Edmodo- Extend your classroom beyond the walls
February 11, 2014

Edmodo- Extend your classroom beyond the walls

Sarah McGuire | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Edmodo is being utilized in a number of classroom settings in both our middle and high schools. Teachers have integrated it on an individual basis as a learning management tool. The district is moving towards a 1:1 technology model, and in preparation, many teachers are experimenting with various platforms, and the implication is that a single one may be chosen for the district in the future.
  • Collaboration between students- I can have students interact in and outside of class using discussion boards, small group settings, messages, etc. Students who would be unlikely to participate in class are far more likely to in this setting, thereby allowing me access to data on their capabilities regardless of their shyness or fear of public speaking.
  • Data collection- Edmodo functions as a digital portfolio. I can access written work, assessments, gradebook entries, and a student's communication with others through this platform, and can archive it from year to year. I can compare students, or improve upon my own teaching with this data.
  • Extending the classroom environment beyond the school day- students have loved the opportunities to communicate with me and others outside of school walls. They can jump on their smart phones on the way into school and check on an assignment. They can shoot me a message if they are absent. I can run my class remotely if I am away for the day. The user interface is friendly and easy to use so students feel comfortable working with it regularly.
  • Formative assessments- the easy access to this platform for quick assessments allows me to immediately improve my teaching based on student needs.
  • Compatibility over many devices- My classroom has an iPad cart, and Edmodo became the way for my students to create content and get it on and off the machine easily. They could use it at home on computers, and on personal smart phones and other devices as well. The free aspect removed any and all barriers to access.
  • The iOS application version needs improvements in functionality. It just doesn't have everything that the web version offers. It has improved substantially this year, but still needs more capacity. I'd like to see it function better with other applications such as Drive.
  • I'd like the assessment feature to be able to be linked to standards for my viewing only. This would better help me utilize data from the assessments to target gaps in student learning.
  • The calendar has improved, but is still a bit hard to navigate, I'd like to see that more streamlined.
  • Faster grading efficiency
  • Better student accountability
  • Better communication with parents through parent access codes
  • Improved student engagement in and outside the classroom
These two platforms are similar. The user interface of Edmodo is just friendlier and more obvious to navigate, however once you are used to either interface, they both are highly functional and improve learning and engagement.
I will absolutely continue using a learning management system such as Edmodo. The only possibility for changing platforms would be to explore any new options released.
There are a few great learning management systems out there. I think Edmodo suits my 8th grade Social Studies classroom well. However, it may not be as appropriate for another subject, or perhaps for older students who need more capacity. I liked the friendly interface for middle school aged kids, but if I was teaching seniors in high school, I might lean more towards a Schoology interface for formality. I think that decision really comes down to personal preference, as the capacities and functionalities are so similar. We have had this debate in my school, and I highly recommend the use of this platform to my peers, but think the use of any similar platform could yield similar results if integrated appropriately into good teaching practice.

Product Usage

10 - Teachers
I am the support person for Edmodo in the sense that I provide professional development to peers and serve as a "go to" resource for anyone attempting to use it.
  • Classroom management
  • Assessment data collection
  • Student engagement
  • Digital portfolios
  • Teacher collaboration
  • Sharing of materials
  • When you go to district wide use, there is a cost associated. I'm not sure this is the best route.

Evaluation and Selection

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
I had iPads that were shared among students and needed a way to make an individual management system to allow students to create, submit, and access their work.
I found Edmodo using a Twitter recommendation using my Professional Learning Network on there and am happy I did!


Plan a little extra time to let them play with the platform with fun assignments. This made them comfortable submitting work, finding items, communicating with me or each other.
Not sure - There is no management by the school. Edmodo is used in district by individual teachers and integrated by them independent of school leadership.
  • Learning curve for me
  • Learning curve for students with iPad use


This is very easy. If you've ever used facebook, you won't need any directions.


If you tweet them, they respond. Their service responses via email are slow.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Difficult to get immediate help
No - The whole point of using this platform was that I had no budget to integrate anything that cost money. It had to be free for me to be able to use it.
Yes - I reported issues with the creating quizzes function and in the most recent update it has been resolved.
When I tweeted them, they got back to me immediately!


Easy to learn, mimics other social media platforms
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Discussion board
  • Creating classes, quizzes, assignments
  • Adding resources to my library to share with students.
  • Grading assessments sometimes
  • Viewing upcoming assignments
Yes - Well, but lacks all functionality of web based version