HubSpot is the SPOT to be for Marketing Automation/Inbound Marketing
Updated March 18, 2015

HubSpot is the SPOT to be for Marketing Automation/Inbound Marketing

Scott Hoover | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

HubSpot is being used by the Marketing Department for both marketing our own company as well as assisting our clients with marketing their businesses. HubSpot addresses so many problems in relation to data flow and pre-purchase nurturing. Marketing for us was traditionally outbound for pre-sale efforts with some post-sale nurturing through other platforms. By integrating HubSpot with our website we are able to easily create landing pages, forms, content, and CTAs. This data is then fed into the system and we are able to accurately check the performance of specific campaigns and portions of campaigns, which helps us make better decisions for changes and future efforts.
  • Creating landing pages. The HubSpot software is the best WYSIWYG/CMS that I have used to date. I'd say it's more flexible and accurate than WordPress, which I'd considered the most user-friendly CMS available.
  • Tracking user activity. Traditionally, we would not know what users are doing when they are on the website due to the anonymity of Google Analytics. With just a little bit of info from the user and the cookie(s) placed on their device(s), we can now track their activity both on-site as well as emails from HubSpot. This gives enormous value to marketers as you can target specific individuals or types of users based on their activity.
  • Marketing automation made easy. In the past, software wasn't so comprehensive. Usually we would have to use multiple platforms with custom integration in order to set up automation. Now, everything is done using one platform, making is unbelievably easy to set up automated marketing campaigns.
  • I think HubSpot could improve their pricing structure. There is a huge gap between the basic and professional versions and let's be honest, HubSpot's value lies in the pro version. It's much harder for me to sell the product to customers when they have to invest nearly $10k up front rather than $2400 up front for the basic.
  • The system is still glitchy at times and can freeze up or not save changes being made to content in the system. This has gotten better over time but it is still an issue at times.
  • HubSpot's landing pages exist on a subdomain instead of the regular domain. This causes issues with customers who are obsessed with their SEO and think it's hurting them by being set up this way. I know it's not an issue but customers think it is.
  • HubSpot absolutely helps both us and our customers establish business objectives. The beauty of HubSpot is not only the software but the educational process that goes with it. HubSpot helps ask the "why" or "why not" questions to businesses who have been doing marketing unsuccessfully. Before you even get started in HubSpot, it forces companies to think about their target audiences, sales process, marketing efforts, personnel tasks, and more.
  • HubSpot increases efficiency for the less web-savvy marketers who may not know how to, or have access to, create landing pages, forms, and CTAs. Instead of bothering web developers or other employees to create pages and forms, HubSpot allows them to be created by just about anybody. Now marketing employees can execute faster and business is more efficient.
  • Lead conversion increased due to the "all-in-one" nature of the system because no longer do multiple systems need to integrate and share data, leaving room for gaps/errors. Since everything is done through HubSpot, like Landing pages and automated emails, it's very hard to make a mistake creating a campaign.
The system just works and combined with the support (both documentation and actual employees), it's a no-brainer to stick with HubSpot. It not only helps you become better at HubSpot, but better marketers overall. Customers reap the benefits of the knowledge shared in the community, which keeps them happy, and us happy.
HubSpot is great for businesses who have a longer, more educational sales process. If a company is selling widgets that are a one-time or quick purchase, HubSpot won't be the best fit. Marketing automation is designed to make businesses more efficient and the sales process easier, but if the process is already easy then there's no need for a system like this.