-aware web and mobile applications using simple and secure geospatial services, APIs, and SDKs in Azure, and deliver experiences based on geospatial data with built-in location intelligence.



Starting Price $49

With IPinfo, users can pinpoint their users’ locations, customize their experiences, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance. They offer a range of IP data types, such as: IP geolocation,ASN,IP to company,Privacy detection (VPN, Tor, proxy, hosting),IP ranges,IP to domains,Other custom…

Digital Element

Digital Element is designed for marketers by delivering accurate IP to location data, with the ultimate goal of improving personalizing the online experience for consumers with geographically relevant content.

El Toro IP Targeting

El Toro, headquartered in Louisville, offers IP Targeting and geolocation, supporting cookie-free advertising personalization. They offer Geoframing technology which does not use cell towers or require the opt-in that Geofencing does. Additionally, El Toro supports people and account-…