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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
January 31, 2019

New Hope AvidXchg Review

Score 10 out of 10
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Used in conjunction with MS Dynamics GP 2016 to create accounts payable and payroll checks.
  • Integrates well with GP
  • Maintenance free
  • Great support
  • User-friendly
  • Company moved from a one-time software license model to an expensive annual subscription model
Well suited for small to medium-sized companies that utilize MS Dynamics GP.
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Richard Maritt, CMCA, AMS | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 02, 2018

A Solid A/P Business Partner!

Score 9 out of 10
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We use AvidXchange throughout our entire organization. The invoices for 770 managed entities (homeowner and condo associations) are handled in it by 150 managers. It has allowed for remote invoice entry, quicker turnaround of invoice receipt to payment issuance, and a reduction in our mailroom workforce. Archiving of invoices and their remote access has been a huge advantage for us.
  • Invoice creation/upload is simple for users needing immediate/quick entry/creation.
  • Invoice assignment from one entity to another is quick and easy for administrators. Users can do so easily if it is a switch within their own portfolio to which they have access.
  • Payment options offered to vendors are numerous. It is nice we can provide them with options.
  • AvidXchange is too aggressive after payments are sent to vendors in their approach to getting the vendors to sign up for a virtual credit card payment. Some of our vendors have complained at how frequently or diligently they were were pursued by AvidXchange.
  • When an invoice approver is to become unavailable temporarily due to vacation, illness, etc., they should be able to auto-assign a covering party for a determined length of time or through a particular date like our previous system did. There is no good way for this to be handled by AvidXchange.
It is well suited for a company like ours with three primary offices and an additional 50 satellite offices. It provides a way for things to be centralized with uniform access to information and processing. As well, the processes and communication remain consistent when you are working with a company of this scale as they do not experience hiccups when a single staff member may be out for vacation, sick, or due to a staffing shortage. Things just continue on as expected.
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Brian Murphy | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 04, 2017

AvidXchange a Move Towards the Future

Score 9 out of 10
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AvidXchange is used throughout our whole organization. With approximately 170 locations we had issues with losing approved invoices from the locations and processing the invoice images/attachments for our locations to review. With AvidXchange the image is the 1st step in the process and approval is done online where it can be reviewed by whoever needs to review. Our whole AP Department is now used to manage the invoices versus just being someone who keyed the invoice into our system.
  • AvidXchange tracks the history of an invoice with their History Tab and allows for management to review how the invoice was processed through approval.
  • Workflows within AvidXchange allows for invoices to be routed easily for approval.
  • Utilizing AvidPay frees up our AP Department from spending all Friday afternoon folding, stuffing and stamping the payments to be mailed out each week.
  • AvidXchange does not have a mobile app or full functionality on mobile phones or iPads. This would be a great tool for the customers.
  • AvidXchange at times is too quick to want to refund payments not taken by a vendor versus doing detailed research as to why they won't accept a payment from their customer.
  • I feel the reporting tab should be allowed to be given to users by report or sections of reports. Currently it is all or nothing.
AvidXchange is well suited for companies with multiple locations where approvals may be hard to get directly. A user can log on when they have time basically from anywhere to review, code and approve invoices. This would allow for processing of invoices centrally more efficiently then with appear invoices being moved from one place to another to be processed.
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John Dunn | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 26, 2017

AvidXChange Review

Score 10 out of 10
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My company uses AvidXchange in all departments to approve invoices and review what work is being done and how it should be paid. It helps manage all employees' accountability on what invoices are being paid compared to the work that is being done at one of our corporate campuses or commercial properties. It has helped organize invoices by property and has helped us pay each invoice correctly by entity.
  • Great organizational tool.
  • Able to pay invoices right from the site.
  • Has a wide variety of reports that can be utilized.
  • Setting up users and new entities.
  • A training on reports and which are the best to use.
AvidXchange can be used in all situations where an organization needs to pay a wide variety of invoices and needs its employees to sign in and approve what should be paid. There is no situation where an employee shouldn't go in to look at invoices or work that was ordered and needs review before payment.
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Suzanne Crockett | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 26, 2017

AvidXchange Review

Score 8 out of 10
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We currently utilize AvidXchange for the processing and payment of invoices for all of our managed properties as well as our company entity. AvidXchange is utilized by 80% of the employees at our company, mostly through the approval workflow function. It has helped tremendously in the automation of our AP process.
  • Automation: Every part of Avid's process is automated through the use of workflows established by the AvidXchange administrator. This allows all vested entities to review and approve the payment of an invoice in a timely manner.
  • Transparency: As an invoice goes through the review and approval process, every step is documented and available for review. This ensures all parties are appropriately vested in ensuring the timely approval of invoices for payment
  • Accuracy: Automating the AP process has helped to minimize the risk for errors that occur through manual invoice entry and approval.
  • AvidPay needs some improvement to minimize the amount of time it takes to issue payment for invoices
  • The search features within AvidXchange on the advanced search screen sometimes do not function correctly (sorting by ascending / descending order doesn't work all of the time).
  • The log enhancement follow-up procedure could use some work.
Companies struggling through a manual AP process with a high volume of invoices received every month should consider AvidXchange. They would benefit by freeing up the time and effort of accounting employees, who may then have the time to focus on other duties. Companies with minimal invoices wouldn't be a good fit. The system works best with high invoice volumes.
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Nancy Tricola | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 01, 2017

Activate AvidXchange

Score 9 out of 10
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AvidXchange is used by all my department managers. We were having a severe issue with invoices being lost on peoples' desks and/or late payments due to the old system. AvidXchange has completely eliminated these issues.
  • The best feature for me is the history tab. I know how long it has been in the system and who has touched or viewed it. If there is a query from a vendor on a specific invoice the history tab can answer that question. If it is in dispute or if there is a wrong amount you can answer the vendor question without having to hunt down the others involved.
  • If there is an urgent invoice I can scan and push it through avid invoice without waiting for it to be processed by AvidXchange.
  • It communicates well with other systems. If I make a correction to or add a vendor to my MRI system the avidsync will pick that up and update AvidXchange as well and vice versa. I only have to worry about entering the information once into one system.
  • I really wish there was a way for AvidXchange indexers to "get to know" the companies they index for. The indexing policies are such that it leaves little room for common sense and I do a fair share of correcting workflows and such.
I really like that AvidXchange saves me a lot of time. I am no longer spending 2+ hours a couple of days a week manually entering invoices. I can tell a vendor exactly where their invoice is at any given time through the process. It also makes it easier to locate payment information. I only have to go to one system now instead of two.
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Shawna Guajardo-Vickers | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 28, 2017

The Perfect Solution

Score 10 out of 10
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We use AvidXchange through our corporate office and five corporate locations. AvidXchange provides transparency; it provides our security for all approval processes at all levels. It's a perfect solution for our accounting need at year end audit.
  • It's amazing. You can be an owner of multiple companies and have all the invoices paid from one solution, and it's all online and at your fingertips.
  • Set up each company with their own bank account code the expense, review the invoice and send it for approval.
  • Transparency. The approval process it set up at all levels. So you can have a first coded - then the department or manager that oversaw the work approve - then the final release of payment the accounting looking at the bank balance. You can set up at a certain dollar amount to receive a second or third approval if your company has partners or Board members.
  • I have nine (9) different locations and global vendors in our set up. If I did not have AvidXchange, a day of check cutting [is what] I would need for each location and that is what I would do all week long. This is a click of the button, an approval process, a complete assembly line that works perfect and a massive time saver so I spend one hour a day on this.
  • Credit Memos needs to be a better function. Currently this function does not work properly and pulls over into our accounting software Intacct.
AvidXchange is the best payable system out there for any multi-unit owner, or a management company. I've been using it since 2010 and cannot imagine my accounting life without it. It is online, has an approval process, has transparency; a complete time saver and organizer between all your businesses.
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Christina Honthy-Little | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 03, 2016

Using AvidXChange for Multi-Property Portfolios is a No-Brainer!

Score 9 out of 10
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I’ve been using AvidXchange for over ten years and couldn’t imagine doing my job without it.

As a property manager with 32 sites, digitizing the accounts payable process is a necessity. Processing approximately 1600 invoices every 90 days, record keeping can be harrowing. Gone are the days of being handed folders of invoices to approve against a stapled stack of G/L account codes. All I have to do is login from any computer and AvidXchange provides a seamless system for tracking and approving our property invoices.

The software integrates with our MRI accounting system, allowing for easy upload. We can assign workflow approval levels to differentiate between general OPEX and Capital Expenditures. As such, invoices that require owner/client approval can be streamlined with added comments. Most importantly, for construction or large tenant improvements, we can attach pertinent contract information to the invoice.

  • Our contractors and vendors can submit invoices electronically through AvidBill, removing the tedious task of sorting and coding mail. This feature saves on time and administrative duties.
  • Communication is key, and being able to log a comment or question in AvidInvoice allows for clarification and expedited approval process.
  • Having multiple properties, having the Property Code and % Allocation features allow us to ensure the correct entity is charged it's portion of expenses. For example, we may have a service that is coded to all 32 properties. With AvidInvoice we are able to allocate each entity's pro rata share of the invoice.
  • Searching for invoices: Because of the number of properties we have, AvidBill automatically codes an invoice internally to one property, but we may find upon review that it is really for a different property. When we search for an invoice, it won't show as the corrected Property ID, rather the first one entered.
  • Vendor Names: I know this is a matter of human data entry, but oftentimes there are multiple vendors with the same name entered. The system may not grab the one that is intended for our company.
AvidXchange is certainly well suited for our commercial real estate business. When deciding on an accounts payable software, it is important to you ask how easily it integrates with your current accounting system. How many steps are required to export a data file? Are there any restrictions with your G/L codes?
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Lori Babaz | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 03, 2015

AvidXchange Very User Friendly

Score 10 out of 10
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We use AvidXchange within our office in order to provide a more reliable compliance process per our ownership's compliance policy. Our property management department mainly uses the product. We are able to process and approve multiple invoices that can then be approved by other individuals outside of our office without having to courier hard copies to them for a hard signature. I like the system as it allows you to pull reports without having to dig into paper files. You have everything at the click of the mouse. AvidXchange allows you to track invoices and see where they are sitting in the system.
  • You can pull reports by specific general ledger codes. This comes in handy at year end when you are trying to make sure that you have all invoices in for the year.
  • Everything is electronic. You do not have to worry about digging through paper files if you have a tenant that decides to audit you.
  • It takes no time to approve invoices. You have all of them in your queue. You are able to see what is waiting to be approved and go right down the line.
  • When you run an invoice report of what has been approved for the week, I would like to see the date printed at the top of the cover sheet.
I think that someone thinking about using AvidXchange should ask how easy is it to maneuver the system. Is it user-friendly? How many people should be administrators of the system?
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 08, 2015

Accounts Payables

Score 5 out of 10
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AvidXchange is used by our whole organization in the corporate office as well as our property management throughout the US. We are a Real Estate Management Investment Company and we use AvidXchange to pay all our property payables.
  • AvidXchange invoicing system does flag duplicates if invoice information entered correctly by their Indexers.
  • Their manual payments via check in my opinion seem to work better as vendors do not complain about payments as much.
  • AvidPay Team is very supportive in helping out with vendor issues when payments have been made.
  • Avid Support does need improvement, in replying to tickets in a much faster and timely manner. Usually my experience is a turn around of 24 to 48 hours when I need an answer a bit faster to get to our property management team or vendor.
  • Avid virtual credit card can be also improved by letting vendors know fees associated with receiving payments in this manner. Seems most vendors are confused with VCC type payments.
I feel AvidXchange needs to improve their payment system to better accommodate vendor needs and understanding of their pay process. Communication is their biggest weakness.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
December 18, 2014

AvidXchange Product Review

Score 9 out of 10
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Review Source
AvidXchange is being utilize by the whole organization.
  • Invoice Routing
  • Technology Interface
  • Approval Monitoring
  • Allow high level validation checks when batching into third party software.
Great product for routing invoices for multiple people across multiple locations.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 18, 2014

Straight to the point

Score 8 out of 10
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It is our Accounts Payable system for the organization. It allows a business to be paperless, and therefore no need for storage space.
  • Timely invoice payment
  • Record keeping
  • Time stamps
  • Running audit reports
  • Report compatibility for exports
  • Search by should include (by accounting code)
AvidXchange is more appropriate for businesses which process many invoices. Business size would be a key question to ask.
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About AvidXchange

AvidXchange is a cloud-based automated bill payment and invoicing system from AvidXchange, Inc headquartered in Charlotte, NC. The software provides accounts payable solutions via invoice capture, approval routing, and payment automation. Its reporting tools allow for customized ad hoc reports of transaction data. Its design is meant to mirror a company's approval processes and workflow, capturing invoices and their status and leaving a clear audit trail. It's functionality is augmented via integration with a more comprehensive accounting systems (e.g. NetSuite, Quickbooks), should this be desired. It is mobile-accessible. AvidXchange guarantees a full implementation of their automated process within 45 days of starting. Transitioning is supported with training materials, hands-on configuration session and support, a project plan and templates to guide the process. A free demo is available.

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