I like Adobe Connect, I'd bet you will too
EJ Fromer | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 01, 2014

I like Adobe Connect, I'd bet you will too

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Adobe Connect is used as an interactive classroom, as a virtual meeting space for corporate and non academic meetings, and as a means to train employees. I also use the platform to create training videos for my co-workers, and to screen share when trouble shooting both colleagues and end users issues.
  • The software is easy for end users to deal with, since its built on flash, and has a few wizards. We replaced another virtual classroom title and since, I've enjoyed the lack of end users connection issues. It just works well.
  • The way hosts are able to create their own meeting space means that I don't have to allocate resources to meeting space creation with over 2000 meeting hosts I really appreciate that ability.
  • The content is independent of the meeting itself, and that's good. Meetings do break, it's software, but if your meeting does become corrupt, any user can quickly create a meeting and re-share the same content.
  • The first tier support is lacking, I originally had standard support. That means long waits for support staff, who typically cannot provide help, it was very hit or miss, more often miss and they will, without exception be in an out of country call center, and challenging to communicate with. Since I've upgraded to premium support, and it's night and day. Still not perfect, but always helpful and knowledgeable.
  • Little info is given if something goes wrong, the system tends to pretend everything is fine, even if it is not. This can be nice for the end user, if the email function is broken it will tell you emails are on the way that are not.
  • Having to deal with a third party for audio conferencing is confusing and awkward, at first.
  • Decreased administrative attention has been required since it replaced our previous virtual class room tile.
  • End users have reported they are having a better experience as hosts and attendees.
  • Support staff spend less time supporting this tile. It's flash based and easily out preforms it's java based counterparts.
  • Wimba,Blackboard Colobrate,go to meeting
Adobe is more robust and more easily able to handle the needs of virtual classrooms and meetings spaces. It handles many file types easily and nicely. I've seen lots of meeting software not function like we'd hoped. Lots of meeting hosts filling the gaps using an online meeting space can create with jokes and cleaver conversation. When I run Adobe Connect according to Adobes best practices things work nicely and reliably.
I'd keep using this product as long as I am able. It works nicely, and does the things I ask of it. When I or my end users have issues they tend to be easily addressed. And if I need support the premium upgrade is worth every penny. At the end of the day, its easier to administrate, easier to host meetings, and easier to attend a meeting then any other title I've worked with.
I'd make sure I have the resources to train my staff and implement this title. It works well but is kinda complicated, users will need support.
I'd also ask the sales rep for a specific list of it's limitations during a meeting. How many cameras should be used during a meeting?
What minium connection speed will hosts, and attendees need during meetings. How many attendees possible in meetings, how many attendees possible on the phone, how many attendees possible using VOIP?