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Richard Oberle | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 24, 2018

Genesys PureConnect, a tough act to follow!

Score 10 out of 10
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My company uses PureConnect on a daily basis in our call center. We are a value-added reseller of various technology solutions. Genesys PureConnect manages our incoming Customer Service queue as well as other call paths. We are using multiple capabilities in the system such as TTS, Call Recording, etc. It is obviously critical for the calls to reach the correct individuals which this product has always done with great success.
We also have the ability to deep dive into any call issues and trace them ourselves rather than relying on an outside party.
Being able to easily set up main queues with tertiary paths is a huge plus for this product. I have used, installed and supported various phone systems and PureConnect is by far the best, most capable, easiest to use & support that I have encountered.
  • Call queuing with the ability to maintain call control to handle various scenarios
  • Call Recording with easy access to review the recordings, create and review agent scoring for amazing quality control
  • Functions of Text-to-Speech and Automated Voice Recognition for call routing
  • Integration with various SIP gateways, phone, and devices
  • Ease of access, maintenance, day to day management without techs needing to have been a Telecommunications engineer to manage their individual functions
  • Workforce management capabilities
  • Dialer capabilities for outbound marketing campaigns
  • Easy addition of Survey capability to allow callers to rate their interactions
  • System logging in more plain language so that problems can be traced out without needing to call support
  • More emphasis on the software interface to be faster, especially with the management and supervisory functions
Well suited for medium to large call centers, even where there is an existing PBX. PureConnect can sit on top of the PBX for call routing to the Call Center and integrate with existing or completely replace the PBX functions as well.

Less appropriate for smaller installs as it is not nearly priced competitive with Cisco and other companies in small installs or larger companies that do not have large call centers and mostly business users.
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Luke Ferrel | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 03, 2018

Great system for enterprise level contact centers

Score 8 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We used Genesys as a contact center solution. It works extremely well. We were using it to complete WFM as well as customizing the our call center flows. We used it in only one department, although I believe it could be using in other applications. In the end our use was much smaller than was needed for such a powerful solution, so we switched to a less feature rich solution. If you have advanced or large call center applications Genesys is a big win.
  • WFM
  • Advanced customization - Waiting times, queue management, call back, it's inclusive
  • Customization. If you need any unusual solution for a contact center that is run differently than the norm, Genesys can get it done
  • Sometimes the code pushes can be a bit disruptive
  • Support is so-so. As they grow this seems to be a tough issue
The only reason I wouldn't recommend Genesys is if your contact center is very out of the box or small. Genesys is great for larger contact centers, or if you want a very customized solution. We are small so it was a little rich for us, but if you're on the enterprise level it's a win.
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Ariel Levin | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 25, 2018

Customer Experience Super Heros

Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
Genesys PureConnect is used across our whole organization and finally enabled us to consolidate contact center and business communications infrastructures. We love how it it connects with our CRM system as well as various workforce management tools and communications systems we use. We can better channel our human resources from tasks PureConnect now does to more meaningful communications. An essential must have tool.
  • consolidate communication channels
  • superb integration with 3rd party systems
  • fanstastic easy to understand reporting
  • conditional logic
  • artificial intelligence
  • better visual customization
When you have to deal with gen x-rs, gen y-rs and baby boomers and connect with them in their preferred method while keeping all the CRM data up to the minute and consistent Genesys PureConnect does the job extremely well. Our field guys can use this information to provide amazing service to our clients.
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Eric Krueger | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 25, 2018

Easiest Decision you will make!!!

Score 10 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We currently use Genesys PureConnect in our company's environment to great success. Our end users love being able to communicate directly with our call center and get faster responses. The trouble it took in the past is over now with Genesys PureConnect and the time reduction in SLA's made it worth the investment. End users are happier and issues are resolved faster to greater effect.
  • By being able to communicate faster issues are solved in a timely manner.
  • Managing SLA's and call volumes are easier and giver better overall data analysis.
  • Total ROI is worth using this product for what you can get out of it.
  • As with any system there could always be more customization available.
  • Some of the initial setup could use better wording.
Well suited for any business looking to streamline their calls and get SLA's under control. Being able to do IT analysis on issues makes this product a must have. For a smaller company it may be overkill but would still be worth the investment. By making all communications better and faster this product rocks.
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Kyle Moninger | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 23, 2018

So far, so good

Score 7 out of 10
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Review Source
We are currently in a trial basis running Genesys PureConnect to see if it will address the needs of potential students and applicants to our university. While it's not the typical use for a product like this, we are hoping it can serve as a continual AI resource for potential students and applicants who have questions about anything regarding the university. It helps us save human resources and capital by automating this function.
  • It's a very adaptable system
  • It is intuitive and "understands" the human frame of mind
  • It is complex in character but simple to use as an interface
  • Currently, it is overwhelming to get up and running in our organization, but I think this will diminish over time
  • It is expensive
  • Perhaps a better implementation process
I think it would be perfectly suited for a business with high traffic customer contact. It would greatly reduce the human capital needed to address this demand and further the business development. We will see if its applications are as valuable in the academic world still. While our "customers" are actually students, we hope it has the same positive effect.
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Leah Jakaitis | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 12, 2018

Genesys PureConnect: adaptable, well-supported, omnichannel communication

Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
Genesys PureConnect is used by a number of clients serviced by the agency. It provides a holistic customer service / experience platform. The business problem Genesys PureConnect addresses is that of the optimal customer experience: it consolidates customer communication and contact into one platform, and streamlines the providing of customer service to a variety of users and clients, across multiple communication channels. PureConnect provides a variety of contact methods for the customer, and through this omnichannel approach, tries to create the best user experience possible.
  • Reporting and analytics: extensive data capturing, which - in turn - can help drive insights into customer use, satisfaction, and optimization strategy.
  • Genesys PureConnect's integrations with other platforms (including CRM systems) is excellent.
  • Extensive documentation is available on the platform's use, development, and integration requirements.
  • I'd love to see improvements in process automation - to make the interaction process more streamlined or intuitive to setup.
  • Integrations with new and emerging technologies: a lot of the big platforms are available for integration, but more rapid development to stay abreast of different communication platforms would be great.
  • Scalability! PureConnect is great for mid-large size companies, but having an iteration readily implemented onto a small business (
PureConnect is well-suited for mid and large-size companies that are looking to enhance their omnichannel communication: it is easily customizable and can be tailored to fit whatever the needs may be for outreach and molding the customer experience. Its integrations make it suitable for a variety of platforms (we primarily use it for Salesforce - a must!).

Customer service is excellent and provides rapid insight/fixes to problems: responsiveness is a huge win for Genesys.
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Jason Neton | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 11, 2018

Interaction Center brings a powerful and distributed architecture to communications for the enterprise

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Review Source
Here at Adapt, we both use thePureConnect product for our enterprise, but also are one of the biggest and long standing Value Added resellers of the product in the country. We use it here in our support call center, but deploy it every year to 20-30 new sites, as well as taking new clients who have been with other resellers or direct with Interactive Intelligence.

The Interaction Center product solves many business communications issues by offering an extremely robust and feature rich communications platform for businesses of all sizes.

This platform is particularly impressive for call centers, and there is a huge presence of this in the Credit Union space and on top of delivering great functionality natively, it also has many customization points for special applications.

  • Innovation - they are frankly one of the most innovative companies I have experienced and constantly try to stay ahead in the new feature race
  • Expanded to being an industry leader along with the big communication platforms in only 10 years, and have entered the desired Gartner magic quadrant for business. Competing with the big boys now!
  • Strong VAR relationship for this organization. Really stress the partnership in serving the client, and have done so ever since we have been in business selling Interactive Intelligence.
  • Our company sells NO OTHER communication platform we are so much in support of the Interaction Center platform.
  • Really focused on the "Customer Experience" fully.
  • More rapid bug detection and methods to address. They are currently working on changing the update process to be more "mainline" and avoid large disruptive upgrades
  • Better documentation of the changes technologically for the engineers to follow
  • Better rapid training for new support engineers as they grow rapidly.
  • Reporting is always a chief concern for any organization, and PureConnect has needed some changes in this way. Luckily with the acquisition by Genesys, they are making huge investments in many areas of the product, but in particular reporting is being revamped this year.
May be too much for the very small enterprise, as it can be overkill from a cost perspective for tiny organizations.

This is a great product, and I have seen so many businesses succeed using it!
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Jen Scott | TrustRadius Reviewer
June 04, 2018

PureConnection to your interactions

Score 9 out of 10
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Verified User
Review Source
We user PureConnect across the whole organization, from our contact center to our investment officers. Our director saw this product at a conference back in 1998 when it was just a start up company. He really liked its concept and we've been using it ever since.
  • Upgrades are smooth. This product has been around long enough to have this process matured into a doable event without any major downtime.
  • ACD routing is accurate and easily adjustable. I can easily configure how I want my calls, emails, chats, etc. delivered.
  • The software as a whole is very flexible. I can buy just the parts and pieces my company wants to use.
  • Interaction Attendant could use some love. Getting information from a database is easy yet very basic. If I want to get creative with my SQL selection I've either got to do it in a lot of steps or use Interaction designer.
  • They seem to change how they handle reporting often. They are good about making past methods still work after and upgrade but it causes my reports to be in various styles and versions rather than a consistent platform.
PureConnect is exceptional at delivering ACD calls and getting your interactions to the right people. It is useful for business users but for the price a bit over the top. We bought it early on when the price was less. My business users do enjoy it and there would be a huge push back if we decided to go with something else for them that was less expensive.
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Natalya Lekomtseva | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 25, 2018

ClickDesk 3.8 (12)

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Our business requires us to send charging warnings to our clients and individuals. To achieve this we use the PureConnect Dialer stage to run Agentless, Preview/Predictive, and even SMS-powered campaigns to achieve our part base. Not outsourcing this work enables us to significantly screen and change our outbound procedure as required. We can rapidly create and discharge SMS-powered charging notices on account of the Dialer's handling of the implicit advancement arrangement.
  • The Genesys sales and support engineers are the best in the business. Any thoughts or inquiries that need attention are rapidly and precisely addressed with a telephone call or email to our Customer Success Manager, Service Delivery Manager, or Support Team.
  • The help we get feels trustworthy, and the level of care doesn't change based on the number of installations we have
  • It gives a great steering and skill power. This allows us to get clients to the ideal solution on the first try. We have been able to be extremely inventive in our answers, in light of the adaptability that PureConnect gives in its steering abilities.
  • There are so many roles to the product, and each is contingent upon what you need to do. Some days I needed to sign into 6 things at once to do all that I required (Desktop, Business Manager, Supervisor, Administrator, Scripter, Attendant)
  • The managing devices are missing, so we had to come up with some in-house solutions
  • I hate the lack of correspondence from Genesys with respect to issues, refreshes, guides, and fixes to their bugs
  • My greatest concern is their client care and the absence of following a BEC understanding with respect to time periods
PureConnect is exceptionally in depth and there are a ton of highlights. Try not to be put off at first with its multifaceted nature, and attempt to stick it out and learn it. When I had my head around it, I really loved it; however I should admit I was exceptionally overwhelmed toward the start, as I didn't have anybody to show me. I simply needed to make sense of it. Arrange a decent amount of support in your product agreement, the goal being that you can depend on them to help you where possible.
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Jérôme PERIER | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 11, 2018

Tarkett use case - PureConnect client much satisfied

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have chosen the Customer Interaction Center (CIC) to support multimedias inbound/outbound flows in our customer services (20 locations across the globe with 400 agents). Application is set as "mission critical" (highest level) as Customer Services are not support organizations but entry points for orders/company revenue. CIC had also been recently deployed for internal IT support organizations (North America & Eastern Europe). We've made interfaces with:
  • Active Directory and CRM
    Dynamics 2016 to recognize our callers and adapt the flow according to client
  • Lync to synchronize status
    between applications
  • Soon, web to generate callbacks
We do really appreciate product stability/reliability and the capacity we have to develop new features by our own. It is much appreciated by our business managers.
  • Routing engine is well designed making agent selection easy to understand for business partners
  • Real time KPIs through wall boards are really appreciated from managers
  • Call flow capabilities through development (inc. interfaces) to meet business requirements
  • Softphone is painful to use for enduser. They need to "re" provision each time they change their network
  • Historical reporting as aggregation through standard reporting is really bad. We need to rework through Excel to get consolidated data or use BI tools
  • We have faced issues with the stability of the marquee component/aggregating majority of the infrastructure for 3 years
  • System backup is barely impossible without deep handler development
  • To get connected to a station via ICBM, we need to connect through desktop which is very painful
It is well suited for call management for mid size organizations as ours (few dozen thousands interactions per week).
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Duncan Hernandez | TrustRadius Reviewer
August 03, 2018

A great way to route calls!

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Giving agents the tools for self service is really key and helps improve efficiency by a great amount. Automating background processes also is a nice benefit for this product. We can route incoming calls any way that we want to, which helps us guide our customers in the quickest and easiest way for optimal service.
  • Call Routing
  • Self Service
  • Lower waiting times for agents
  • Better reporting
  • Bug fixes can be slow and be out of reach for crucial time frames
  • Live data can be hard to view at some times.
  • Prices for add-ons can add up
The big scenario is the call routing. When times get really busy, the call routing is very efficient when the phones starting ringing and have to be transferred everywhere. It really lowers our overflow and makes the agents much more happier and less stressed out. Being able to see how the day went with the reporting is nice to see that number improving over time.
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Stéphane Lhuillier | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 09, 2018

Great solution

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We're using PureConnect for our whole organization. It handles every inbound and outbound call (about 50%-50% in our daily use).

We still have plans on using it for inbound emails/chats but currently, these channels aren't being used, though we bought media 3 licenses which would cover this multi-channel use.

On inbound calls, PureConnect is great for handling a very fine-tuned distribution scenario. That's one of the main reason we selected it 4 years ago.

  • ACD with workgroups/skills, whether directly attached or inherited.
  • .Net API - we rely on the API to build our own monitoring tools and configuration tools.
  • Handler customization - we know that we can go beyond the basic workflow by using Handler.
  • Regarding multi-channels - I know that improvements are in progress or may be even already available, but we lack a real-time status on the user current interactionS. By S, I mean that a user can have his/her utilization potential used by several interactions taking place at the same time, and it would be great to know what the user is currently handling - and how much of his/her utilization remains for each media type.
  • Blending is not easy - mixing inbound and outbound calls; we had to give up using Dialer which was too rigid and ended up using our own algorithms and tools. Dialer may have improved since that time but it's too late for us.
  • Some distribution discrepancy (sometimes) that we can't figure out.
  • Great for inbound distribution.
  • Too rigid for blending.
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Steven Naji | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 12, 2018

Emerson Communications

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We use it across our entire facility, which connects 800+ employees. PureConnect allows us to integrate different business solutions as well as administer our phone systems. My IT team uses Genesys PureConnect on a daily basis as we have employees coming and going from all over the world to our site here in Texas.
  • It has a very clear interface.
  • It appears to be a secure platform.
  • I believe customer support always has room for improvement.
The platform is well suited for mid-size companies to administer their communication networks.
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Lior Henn | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 22, 2018

Genesys PureConnect Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Very easy to config , we are using the dialer to reach customers, we have more than 99% on power mode that we get a real human because the special algorithm that the product has. It's very easy to start a new campaign and to control the campaigns with real-time data and historical data.
  • Great campaign manager
  • Very good real-time and historical data
  • A powerful development tool
  • All in one product
  • All the IPT telephone features are very poor
  • The real-time and historical data for outbound calls (not dialer calls ) are very poor
  • We needed to develop our agent status because the client does not support that I know that it word wide problem after we spoke with other customers and developers from ININ
  • The dialer is a strength of this product.
  • The agent client is one of the weak [points].
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Tekin Coşkun | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 03, 2018

PureConnect Good Dialer Solution

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We are using it for our Customer Contact Center operations.
  • I think its the best predictive dialer solution
  • I can run multiple campaigns and make good call analysis
  • Real-time supervisor monitoring and campaign management are very easy
  • Database management and data warehousing
  • Recording
It is a very user friendly solution and is perfect as a predictive dialer.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2018

Great Introduction Tool to Customer Service

Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We used Genesys across a couple of departments: marketing (demand gen), sales, and customer support. The system enabled us to track progress made in our demand gen strategy while also fueling our sales pipeline. The platform provided in-depth report that other platforms didn't provide or couldn't visually compare. The contact center feature provided our support team an efficient way of working as everything was in one place rather than needing to tie together multiple 3rd party tools.
  • The analytics provided are great both in detail and visual aspect. We were able to easily understand the information presented as well as show it to other not using the platform and explain it in detail.
  • It was simple to integrate into our daily processes. We didn't have to 'shut things down' for days in order to add this into our process; it was easy to add in and made it more efficient. We were also able to reduce the number of applications we used day to day.
  • The platform helped to keep sales on track with their quotas. Sales reps were able to visually see how they were performing . The sales solution also encouraged marketing and sales alignment as it allowed us to create a more uniform communication strategy with customers and prospects.
  • We did find that the texting feature was a little hard to perfect. Our messages would either be too long and show in multiple messages or the links would give an error.
  • The digital automation feature is wonky as well. We found that the automation would provide odd and out-of-place responses.
  • The pricing for the platform (we found) to be more costly than other solutions.
If you're looking to enhance your current sales and marketing alignment while also having a flexible budget, this tool is a good one to utilize. I'd also say that is you have a sizeable database of contacts (more than 500 but less than 50K), it'd also be a good start. I wouldn't recommend for SMBs or for brand new companies as it relies (from my experience) on more contacts.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 18, 2018

Genesys: Evolve Your Conversation

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
We have clients that work as part of a call center. They make up a sizable portion of our business, so keeping them efficient is what keeps them happy, and helps us get paid. We needed a solution for them that helped them to track and report and measure trends within their database – something to automate their own clients' IVR journey and give them the best experience possible.
  • Genesys has pretty much every feature you could ever need. It has a multi-client, multi-channel technology for customer care centers, for example (which is handy because those get high volume)
  • It's easy to pick up and run with, very minimal training and customer-service is quick to respond if you have any questions
  • It consolidates multiple views into one streamlined interface on your desktop. If it's one thing that drives me nuts, it's having a billion windows open.
  • It would be nice to have some bilingual speech analytics. Since we deal with clients across the world, it would be nice to have support for local languages.
  • Sometimes the administrator tools can be a bit lacking, so we had to improvise a bit with some in-house solutions.
  • I would like some more transparency from Genesys when they plan to update their programs – a lack of a roadmap can be a bit problematic.
It's a good system to implement if you have a call center and want to track data based on your employees' interaction with clients. You can look up trends and see what's basically working and what's not. It's basically an all-in-one solution, you can deal with one vendor to hit your contact-center needs without having to go through a million channels first.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 12, 2018

You won't regret it

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
Last year after doing research on how to improve our CRM I stumbled across Genesys PureConnect. Our previous CRM was so limited that we were unable to properly identify where our inquiries were coming from and who we were reaching out to. This in return didn't provide a solid amount of data to measure the ROI. Genesys was able to show us exactly what demographic we are the most successful with, to understand pain points of our products, as well as be able to take our cold/warm leads into hot leads. Currently it is only being used in our cross functional support department. This team addresses both the marketing side and the customer service side for existing buyers.
  • Now when receiving leads we are able to see the information we need immediately. Prior to set up our account manager walked us through what fields would be available and which ones made the most sense to include or not include.
  • The amount of customer service you receive is phenomenal. We started off by only purchasing PureConnect although we were initially encouraged to take advantage of the cloud services as well. Despite only having a single platform and being an extremely small start up we were treated as if we are a Fortune 500 company. For every little question we always have a LIVE PERSON to speak with and help us work through issues.
  • I have been part of many software integrations and the integration of getting their software "to talk and play nice" with ours was a bit more difficult than we had originally anticipated. However, their integration team held bi-weekly calls with us to discuss the project road map, what the integration testing would look like, and what the results of the testing were. This all happened prior to the integration going live, giving us plenty of time to work through any bugs or issues that might have come up.
  • I don't have many cons to mention. The only thing that I was a bit bummed about was that sometimes it seemed like fields were more limited than what I had initially been led to believe. However, it seems to have worked out for the best as less is more sometimes!
Since we have just passed our one year mark I can only rate this as a 7 to recommend to a colleague. I would definitely recommend to those who are unfamiliar with CRM's. Genesys PureConnect has been able to streamline the process and put all of the key factors into their platform. They are still adding more everyday of course but it is a very simple platform. Which is great for those who are just starting off! I'm not sure I can see it working as well for extremely robust organizations as their is limited manipulation of the platform allowed to meet specific needs. Again, I'm only a little over a year in and could be wrong!
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 24, 2018

Genesys PureConnect Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
PureConnect is being used for it's contact center engine only in our environment. We have two separate production environments, a fully functional UAT and a fully functional DEV environment. We are in the process of phasing out Avaya deployments with PureConnect so the footprint is continually increasing. PureConnect has added visibility of agent activity compared to previous solutions.

We are a fully on premise customer, so we do not use CaaS (or PureConnect Cloud as it is more recently referred to). We're using various aspects of self service to allow customers to access information 24x7 even from groups that are only staffed M-F during regular business hours including various different webservice integrations.

In addition to the traditional call channel, we are also using chat and inbound email across multiple organizations. With the ease of deployment of PureConnect's current chat (and the migration to the hosted wigets coming in the future) chat is a breeze to have up and running. We also have one agency using agentless outbound dialing for specific functions such as reminders and receipt notifications.

  • PureConnect's customization through the c# API, web API and handlers is fairly welcoming to customization with a fair amount of supporting documentation.
  • The dial plan in PureConnect is one of the best laid out that I have seen in a contact center product. It is very readable.
  • The ability to farm out responsibilities like agent onboarding and terms to department level users through granular security is a real timesaver.
  • The ease of setup of the platform of itself is practically unheard of in the call center space. Simple Windows wizards with easy to follow documentation and you can very easily have an environment that can pass BFT.
  • The hub and spoke model of services employed by the core engine of pureconnect is very reliable.
  • Genesys development strategy over the years has allowed the platform to become somewhat stagnant. Too much emphasis was put on PureCloud which is not an adequate replacement for PureConnect and the platform was only given bug fixes for a few years.
  • The built in voicemail function feels like an afterthought and requires user action to complete polling for messages.
  • They take far to long to address very basic SCRs (change requests for bugs) unless they are service impacting.
  • Their entry level support has degraded somewhat since the acquisition.
If you are looking for a fairly easy to deploy contact center platform that will grow with the effort you are willing to put into it, it can definitely be a solid performer.

If you are looking for something reliable, the platform definitely has matured in expected uptime as long as you regularly maintain the servers hosting the application.

If you are a small customer, the platform will likely be cost prohibitive. While core pricing may be attractive; ever increasing maintenance fees and the amount of licensing needed to do anything within the platform can easily make the price unrealistic.

If you are looking for a super mature platform with all of the bells and whistles, this is not the platform for you either. You would likely want the flagship Genesys product (PureEngage).
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
September 05, 2018

PureConnect scheduling and reports

Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
I use PureConnect all day every day primarily for reporting and scheduling. My organization uses it as our phone system and to deliver interactions to customer service and tech support agents.
  • Automated (scheduled) reports are fairly well done. They allow me to forget about that particular task, freeing time and allowing me to work on more important projects.
  • Regarding Optimizer, the scheduling add-on for PureConnect: The interface for adjusting already published schedules throws exceptions frequently and it's missing functionality. For example, if I have a published schedule with attached data and an agent's schedule changes by 1/2 hour, I must go to each day and adjust manually.
  • Some of the report formats have been orphaned and abandoned. Try and export a CSV file and what should be a 24K file is delivered as 30 MB file because it's filled with massive amounts of repeated data. There exists some exceptional weirdness in these formats that would take too much time to detail.
Well suited for any call center
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 30, 2018

Genesys PureConnect and Summary

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Review Source
PureConnect is used specifically within our organization to look at listener & customer care analytics and KPIs, in addition to driving to a more self-service solution. It was implemented to help drive costs down for call centers and increase our digital deflection volume and digital engagement for current and new consumers.
  • Dreate a more personalized self service environment for the customer to solve problems online rather than use external sources
  • Deliver analytical data to help derive insights, conclusions, and foundations of creative campaigns or strategy
  • Increase response time and lowers costs
  • A more user friendly interface
  • More ways to derive and pull data for analytics
  • A larger support community / forum
Genesys PureConnect would be helpful for people looking for a new content management system, those in digital or online analytics, those in community management and content creation, online engagement, statistical analysis, and any other customer support forum that uses information from customer data to gain further insights in solutions, strategy.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2018

Meets every need

Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
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We use PureConnect for ACD routing and Auto Attendant feature across about a dozen business units. We service the public so nearly all of our public facing businesses leverage the Genesys platform.

We love that this tool is a true platform which our teams can achieve all the business goals they need by leveraging the many features of the platform. We have yet to run across a business need that couldn't be met. Being able to extend out of the box features using custom handlers has been a big step forward for us from out past contact center systems.
  • Easy to manage Auto Attendants, a visual hierarchy for management.
  • Customizable handlers using a robust tools set.
  • Amazing live dashboard for management and IT support staff
  • Reporting on Auto Attendants is hard to understand
  • User provisioning is hard to set up initially, easy to recreate for subsequent users
  • I would love to see a virtual media server
I would recommend this tools to contact centers who are looking to move past the basic hunt groups, groups who need advanced ACD, database lookups and who want seamless call recording. This product shines in its business user application. The data that is collected about calls is impressive.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2018

Genesys PureConnect: Connect to your customers the right way!

Score 6 out of 10
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PureConnect is being used both within certain departments, along with being company wide. Our Customer Service, Technical Support and Sales departments are using ACD routing with Skills, while the rest of the company uses it on a much simpler level.

The problem it addresses is long customer wait times, endless loops in the phone tree and ensuring the customer is getting to the best agent for their needs.
  • Skills Based Routing provides our customers with the ability to get to the right person, the first time! Definitely helps provide a one call resolution!
  • PureConnect Support is great! They are so willing to help out whenever we are stumped and at a dead end! Their support is timely and very informative.
  • Reporting: PureConnect provides excellent reporting statistics which allow us to stay on top of our game!
  • Training: In order to connect to a support rep at Genesys, one must be certified in Genesys' system. Training is costly and can be confusing. Only the basics are covered and leaves alot to learn.
  • It would be nice for Chat to be set up like voice or email tree's rather than requiring handlers to do all the work.
  • Upgrades can be cumbersome.
Once the system is in place, it works flawlessly, doing exactly what is programmed.
Training is flexible, offering either a classroom setting or a virtual setting. Instructors are knowledgeable, but move quickly through the materials. I recommend having some knowledge of telephony and networks before jumping into training.
Building the system can be a chore though, unless you are extremely trained or have assistance from a third party.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 25, 2018

Flexible, powerful and complex phone system.

Score 7 out of 10
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Used by 4 lines of business; sales, client service, call centre & I/T. The goal is to get the caller to the right person as accurately and quickly as possible.
  • Very flexible in handling multiple channels
  • Endless configuration possibilities for routing to agents
  • Client software is very easy to use for the end user
  • Documentation can be hard to find
  • Creating support tickets takes too long. Some support groups are only available via email which is very frustrating when dealing with password issues.
Great when using the desktop client, frustrating when using a CRM plugin which is very limited.
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Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
July 19, 2018

Excellent solution for maintaining customer relations and much more!

Score 7 out of 10
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We are using Genesys PureConnect to manage all relations with vendors in our supply chain group. It makes it easy to pull up all customer interaction for specific vendors!
  • Easy to use for end users and very slick design
  • Easy to implemnent for IT support
  • Very cost effective
  • Could make user experience a bit more simpler by removing additional fields
Perfect for viewing vendor interaction from previous years up till most recent where resources change roles.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Agent dashboard (47)
Validate callers (42)
Outbound response (36)
Call forwarding (48)
Click-to-call (CTC) (38)
Warm transfer (49)
Predictive dialing (31)
Interactive voice response (38)
REST APIs (32)
Call scripts (35)
Call tracking (47)
Multichannel integration (38)
CRM software integration (34)
Inbound call routing (45)
Omnichannel inbound routing (33)
Recording (46)
Quality management (40)
Call analytics (37)
Historical reporting (46)
Live reporting (42)
Customer surveys (30)
Customer interaction analytics (27)

About Genesys PureConnect

The Genesys PureConnect platform is an all-in-one contact center solution that promises a broad and deep set of omnichannel and business communications solutions on a single platform. The vendor aims to offer: simplified all-in-one architecture, flexibility and the highest level of isolation and control available in the cloud. Available both in the cloud and on-premises, PureConnect's goal is to let users replace multiple point solutions with a single application that makes customers and employees happier.

The vendor's main value propositions are:

Do more with less: An all-in-one platform enables users to deliver a better customer experience while greatly simplifying administration, increasing operational performance, and reducing total cost of ownership.

Speed time to value: A single set of broad and deep solutions allows users to turn on new capabilities quickly, when you’re ready, and new functionality is built right into existing interfaces.

Tailor solutions and protect investments: An open, standards-based architecture allows users to customize the application and integrate with any existing systems.

Maximize privacy and control in the cloud: Users get their own instance of the application, the option to go 100% private cloud and the ability to keep voice traffic and recordings at your site. Users can also customize solutions, determine the timing of updates and maintain control over carrier relationships.

Genesys PureConnect Features

Contact Center Software Features
Has featureAgent dashboard
Has featureValidate callers
Has featureOutbound response
Has featureCall forwarding
Has featureClick-to-call (CTC)
Has featureWarm transfer
Has featurePredictive dialing
Has featureInteractive voice response
Has featureREST APIs
Has featureCall scripts
Has featureCall tracking
Has featureMultichannel integration
Has featureCRM software integration
Has featureAutomatic speech recognition (ASR)
Has featureNatural language processing for IVR
Has featureCommunications forecasting
Workforce Optimization (WFO) Features
Has featureInbound call routing
Has featureOmnichannel inbound routing
Has featureRecording
Has featureQuality management
Has featureCall analytics
Has featureHistorical reporting
Has featureLive reporting
Has featureCustomer surveys
Has featureCustomer interaction analytics
Omnichannel support Features
Has featureEmail
Has featureVoice (phone)
Has featureVoIP
Has featureSMS/Text
Has featureVideo channel
Has featureLive chat channel
Has featureCo-browse
Does not have featureScreen-share
Has featureSocial media channels
Has featureMobile applications
Predictive Analytics Features
Has featureIntelligent call routing
Has featureChatbots
Has featureAI assistance for live agents

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Salesforce, Oracle, Microsoft, Cisco, Other popular CRM and UC solutions

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Deployment Types:On-premise, SaaS
Operating Systems: Windows
Mobile Application:iPad Supervisor