Fraud Detection Software

Fraud Detection Software Overview

What is Fraud Detection Software?

Fraud detection software is increasingly important to financial organizations, and online commerce organizations, which depend on authentication mechanisms to detect identity theft, hacking, and other fraudulent activity. Most products in this category are designed to strengthen authentication flows, evaluate the risk of events as they happen, and provide prevention mechanisms like multi-factor out-of-band authentication.

Out-of-band mechanisms refer to the practice of requiring two separate and unconnected authentication channels, making it much harder for a potential hacker to gain access.

A secondary method is the practice of requiring the user to make a phone call from a number on file, or respond to a code sent to the number on file via SMS.

Fraud Detection Products

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Ravelin in London provides technology and support to help online businesses prevent advanced fraud threats and accept payments confidently.


DataWalk is an Enterprise-class software platform for data analysis which the vendor states enables organizations to generate better intelligence analysis products, and generate them faster. DataWalk enables data-intensive organizations to blend all desired data from various internal… is a fraud prevention platform for digital enterprises in the e-commerce, travel and financial services sectors. Its unified algorithmic architecture combines: AI & deep learning,Collective intelligence,Rules-based decision engines, andStreaming detect…

PPC Protect

PPC Protect

Starting Price $70

PPC Protect offers an autonomous, real time click fraud prevention platform for digital media advertisers. Research shows that up to 30% of paid media budgets are lost to fraudulent activity, yet only 12% of marketers are aware of this. PPC Protect's automated platform allows marketers…


Merlon was built to leverage the power of artificial intelligence to fight financial crime. Using context-aware natural language processing, the vendor states that Merlon uncovers risk that legacy rule-based adverse media solutions miss while significantly reducing false positives.…


Fourthline is a European-based provider of digital KYC (Know Your Customer). Boasting trust by banks, online brokerages, insurers and leading fintechs, Fourthline verifies millions of identities for customers like N26, DeGiro, Solarisbank, Flatex, ING, and others. The vendor states…



Starting Price $8,000

Chargeback is a SaaS-based dispute management platform to lower dispute rates, improve win-rates and reduce labor, from the company of the same name in Salt Lake City. The app focuses on retail and ecommerce chargebacks and fraud.

Thomson Reuters CLEAR

Thomson Reuters CLEAR is an online investigation software for tax & accounting firms designed to aid in fraud prevention and anti-money laundering investigations.

Verint Fraud and Security

Verint’s fraud and security solutions can help banks and credit unions identify risks and vulnerabilities in real time, helping investigators mitigate threats, ensure compliance, and improve investigations. Verint's fraud solutions are partially based on its acquisition of Victrio… Email Sheild

Email Shield is a cloud-based email security add-in, which helps businesses across various industry verticals such as banking, fintech, eCommerce, government, mobile, travel, gaming, telecommunications and more, prevent email-based fraud attempts and receive fraud risk scores and…


fcase is an end-to-end Fraud Orchestrator. Taking fraud management systems from basic, standalone detection to an enterprise-focused approach. This holistic view of fraud data allows standardizing fraud case interaction, fraud management processes, governance models, performance…

Experian CrossCore

CrossCore, from Experian, combines risk-based authentication, identity proofing and fraud detection into a single cloud platform, which means businesses can more quickly respond to an ever-changing environment. Boasting flexible decisioning orchestration and advanced analytics, the…



Starting Price $9

SenseText is an adaptive machine learning fraud detection platform that helps enterprise employees to detect suspicious messages and emails quickly using a simple fraud risk score. At each workstation, the solution aims to protect customers from cyber fraud, intelligently reducing…

Heimdal Email Fraud Prevention

Heimdal Email Fraud Prevention is a communications protection system which alerts users to fraud attempts, business email compromise (BEC) and impersonation, preventing transmission of dangerous emails.

PwC Detection and Monitoring Hub

Detection and Monitoring Hub, a PwC Product, identifies compliance insights, such as fraud and corruption, while learning from monitoring results. Users can target high-risk activities in rapidly changing markets and allocate resources accordingly through the application of advanced…


Empowering developers to solve fraud at the sourcePrevent Account Takeovers and SharingProtect Cryptocurrency walletsStop Gaming fraud

Next Caller VeriCall, from Pindrop

Next Caller is an ANI Validation and spoof detection software provider, now from Pindrop (acquired March 2021), presented as a smart way to improve customer experience without compromising contact center security. Their VeriCall solution is a machine learning tool to improve customer…

MaxMind minFraud®

MaxMind's minFraud® service is a transaction risk API that provides risk scoring and risk data for online fraud detection. Businesses in e-commerce, payments, financial services, market research, and incentive marketing use minFraud to identify high-risk activity and reduce the cost…


Oversight is a payment analysis tool from the company of the same name in Atlanta. The vendor states employee purchases account for nearly one-half of all enterprise spend. Much of this spend is audited and analyzed manually, if at all. So they offer the Oversight platform, an AI-…

Arkose Labs

Arkose Labs is a fraud prevention and detection solution designed for retail, gaming, and fin-tech. Arkose Labs detects and mitigates online fraud by analyzing user data to determine the context, behavior, and past reputation of requests. Then it either passes traffic onto the enterprise…

Corizance - Connected Risk Intelligence

Corizance is a risk management platform that helps build business resilience and prevent disruptions with the help of AI and built-in analytics. Corizance helps keep track of non-financial risks, so users receive business insights faster. Conventional risk management requires users…


OpenEnvoy is a that audits every invoice, line item, and surcharge before it is paid. The solution aims to help companies eliminate supplier fraud before it actually happens. It was built by a team with over 20 years experience developing products to automate complex workflows and…

SAS Fraud Management

SAS Fraud Management is designed to allow enterprises to respond faster to new threats, and reduce false positives for a better customer experience. SAS Fraud Management uses data analytics and machine learning to monitor payments and nonmonetary transactions, as well as events, enabling…


InAuth is a fraud detection solution from the Boston-based company of the same name.

F5 Shape Security

Shape Defense, now from F5 (acquired January 2020) provides all-in-one security to protect a website from bots, fake users, and unauthorized transactions, preventing large scale fraud and eroded user experiences. Companies get the visibility, detection and mitigation outcomes they…