I'm pretty sure I would be lost without Google Analytics
February 03, 2016

I'm pretty sure I would be lost without Google Analytics

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I manage numerous features that Google Analytics offers on a weekly basis and report data and trends directly to our company's CEO and marketing director. I use Google Analytics to stay on top of traffic that results from all channels, including organic, direct, referral, display, pay-per-click, and social media. Our in-house marketing team looks at my findings to monitor trends and changes in our company's online marketing efforts. We are heavily invested in pay-per-click advertising through Google, Bing and Yahoo!, and Google Analytics lets me track everything relating to our ad(s) performance on a few easy-to-access screens. Google Analytics simplifies the reporting process with its intuitive interface and left sidebar drop-down options. All of our live traffic, analytic data and conversion counts are readily available when people at our company want me to access them.
  • Traffic reporting for our company's website. All channels are on one screen, and I can drill-down into each channel for a more thorough evaluation of where our traffic is coming from.
  • Excellent for pay-per-click advertising. We run close to 100 pay-per-click ads at various times, and each one is directed to a specific landing page with a call-to-action. I easily add the URL of these landing pages in our Google Analytics Goals for accurate reporting.
  • Mobile reporting. Google Analytics lets me determine our number of mobile visitors, and it provides a breakdown of mobile versus tablets, and each type of device (ex: iPhone) is also in Google Analytics reporting feature. This is extremely helpful because we are running mobile-specific ad campaigns on Google.
  • Google Analytics currently has just 20 Goals settings. While it is possible to create an additional set of 20 Goals, it would be great if up to 100 (or more) were available in one list. As it stands now, we have several "buckets" of 20 goals each, and it takes time to go from one to the other and manually count our Goal conversions, and their percentages or total conversions.
  • Email or chat support. Google Analytics is an enormous and often intimidating platform, and sometimes there are questions that need to be answered right away. Email or chat support for Google Analytics users who are spending money on pay-per-click campaigns would be a tremendous benefit.
  • Add all Google platform links within one another. Google Analytics is fantastic, but as an SEO specialist, I also need quick access to Google AdWords. I need to log into both, and if they were integrated with the same login and password, it would be far more convenient.
  • Google Analytics has helped the company I work for determine what channels needed improvement, and I created copy and content (infographics, videos, etc.) to help increase organic and referral traffic to specific landing pages and sections on our website.
  • With Google Analytics, I can analyze the landing pages that are getting the most conversions based on our pay-per-click advertising efforts. When pages are seeing good results, we increase our budget. When they are performing poorly, we adjust our messaging accordingly.
  • Google Analytics saves me an immense amount of time. I am often asked to pull reports, some of them that are quite robust, and I can do this quickly with Google Analytics.
Other SEO and traffic products simply don't compare to Google Analytics. My take on website tracking is simple: Google is the behemoth of the world wide web, and the vast majority of our company's website traffic comes from Google desktop and mobile searches. Google Analytics is the analytic engine behind the scene, so why use anything else that requires more subscriptions, more logins and data that, most likely, isn't entirely accurate?
I think Google Analytics is necessary for a business of any size, especially one that is running paid ads online. Without Google Analytics, you would not be able to see how your website is performing or identify areas that need improvement. It is an excellent platform for managing website traffic, time on site, page views, bounce rate, conversions, etc. I use just about every tool and option that Google Analytics offers, and I can tell you that I would be "left in the dark" without it.