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Established in 2008, WebPT is an outpatient rehab therapy software platform helping more than 150,000 rehab therapy professionals from all practice sizes and specialties run their practices to improve care delivery and optimize business performance. And because WebPT is a cloud-based…

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Established in 2008, WebPT is an outpatient rehab therapy software platform helping more than 150,000 rehab therapy professionals from all practice sizes and specialties run their practices to improve care delivery and optimize business performance. And because WebPT is a cloud-based…


Solutionreach is patient relationship management and appointment system dentists office, with reputation management, marketing features, and a patient portal. Solutionreach is headquartered in Lehi, Utah.


PatientPop in Santa Monica offers a medical office growth management platform, featuring patient management features (scheduling, appointment reminders, and patient satisfaction data collection), marketing automation and web presence, and other growth oriented features.

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Epic MyChart

Epic software offers MyChart, a patient portal for sharing health records and information, guidance, or communicating, as well as patient scheduling.

Lighthouse 360

Lighthouse 360 is a dental practice management software acquired by Yodle, then by in 2016, and then again by Henry Schein in March 2019.

Kareo Engage

Kareo Engage (formerly Kareo Marketing, based on DoctorBase, company Kareo acquired in 2015) provides practice marketing and patient communication solutions for healthcare providers. The solution provides doctor websites, search engine marketing and reputation management, online…


ClinicSense is a business management platform specifically for massage businesses, providing SOAP notes and customizable heath forms, online scheduling and appointment booking, invoicing customer / patient reminders, and no-show guard (with fee collection), as well as some marketing…


Relatient partners with health systems and medical practices - comprising more than 40,000 providers across the US - to optimize the patient journey, from alerting patients to needed care, helping them find the right provider, scheduling appointments across multiple channels, and…


PerfectServe aims to improve patient safety and reduce provider burnout by automating workflows, speeding time to care, optimizing shift schedules, and streamlining communication. Its scheduling features are designed to satisfy provider preferences and organizational requirements…


NexHealth is a patient engagement platform for dental and medical practices connecting patients, doctors, and developers to accelerate healthcare innovation. The platform fully integrates with EHR systems to provide convenience and simplicity for a patient's booking journey.

Rectangle Health Practice Management Bridge

Rectangle Health was built to streamline the administrative aspects of healthcare, empowering healthcare practices to prioritize patient care over manual operations. With a strong emphasis on security and efficiency, Rectangle Health offers solutions that integrate into existing…


Weave in Lehi offers a suite of patient and practice management applications, designed to present an integration of hardware and software solutions to help medical practices and small businesses grow, retain, and communicate across the entire customer journey.

Glennis Family App

Available for both Apple and Android devices, the Glennis Family App keeps families engaged and close to the ones they love. From health updates to activity schedules to important updates from the community, it helps families to find peace of mind in knowing that they can stay connected…


FollowApp.Care helps medical practices to provide personalised care to every patient through automated patient engagements. Its approach aims to ensure patients feel cared for, but also encourages them to take action, whether by providing recovery data, encouraging patients to leave…

IQVIA Patient Management Suite

IQVIA Patient Engagement Suite offers configurable, scalable technology products with the goal of improving the patient experience, reducing clinical trial site burden, and decreasing study timelines for better trial outcomes.

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DrDoctor is a patient engagement platform that helps the NHS activate patients in their care and increase capacity through waitlist validation and remote management. With automated reminders and secure video links, both patients and clinicians arrive prepared for their appointment.…

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AnodynePay is a product of Plutus Health Inc. AnodynePay is a software solution developed to cater to the US healthcare market. It is more inclined toward the patient payment software and offers better services and experiences to them. AnodynePay helps healthcare providers with analytics,…

BetterAccess by BetterHealthcare

BetterHealthcare offers an omnichannel patient engagement platform that helps clients uncover the right opportunities, and to connect patients to the right care, at the right time, by driving patient engagement across digital access touch points. Their SaaS platform, BetterAccess,…

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eVisit’s virtual care platform helps healthcare organizations to improve outcomes, revenue, and efficiencies, using their own network of providers to deliver virtual care.

Bridge Patient Portal

Bridge is an enterprise patient portal and patient engagement solution for healthcare organizations and their patients. It can be used by organizations as an EHR system's patient portal, connect disparate EHR environments with a single patient portal, or to consolidate patient engagement…

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OhMD is a healthcare communication platform for clinical care coordination and patient communication. OhMD enables HIPAA compliant texting and and improved patient experience by leveraging technology that patients are already using. The solution helps healthcare providers increase…

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DigitalRX offers a white-labeled software solution for clinics and healthcare professionals to create customized websites and apps in just 24 hours. The solution offers a branded clinic website, a branded clinic app, a doctor app, and a clinic admin portal with features designed…

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Updox is a collaboration platform for out-of-hospital healthcare providers. Updox is integrated with more than 100 electronic health records (EHR) and pharmacy management systems and boasts users among more than 400,000 users and 150 million patients. Updox offers capabilities for…

Learn More About Patient Engagement Software

What is Patient Engagement Software?

Patient Engagement Software provides a mutually convenient way for health care providers and their clients to register for services, schedule appointments, conduct pre-visit digital check-ins, and securely exchange information. The software allows patients to access and share their personal health information and medical records. This includes doctor visit summaries, lab results, medication lists, immunization records, treatment estimates, medical bills, and insurance benefits. Push notifications deliver important medical information to patients in a timely manner and patients can request prescription refills online.

The software empowers patients to increase their participation in and assume more control over their health care. It helps promote preventive care and facilitates patient education and post-care follow-up. Increased engagement has been shown to improve patient outcomes. Its features are accessed through patient portals or mobile apps.

During the pandemic, it has become an increasingly valuable tool to manage care by establishing virtual waiting rooms, reducing wait times, and helping to avoid crowded waiting rooms. The software supports multiple locations, and high-volume practices such as hospitals and large medical groups especially benefit from automating the patient intake process.

It simplifies patient billing and payments. Some products include reputation management features, patient satisfaction surveys, and encouraging patients to leave reviews. Metrics include the total number of appointments, number of new patients, average patient wait times, no-shows, appointment vacancies, payments, receivables, satisfaction ratings, online reviews, and portal and app utilization.

Patient Engagement Software supports multiple health care settings including doctor’s offices, emergency rooms, and clinical outpatient services, and is used by hospitals, medical groups, physicians, dentists, medical administrators, and patients.

The software often includes or integrates with Telemedicine Software, and Medical Office EMR & EHR Software (Electronic Medical Records / Electronic Health Records). Practice Management Software sometimes includes patient engagement features.

Patient Engagement Software Features

Patient Engagement Software includes many of these features.

  • Patient portal and mobile apps
  • Multiple location support
  • Self-service registration, scheduling, and appointments
  • Automated appointment waitlist
  • Pre-visit digital intake / check-in
  • Post-visit follow-up
  • Secure access to view, download, and transmit patient medical records
  • Online prescription refill requests
  • Push notifications
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant communications
  • SMS appointment reminders, missed appointments, birthday, and group messages
  • Patient recalls
  • Patient education, self-care management support
  • Billing and payments
  • Reputation management, satisfaction surveys, and reviews
  • Email marketing and referrals
  • Dashboards, metrics, analytics, and reporting
  • Chatbot support
  • Include or integrate with Electronic Medical Records, Telemedicine, Practice Management, and Wearables Software
  • Cloud-based

Patient Engagement Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Patient Engagement Software.

Use Case: Many vendor products support a range of different medical practices; others are tailored to support specific practices such as dentistry.

Scope: Some vendors offer modular components that can be purchased separately for functions ranging from portals and apps to scheduling and intake, to billing and analytics.

Integrations: If you have practice management, electronic medical records, or telemedicine software already in place, investigate how readily your choice will integrate with those systems.

Patient Engagement: To maximize the value of patient engagement software, allocate sufficient time and resources to educate and encourage patient use of its portals and apps.

Pricing Information

Entry-level Patient Engagement Software starts at around $50 a month per provider. Depending on the features, pricing can range up to $500 a month. Some providers charge based on the number of providers and the number of patients supported. Many vendors will require that a custom price quote be obtained.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Patient Engagement Software do?

Using custom portals and apps, Patient Engagement Software conveniently connects patients with health care provider services including appointment scheduling, patient intake, medical record access, prescription refills, visit follow-up, and patient education. It provides billing and payment features and offers providers reputation management, analytics, and reporting.

What are the benefits of using Patient Engagement Software?

Patient Engagement Software offers benefits for both patients and health care providers. Increased engagement improves patient outcomes, reduces readmissions, supports early disease detection, and promotes preventive care and adherence to health care plans. It streamlines operations and reduces costs and no-shows, increasing revenue. It improves patient satisfaction and facilitates patient acquisition and retention.

How much does Patient Engagement Software cost?

Prices begin at $50 a month per provider. Multiple and advanced features can drive the cost to $500 a month. Vendor quotes are often required.