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What is Alteryx?

Alteryx aims to be the launchpad for automation breakthroughs. Be it for personal growth, achieving transformative digital outcomes, or rapid innovation, Alteryx converges analytics, data science and process automation to enable users across organizations to make business-altering…


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Alteryx Alternatives Pricing

The following is a quick overview of editions offered by other software in similar categories

Tableau Prep

What is Tableau Prep?

Tableau Prep enables users to get to the analysis phase faster by helping them quickly combine, shape, and clean their data. According to the vendor, a direct and visual experience helps provide users with a deeper understanding of their data, smart features make data preparation simple, and…

Alteryx Designer Cloud

What is Alteryx Designer Cloud?

Trifacta is a "data wrangling" (or data preparation) platform particularly of use with Hadoop, developed by the company Trifacta headquartered in San Francisco, California. Alteryx announced their acquisition of Trifacta in January of 2022.

Active Query Builder

What is Active Query Builder?

Active Query Builder is a component for business applications which helps users without any SQL experience to work with SQL queries and get data fast. Users can get a clear view of database schema and design SQL queries with natural point-and-click actions rather than tedious typing. Active Query…

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Alteryx Pricing 2022

When it comes to managing company data, you need to give your data scientist and analysts the best software solutions. Alteryx is a platform that can aid both data scientists and data analysts in achieving valuable insights for their teams or clients. From business intelligence (BI) to predictive analytics, you can achieve a lot with Alteryx.

What is Alteryx? is an analytics process automation (APA) platform that helps teams streamline workflows, decision-making, and machine learning (ML) projects.

Common use cases for the platform include data preparation for data analysis and machine learning models. Industries that utilize Alteryx are usually in IT services, computer software, healthcare, and retail. In terms of revenue, large and small businesses are the biggest users of Alteryx. Some of the most well-known customers are Coca-Cola and 7-Eleven.

Data manipulation is at the core of the platform. You can transform data into pipelines and perform data analysis for insights. It's designed for data science and is frequently used for predictive analytics and business intelligence (BI). Data analysts can also build insights in the platform thanks to codeless ML models.

The major capabilities of their software products focus on answering questions about your business. Teams can perform data processing, data preparation, data blending, and data integration for reporting. Some of Alteryx’s popular products include Alteryx Designer, Alteryx Server, and Alteryx Intelligence Suite. You can find their full list of software products here.

Alteryx reviews from end-users tell a very positive story. They have strong satisfaction but simultaneously have areas that can be improved as well. One thing to keep in mind is the Alteryx reviews available are for a variety of products on the platform, not one product.

Areas of excitement from end-users tend to be the data preparation, their speed, ETL tool functionality, and overall ease of use. In general, customers are satisfied with most of Alteryx’s main features and functionality. A few users have praised Alertyx’s ability to work with Microsoft Excel, although some have felt formatting could be improved.

One user used the software for implementing “engineering design rules into Alteryx flows to perform some design QC check and modeling work, then feedback to 3D model via API” in Alteryx. They were successful and found that the process of doing it was made easier by the data cleansing and blending tools. The software was also especially helpful while “retrieving data from on-premise and cloud SQL Server.” This can be a great benefit for teams that need to use their data in all sorts of locations.

Alteryx is in no term free from criticism. They have constructive criticisms even from those happy with the product. Common negatives that are noted include the cloud-based interface, and several experienced UI navigation issues. Another common issue is the expensive pricing for their products. One end-user said pricing was steep and on top of that they felt visualization tools didn’t compare to Tableau and Microsoft Power BI.

If you want to look through their reviews yourself you can go here. It’s actually super helpful to save and share the reviews that catch your attention so make sure to use those buttons in the right corner of each review.

How Much Does Alteryx Cost?

The Alteryx pricing model is an annual, upfront payment at the time of purchase. On the site you will see they have separate pricing for individuals and teams, but they do not tell the cost of the team version upfront.

They have more products than depicted in the table, but these are the only ones with prices attached. All of these are costs for individual users, not teams. When it comes to pricing details for more than one user, Alteryx generally encourages teams to contact them.

Alteryx Product Package

Package Cost (for individuals)



Intelligence Suite


Data Package - Location Intelligence


Data Package - Consumer Intelligence


Designer comes with the ability to use different data sources and types in a fast and simple platform. Users can automate with low-code and no-code tools as well as navigate with the drag-and-drop interface.

With Intelligence Suite you can utilize their machine learning modeling tools. It has guided visual modeling and pre-made templates for your predictive analytics models. You can also access ocular character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) for better text analysis.

For the Location Intelligence package you get access to spatial analytics. They are essentially using location data sets to improve in-depth analysis of trends in certain places. The Consumer Intelligence package is the end-user focused version of Location Intelligence. You can explore the customer journey analytics of your target demographics. You can find more about both packages here.

What is an Alteryx Alternative?

Tableau is another data analytics platform like Alteryx and has robust products for data science teams. Tableau Prep is a great alternative to Alteryx’s APA products, particularly Alteryx Designer.

Tableau Prep is designed for data preparation so analysts can perform analysts faster while maintaining accuracy. You connect with data from multiple sources and combine them for more holistic insights. The interface is drag-and-drop to make it easier to quickly clean and change your data for analysts. They don’t have the same no-code tools as in Alteryx Designer.

Tableau Subscription Plans

Tableau Creator

Tableau Explorer

Tableau Viewer

Cost per user per month billed annually




In terms of pricing models, Tableau offers general pricing for the different types of user license whereas Aleryx does their pricing per product. Both software platforms have annual, upfront billing for their packages.

In terms of popularity between Alteryx and Tableau as business intelligence platforms, Tableau is a lot more popular. Alteryx is slightly over 1% of the market while Microsoft Power BI and Tableau make up 11% and 16% respectively.

Of course, popularity does not automatically mean one product is better than the other. Both platforms have great end-user reviews. Alteryx scores slightly higher than Tableau Prep with a 9.1/10 versus their 8.8/10. You can find a comparison breakdown of reviews between them here.

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