Fraud Detection Software

Best Fraud Detection Software include:

SEON Sense Platform and NICE Actimize.

Fraud Detection Software Overview

What is Fraud Detection Software?

Fraud detection software is increasingly important to financial organizations, and online commerce organizations, which depend on authentication mechanisms to detect identity theft, hacking, and other fraudulent activity. Most products in this category are designed to strengthen authentication flows, evaluate the risk of events as they happen, and provide prevention mechanisms like multi-factor out-of-band authentication.

Out-of-band mechanisms refer to the practice of requiring two separate and unconnected authentication channels, making it much harder for a potential hacker to gain access.

A secondary method is the practice of requiring the user to make a phone call from a number on file, or respond to a code sent to the number on file via SMS.

Fraud Detection Products

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AdTector headquartered in Hollywood offers their click fraud prevention technology algorithm and protection.
Fiserv AML Risk Manager
AML Risk Manager from Fiserv helps financial institutions comply with four essential areas of an anti-money laundering risk management program – Know Your Customer (KYC); monitoring, detection and alerts; case management; and reporting. AML Risk Manager goes beyond standard transaction monitoring to…
SAS Anti-Money Laundering
SAS Anti-Money Laundering helps users take a risk-based approach, making it easier to manage alerts, test scenarios and comply with industry regulations.
TrustID Ltd
TrustID are experts in identity document validation solutions, designed to make identity checks easy, from the office or remotely. TrustID services are designed to simplify ID checks, protecting businesses of all sizes from fraud, saving time, driving efficiencies and ensuring compliance. TrustID p…
Pipl in Post Falls offers Pipl Search and Pipl Data API for Investigation and Identity Verification.
iComplyKYC is all-in-one AML software made for financial service providers, designed to make it easy to collect, maintain, and analyze KYC data, improve the way institutions manage risk, onboard clients, automate workflows, and maintain a robust, global compliance program. It’s designed to set users…
Twilio Verify
Twilio Verify is designed to allow developers to easily verify site visitors and customers at in a signup workflow by confirming phone number ownership, reducing fraudulent accounts and speeding up account onboarding. Verify uses two API endpoints to check that a user is the owner of the phone numbe…
Barracuda Sentinel
Barracuda Sentinel is AI-based protection which learns a business’s unique communication patterns to detect personalized fraud in real-time to protect against business email compromise and account takeover.
Ravelin in London provides technology and support to help online businesses prevent advanced fraud threats and accept payments confidently.
DataWalk is an Enterprise-class software platform for data analysis which the vendor states enables organizations to generate better intelligence analysis products, and generate them faster. DataWalk enables data-intensive organizations to blend all desired data from various internal and external so… is a fraud prevention platform for digital enterprises in the e-commerce, travel and financial services sectors. Its unified algorithmic architecture combines: AI & deep learning,Collective intelligence,Rules-based decision engines, andStreaming detect fraud in real-time…
F5 WebSafe
F5 Networks offers F5 WebSafe, a web fraud protection application that protects banks and financial institutions, e-retailers, and other businesses, protecting from web injection, credential grabbing, man-in-the-browser (MITB), and other attempts at fraudulent access.
F5 MobileSafe
F5 Networks provides F5 MobileSafe, a fraud detection application and SDK for financial institutions, e-retailers, and their customers, from attempted fraudulent account access or app usage via mobile devices.
PPC Protect
PPC Protect offers an autonomous, real time click fraud prevention platform for digital media advertisers. Research shows that up to 30% of paid media budgets are lost to fraudulent activity, yet only 12% of marketers are aware of this. PPC Protect's automated platform allows marketers to prevent c…
Oracle Adaptive Access Manager
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Oracle's Adaptive Access Manager is a fraud detection solution.
Alessa by CaseWare
Alessa, is a continuous controls and financial crimes risk management solution that allows organizations to quickly identify suspicious activities and high-risk entities in compliance, finance, and purchasing programs. The vendor states that Alessa is trusted by banks, credit unions, Fintechs, ins…
Sift Science headquartered in San Francisco offers their software, Machine Learning and Device Fingerprinting, for fraud detection and prevention, priced per services added and volume of devices and orders checked.
DAVinCI LABS is an artificial intelligence based predictive analytics software that discovers patterns within enterprise data with machine learning algorithms. The findings will be converted into a deployable prediction model that can be easily integrated with virtually any strategic system. It can …
SIGNIFYD headquartered in San Jose, California offers their eponymous fraud detection platform, for risk and payment fraud.
Oracle Risk Management Cloud
Oracle Risk Management Cloud provides AI-Driven Security, Audit, and Fraud Monitoring for Oracle ERP Cloud. It is designed to strengthen internal controls to enable a risk-aware culture and connect business results to risk. Oracle Risk Management Cloud offers a complete solution for Oracle ERP Cloud…