Doubleclick clicks for ad serving and reporting
February 22, 2014

Doubleclick clicks for ad serving and reporting

Brad Turner | TrustRadius Reviewer
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My company uses Doubleclick to create Ad Serving tags to run digital media with online media publishers. We are a full-service business-to-business advertising agency and the media department uses this software on a daily basis for managing digital ad campaigns. In addition to providing a solution for serving digital ads, it provides essential reporting and metrics on the ad placements and allows for easy optimizations.
  • Doubleclick is strong at providing an integrated platform for all things digital media. Its capabilities are thorough ranging from basic ad serving to detailed conversion tracking. And because it is owned by Google, the interface is designed similarly to Google Analytics, allowing for a seamless experience for those who work with both.
  • The latest interface update has made it more intuitive and easier to create, view, and update ad placements. It's now much faster to set up a new ad and traffic it out, which allows media planners to spend more time planning and less time setting up digital ads.
  • The DFA reporting summary view is extremely helpful for getting a quick visual glance at how a campaign is performing. My team uses it weekly to check on campaign performance and determine any needed optimizations. Rather than having to download a report and create pivot tables, this tool creates a visual chart and shows the essential details on impressions, clicks, and click-through rate needed to make decisions. It's easy to look at data for specific publishers or placements and it even allows you to compare two time periods to determine any trends.
  • Recently Doubleclick changed the process for adding new publishers so that we now have to send their team an email with details about the publisher to be added to their database and system. While they are usually able to set things up quickly, within 24 hours, it still can create delays--especially when you're on a tight timeline.
  • Support is one of the challenges with Doubleclick. As a smaller agency, we do not have a dedicated support team and have to submit questions via email. Usually response time is decent--within 2-4 hours, but there is no telephone support for high priority issues.
  • One area we've run into trouble with before is that the system does not allow Click Tracker ad tags to be completely turned off. Full Flash ad tags can have a hard cut-off, but not for Click Trackers. As a result, we've occasionally incurred ad serving costs for placements and campaigns after they have ended and should no longer be running.
  • The new ad serving interface has helped with our efficiency by cutting the amount of time it takes to set up a campaign in half.
  • The reporting summary tool has allowed us to to speed up the process of reviewing performance, which has improved our ability to optimize and led to even greater performance for our clients.
We plan to continue to use Doubleclick because it makes it easy to handle our standard ad serving needs while providing capabilities for HTML5 creative and conversions that we know will be increasingly necessary for our work. They are regularly working to improve the user interface and we believe in Google's long-term investment and support of this product.
Doubleclick is best suited for media teams focused on optimizations and reporting. The summary reporting view has been a game-changer for our team--not least because of how easy it is to use. Those considering ad serving software should make sure to demo the reporting side of things to get comfortable with how to pull reports and the capabilities for viewing topline data. For our team, it's less useful for running rich media ads as we do not do enough of these for it to be included in our account. Knowing minimum ad serving spends and needs is helpful to make sure it's your best option for serving all of your typical types of ads.