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HubSpot Review: "Lead Generation Platform for a Non-Marketer"
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Updated April 08, 2015

HubSpot Review: "Lead Generation Platform for a Non-Marketer"

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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

  • Page manager, Love the flexibility, create pages, manipulate content, modules, YouTube integration
  • Social media integration.
  • Page performance reports.
  • Blog post framework with key word integration.
  • Keyword search tool for finding those long tail keywords.
  • The account assistant... someone you feel is on your team to help you get things to work the way you hope they will. Have really appreciated the reviews and strategy sessions to clean up confusion on the content.
  • The academy... love the learning and open support from the teaching team. Great people and wonderful expertise. Also like how you can listen later.
  • The TECH support are fricking geniuses. They have saved my butt so many times. Open to the more complex questions and the incredibly stupid ones they've probably answered ten times over. Only had one person I wouldn't want to get again. The rest... five stars.
  • I find the list tool and conversion confusing. I don't know whether this is anything Hubspot can change but my brain has trouble going from lists to clients.
  • Very hard to integrate new tech like or my audio platform. Had to subscribe to which is a pain in the butt, expensive and doesn't do a fraction of what I want it to do. Rather than apps, it would be great to be able to insert HTML. or integrate using the geniuses at tech support. This is very frustrating because once again I have bits of marketing technology without integration.
  • Design is the only other area that is tricky. My original design comes out lumpy somehow. I'd love to be able to color adjust the frame of the site which shouldn't require a list. I also need to learn more about the auto-responder and stuff I might have to pay a whole lot more money on... when I still haven't made money on what i have now.
  • Probably more hand holding to monetizing the site. I know there are genius wizards out there but I don't seem to be one of them. Sadly.
  • I personally would like to see a cleaner way to navigate. Some pages just aren't as clearly visible as I'd hoped. Could well be the design of my website.
  • Not much progress in the year and a half. The good news is that i have cleaned up the site.
  • Leads haven't increased.
  • Clarity on what I offer has improved.
  • Still not making back the investment. Yet.
I've have worked hard on the site and still haven't seen the kind of traffic I'd hoped for. Mind you, I haven't been blogging as much as I should have. The increase in cost really took me by surprise. $1000 for 3 months with no ROI after 1.5 years is steep. I will most likely hang in to hopefully gain from the publication of a book I am working on to drive traffic, but it is pricey.
Ask about integration of services you are already using to see how they work with Hubspot. That will avoid some awkward and inconvenient surprises.

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