Fraud Detection21Fraud Detection Software, and Risk Management Software, are systems designed to detect and prevent fraud in real time and secure web, mobile, and phone transactions. These platforms are tailored to the needs of financial institutions and also retail organizations who sell online, and may vary in scope along the needs of their intended users.GBG IDscan1 Account Takeover Protection2

Fraud Detection Software

Fraud Detection Software Overview

What is Fraud Detection Software?

Fraud detection software is increasingly important to financial organizations, and online commerce organizations, which depend on authentication mechanisms to detect identity theft, hacking, and other fraudulent activity. Most products in this category are designed to strengthen authentication flows, evaluate the risk of events as they happen, and provide prevention mechanisms like multi-factor out-of-band authentication.

Out-of-band mechanisms refer to the practice of requiring two separate and unconnected authentication channels, making it much harder for a potential hacker to gain access.

A secondary method is the practice of requiring the user to make a phone call from a number on file, or respond to a code sent to the number on file via SMS.

Fraud Detection Products

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GBG now offers IDscan (acquired late 2018), an identity verification system for customer onboarding and fraud prevention.

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Credential screening for online accounts can help prevent account takeover. Credential screening is the process of seamlessly screening usernames and passwords to identify if they have been compromised. These systems compare users’ credentials to large databases of leaked credentials in order to ...