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Jotform Enterprise is a digital workspace productivity tool that provides a platform for organizations. The aim of Jotform Enterprise is to give companies an easy-to-navigate tool that makes reaching out to customers, collaborating with coworkers, and collecting e-signatures and…

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Jotform Enterprise is a digital workspace productivity tool that provides a platform for organizations. The aim of Jotform Enterprise is to give companies an easy-to-navigate tool that makes reaching out to customers, collaborating with coworkers, and collecting e-signatures and…

Verint Voice of the Customer

Verint® Experience Management™ empowers CX Leaders to optimize customer experiences in real-time. With Verint Experience Management, companies can listen everywhere, act immediately, and analyze. Verint offers prescriptive XM solutions across Web and Mobile, Enterprise-wide, and…


Survicate is survey software for getting continuous customer insights at scale. It can be used to measure customer satisfaction (CSAT), track an organization's Net Promoter Score (NPS), get website feedback, or test product-market fit. Survicate supports any use case related to collecting…


The Chattermill Unified Customer Intelligence Platform helps businesses understand their customer reality. Using Chattermill, companies can unify their customer feedback data across reviews, support tickets, conversations, and social media to uncover what customers want, need, and…

Delighted by Qualtrics

Delighted is a tool for gathering real time, actionable feedback from customers via email, web or SMS. Delighted uses the Net Promoter System to measure the customer journey, and takes care of aspects of the customer feedback process from collection and analysis, through notification…


SurveySparrow headquartered in Los Angeles offers their customizable survey platform, deployed via webpage, chatbot with conversational format, or distributable to audience segments.

Medallia Video

Medallia Video (or LivingLens, which was acquired by Medallia February 2020), is designed to help organizations capture and extract rich data from video feedback content at scale, to tell stories that inspire action and change.


Collect in-product feedback, measure customer satisfaction and learn how you can improve. Get ratings, visitor's screen view and sentiment feedback from customers now.


Teamspective is an employee engagement and performance management platform used by tech companies, that offers "3 unique twists": 1). Teamspective's in-Slack user experience:From data collection to receiving insights, action suggestions and 1-to-1 notes capturing, employees can do…


Beamer is a notification center and changelog that promises to help you announce important news, latest products, special offers and more.The vendor says this little announcement helper will get you up to 10x more user engagement and convert more users into paying customers.

Merchant Centric

Merchant Centric is a solution used to monitor business performance, spot operational and employee issues, plus reply to reviews for all business locations. The solution shines a light on customer feedback that impacts sales and shows all levels of management their progress at a…

Service Management Group (SMG)
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SMG is an enterprise-level experience management (XM) provider that offers a software with a service (SwaS) solution that combines technology with hands-on professional services to help organizations reduce churn and detractors and drive operational efficiencies. By delivering insights…

Customer Radar

Customer Radar aims to make customer feedback easy, actionable and insightful. Users can choose from multiple feedback channels that best suit the customers including SMS, email, QR codes, online or even printed material.

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Black Box Intelligence™, a provider of restaurant performance benchmarking, offers their experience management platform, GuestXM.™ The GuestXM™ platform helps hospitality brands to deliver best-in-class experiences by capturing omnichannel guest feedback with natural language processing…

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Managing feedback coming from various scattered sources can be a tedious task. FeedBear helps to solve this issue with one place to leave feedback. Customers can add ideas, discuss them and vote for their favorites. Users can keep them in the loop by automatic idea status change…

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Hellonext is a feature voting and changelog tool designed to improve the collection and understanding of customer feedback, and help product teams make informed decisions about feature desirability and adoption.

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A VOC software, Eyerys is a customer feedback solution for contact centres, and end-to-end customer experience programmes. It is offered by Smoke Customer Intelligence, a company that works with executives, managers and leaders to craft improved customer experience and measure objective…

Idiomatic Customer Feedback Analytics Platform

Idiomatic is Voice of Customer in a box, used by companies such as Pinterest and HubSpot. It can be used to build a voice of customer program or to look into automating an existing program.With Idiomatic, customer feedback can power the VOC to make changes that actually improve your…

AC Ideas Ultimate

A LEX-native app for managing ideas and feedback from Experience Cloud sites. It provides a structured and streamlined approach to idea management allowing organizations to enhance their products and services based on real customer needs and preferences. AC Ideas Ultimate app offers…

SurveySense by Marcom Robot

Marcom Robot Customer Feedback Tool enables users to gauge customer sentiment, quantify customer loyalty, and discover how customers really feel about products, services, or interactions with a service team. Users can build one question and multi-question surveys, collect and analyze…

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Listen360 is a customer listening solution from EverCommerce, that enables organizations to engage customers, analyze feedback in real time, and transform customers into brand advocates via social media. Through offering metrics and insights, the solution helps businesses to leverage…

Review My eLearning

Review My eLearning is an online platform for centralizing enterprises' user feedback, and to communicate with reviewers, SMEs, team members, and clients.

Working Feedback

Working Feedback is a practice feedback based service headquartered in Shedfield, Hampshire. The service is used to collect feedback, and also helps get feedback noticed by using Google optimisation, developing feeds to an associated practice website, and social media.

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Freshsurvey is a free survey software designed to ease the hardships businesses face while collecting feedback. Presented as ideal for CX and EX use cases, Freshsurvey allows users to create and deliver brand-aligned NPS, CES, CSAT and eNPS surveys, and also to analyze responses…

Learn More About Enterprise Feedback Management Software

What is Enterprise Feedback Management Software

Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) software gives businesses a centralized location to collect, manage, and analyze feedback from customers, employees, and partners. EFM software offers tools to create, distribute, and solicit surveys and turn them into actionable outcomes. EFM software also stores and secures collected results, provides analysis tools, and creates version histories so previous surveys can be recalled. They also provide tools to manage responses, including negative ones, so that bad faith responses are systematically addressed.

EFM software can be helpful in creating a holistic view of a company or product. By allowing the creation of unique surveys for a variety of target demographics, EFM software can help you gain actionable insight on the performance of your company’s services, products, and workplace culture. These products also provide analysis tools that create in-depth but easy to understand reports that can be integrated with other workflow assets. They also help build ensure partner, employee, and customer loyalty by allowing users to schedule recurring messages or survey solicitations according to their needs.

EFM software products are similar to Survey & Forms Building Tools in that they help create surveys for a variety of purposes. The major difference is that EFM software has many features under the hood to facilitate easy data collection and analysis from internal and external respondents. For example, EFM allows different surveys to be collected from employees and analyzed separately from those sent to customers, while also compiling outcomes from both surveys to create a unified dataset. EMF Software also features more robust data security features, including enhanced data masking and dynamic encryption, to protect the sensitive information of employees, customers, and shareholders.

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Features

The most common Enterprise Feedback Management software features are:

  • Survey customization
  • Target segmentation
  • Community portal management
  • Scheduled survey delivery
  • Customizable widgets and dashboards
  • Role-based permission management
  • Multiple feedback form management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Text analysis
  • Behavior analysis
  • Custom URL creation
  • CSAT, NPS, and CES support
  • Negative feedback management
  • Customer and employee health scoring
  • Win/loss analysis
  • Business intelligence tools
  • App review management
  • Chatbot creation and management
  • Question libraries and knowledge databases
  • Multi-channel data collection
  • Offline response collection
  • Third party integration

Enterprise Feedback Management Software Comparison

When choosing the best Enterprise Feedback Management software for you, consider the following:

Data type. Knowing the type of data you want to collect will be a deciding factor in the best EFM software for you. Generally speaking, all EFM options can effectively handle quantitative data collection and analysis. However, if you need more specific tools, make sure that the EFM software can accommodate. For example, InMoment specializes in tools to record and analyze qualitative data, such as sentimental analytics and negative text feedback identification.

Target audience. Knowing the respondents you are trying to reach will determine the best EFM software for you. If you are using EFM software to collect internal data, such as employee sentiment, you may be interested in a product with a single sign-on feature so that they can use their corporate credentials to access the survey. If you intend to balance responses between current customers and potential customers, you might want a product that lets you automate responses after purchases have been made while also giving you a chatbot to interact with customers on your webpage.

Mobile access. If you suspect that you may have a lot of potential respondents who use cell phones or tablets, you’ll want to make sure the EFM software you choose creates mobile-friendly surveys. This can include truncated displays, shorter questions, or large response displays.

Pricing Information

Most EFM software uses tiered subscription pricing models. At the lowest subscription tiers, EFM software tends to range between $150 and $500 per month. Vendors typically offer trials and demos.

More Resources

If you don’t know whether you need an EFM software for quantitative or qualitative data, the following resource may be helpful for you:

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Enterprise Feedback Management software do?

Enterprise Feedback Management software products create, distribute, and analyze surveys. Surveys can be segmented to reach customers, employees, or partners, and they provide analysis tools to create actionable plans.

What are the benefits of using Enterprise Feedback Management software?

Enterprise Feedback Management software can help businesses get a fully rounded view of their business by holistically collecting information about products, services, and customer and employee sentiment.

How much does Enterprise Feedback Management software cost?

Enterprise Feedback Management software starts at $150 per month at the lowest subscription tiers. Vendors offer free trials and demonstrations.