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Customer Communication Management Software

Customer Communications Management (CCM) Software Overview

What is CCM Software?

Customer communications management (CCM) software is used by businesses to manage inbound and outbound communications with customers. Many companies communicate with customers through a variety of different channels. CCM software takes all customer communications and places it in a single view for easy access.

Businesses use customer communications management software to provide consistent service across all their channels of communication. In addition to receiving customer communication, users can use CCM software to reply to customers using premade, branded templates. Outbound responses to customers can also be automated and personalized to match each customer's needs.

Like customer relationship management (CRM) software, customer communications management software focuses on providing an excellent customer experience. Unlike CRM software, however, CMM software streamlines outbound communication and enables users to respond to real-time communication more easily. CMM software also includes document security for sensitive documents that it stores. In essence, CRM focuses on creating a good general customer experience, CCM focuses on creating the best possible communication experience for customers.

Most CMM software integrates with CRM products, so many businesses opt to use both CMM software and CRM software. Using CRM and CMM enables organizations to keep a single storehouse of customer information and communications. This storehouse helps businesses to create an optimal customer experience.

CCM Software Features & Capabilities

In general CCM software offers the following features and capabilities:

  • Track inbound and outbound communications

  • Communications analytics and reporting

  • Manage contact information

  • Communications workflows

  • CRM Integration

  • Document Security

  • Personalize outbound correspondence

  • Document Template Management

  • Document Formatting and Production

  • Automated distribution of communications


Most CCM software uses a subscription pricing model, charging monthly for their services. Quotes are available on request from CCM software providers. Some vendors offer free trials, either for a limited time or with limited functionality.

Customer Communication Management Products

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Striata is a customer communication management software used to manage inbound and outbound digital communication. Striata specializes in engaging customers by sending them the information they need to receive at the right time and through the best channels.

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Isis Papyrus' customer communication management offering is a communication platform that allows for quick template and document creation. The software also includes versioning and management tools for all communication channels.

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Cincom Eloquence is a customer communication management solution designed to make communication less time consuming and provides tools for advanced document creation.

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NewGen CCM is a customer communication management solution built to help businesses communicate with customers at the right time and in the reight way using customized, personalized messages.

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Oracle Documaker is customer communication management software designed to help companies communicate with customers quickly and easily. It offers strong document creation and management tools so that users can generate correspondence or create document templates without issue.