NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Pricing

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NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Pricing Overview

NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact)


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NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Alternatives Pricing

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NICE CXone (formerly NICE inContact) Pricing-Related Quotes

Related Quote from Verified User

Reduce Cost of external analytics Reduced response times Increased contact numbers

Related Quote from Verified User

CXone (formerly NICE inContact), our calls stayed 80% more effective and cheaper for my company. … with our systems and more efficiency in managing calls, also because of the cost-effectiveness, becoming more interesting to see business.

Related Quote from Fran Mueller

I am not in charge of writing the scripts or producing reports. I can only access them.

Related Quote from Jaymes Alvarez

at first was just learning the lingo of the reporting on what metrics or values to utilize in order to get the information we wanted or needed. The upside

Related Quote from Martin Lara

possibility of growth and future capabilities, meaning you had a large capital cost up front. With CXone you can start small and expand as needed. Lastly … and I can't believe I haven't stated this already, no yearly maintenance cost and upgrades to deal with! I can't…

Related Quote from Karla Marquez

computers. I believe it is well suited for remote and in-person work. It cuts the cost of having to purchase phones and buy special headsets that work with a phone

Related Quote from Verified User

Reduced Cost Efficiency Saving Time

Related Quote from Vivian Silva

NICE is very practical and easy to use. Of course it also has a better cost-benefit ratio.

Related Quote from Jaine Evelyn

tool that we were looking for. [NICE is] a product with a good financial cost, a good practicality for the old and the new employees, [and] an image recognized

Related Quote from Lucas Mesquita

Efficiency in calls Great cost benefit Excellent system

Related Quote from Gustavo Alves

I do not have access to the organization's financial cost and benefits list.

Related Quote from Verified User

I do not have any managers [and/or administration] charges at the company as I'm simply a customer service agent so I can't really

Related Quote from shellie donato

Reduce cost Helpful for all calls Easy access for all agents

Related Quote from Juan Veliz

customize reports help the RTAs to have an easier report build and less time cost reports.

Related Quote from Verified User

Reduced cost Increased efficiency User friendly

Related Quote from Verified User

InContact Cxone, I will highly purchase this product again no matter what's the price and the main reason is that I can manage all of the usable features in one

Related Quote from Verified User

I am just an employee so I'm not sure of the cost, however the system has been invaluable during the pandemic.

Related Quote from Verified User

Reduced cost per agent. Lower handle time. Increased customer satisfaction.

Related Quote from Dennis Schnee

I'm not involved in financial decisions and don't know the pricing scheme. Based on my knowledge of wanting something inexpensive that works

Related Quote from Jessica Waite

It's been great, they've been able to reduce cost on phone lines and now everyone is uniformed vs everyone having a different

Related Quote from Verified User

for organizations to provide the phone to each and every one and the setup cost is more so this tool is helping very much for all of us.

Related Quote from Verified User

Positive impact on integrating with Fuze UCaaS platform Value add for sales cycles Partnership with common tech platforms like Salesforce

Related Quote from Thomas Horton

are 100% WFH and the integrated smartphone feature has been of particular value for us to allow our technicians to take calls from their computers without

Related Quote from Khristian Lois Diguangco

The application is web-based, which is a low-cost option for the company. Very user friendly compare to the other NICE applications

Related Quote from Christian Bridge

Reporting could use more information or training Training for inContact Studio Cheaper options on more phone ports