I wouldn't do Social Media Customer Care without Khoros Care
Updated March 16, 2022

I wouldn't do Social Media Customer Care without Khoros Care

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Overall Satisfaction with Khoros Care (Formerly Spredfast + Lithium)

If you're looking to respond to and help customers on social media, then you MUST use Khoros Care.

As someone who has used other tools, nothing closely compares to Khoros Care. Other solutions claim to do Social Media Customer Care, but that doesn't mean you'd be able to do it in an efficient manner or gather the valuable data points that you need. With Khoros Care, you're able to quickly and easily engage with customers using low-effort functions that allow you to simply reply and move on to the next social mention, while automatically tracking valuable data points.

It's hard to describe how strong the software is without explaining why it's core functions matter. With Social Media Customer Care, there are quite a few factors that mean a lot to both customers and companies:

Scalable Support - allowing you to have interactions with many individual customers with the least amount of headcount/resources.
Quality of Interaction - you want people to prefer Social Media to contact you because it's simply so much more cost-effective, and an opportunity to connect with customers in a way that is meaningful.
Data - "What are people saying" is going to be a question you're going to be asked many times a day. You need to have answers.
Customer Satisfaction - If it doesn't make your customers happy, then why are you doing it?
Employee/Agent Satisfaction - If the people helping your customers aren't happy, then you're forcing them to fake their way into positive experiences, and customers can tell.

Allow me to break down how Khoros Care addresses all of these needs.

Scalable Support

The entire Agent Experience is optimized for efficiency. With one click you have claimed a social case, assign it to yourself, and the text box is actively ready for you to type.

One Single Click.

When you expect people to do this hundred, sometimes thousand times a day, taking something from 4 clicks (if you're lucky) to a single click really matters. I don't want to pay people to click - I want to pay people to talk to customers.

With Support Ticketing, you will have your agents constantly filling out forms with case information. Categorizing issue types, case details, resolutions, associated kb documents, etc. Almost everything you need is done automatically. Tracking issue types? Automated Tagging solves this for you. Time to resolution? Automatic. When you're ready to close a case, one-click to select the close option, one-click to choose why it's being closed, type the resolution and then click close. Also, you can have it configured to automatically survey customers directly on social media x amount of time after case closure.

All the information on previous interactions with the customer is right there for you to see, as well as their social profiles. It's a simple interface that shows you only exactly what you need.

Quality of Interaction

If you're not able to have white glove service for all your customers, then you're better off hiding your customer interactions behind ticketing systems. Social Customer Care needs to be where you let your company shine and show your customers that you love them. Using Khoros Care enables you to do that.

While your Social Support Agent is interacting with your customers, they have access to suggested KB documents, the direct context of their Social Conversation (see who they were replying to, and what the previous person said), as well as the whole conversation stitched together so that all the information to provide a good experience is there for you.

And because all the information for the interaction is there, you can share these social cases between multiple social support agents so that a customer can get a reply no matter who is logged in or on shift.

When you cut back on the navigation and complexity of a lot of the other tools out there, you allow your social support agents to focus more on providing a good experience, and that is a huge benefit with working with Khoros Care.


Not only do you have access to an entire analytics platform with all key KPIs, First/Subsequent Response Time, Response SLA %, CSAT, Volume Metrics (Whole Cases and Individual Responses), Handle Times, Issue Types, Sentiment Conversion (one of the most important metrics), etc, available both on a desktop/laptop and on mobile devices, but you also have access to create rich monitor walls to display those stats on the support floor or if you're really good, in the lobby.

Most data is collected automatically, which leaves little room for error. You can also export data through APIs to plug into your other reporting systems. Need to share on Tableau? Easy to do. Need to send a regular report? You can have it done automatically. Want to take a look at the data and make your own reports? You can export a CSV of all data and crunch it yourself.

You don't need a data expert to explain things. Everything is easy to understand.

Customer Satisfaction

Khoros Care allows you to quickly interact with customers. From the moment they tweet to the moment, it is visible in just seconds. Direct Messages are even quicker. I've used tools that have an up-to 15-minute delay. You need to be able to reply within a couple of minutes or the customer is already moving on.

One of the key factors is also proactive listening. You can enter in your brand keywords and if someone mentions your brand, but doesn't mention your social handle, that mention will come into your system allowing you to reply to your customers before reaching out to them. As someone who has been at the frontlines reaching out to customers, I can tell you that very few, if any, will not welcome it. In fact, it's a huge driver for customer satisfaction. The quicker you help customers and get them to a solution, the happier they are. This is a fact within Support, and is also true with Social Support.

As mentioned before, you can also survey customers automatically, and gather feedback. I stay away from NPS, but you can do NPS, CSAT, and formulate the questions how you'd like. I recommend surveying for CSAT and asking how the customers felt about their interaction on Social Support. That way, you can compare CSAT across multiple channels.

Also, never again will a customer fall between the cracks. If the customer doesn't reply, you can have it assigned back to someone so they can decide if they reach out again or close it.

Employee/Agent Satisfaction

Because everything is easy to use, your agents will be able to reach out to more people. Because they're able to focus on the quality of their interactions, they will be more meaningful interactions. And, because they're more meaningful, and quick, you will have happy customers. Happy customers will express their happiness with your agent, and they will have that instant gratification and motivation to keep going. Multiply that by hundreds of times a day, and you've got a team that loves what they do.

I've used other tools that brought down team morale. Constant problems and reconfigurations. I used Khoros Care at one company with roughly 15 team members, handling tens of thousands of cases a month, and I had the highest employee satisfaction score of any leader at the company (+95%). A lot of it may have to do with my leadership style, but considering they spent 100% of their time in this tool, it didn't hurt to have a good working experience too.

The team loved doing what they were doing, and Khoros Care helped enable that.
  • Simplified UI with a Powerful Backend
  • Share Data with Anyone
  • Highly Scalable
  • Some configuration is done on the backend - would like to see more advanced configuration brought to the frontend.
  • Able to achieve a cost-per-case that was 1/18th of what it was on other support channels.
  • Maintained 4.9 CSAT (98%)
  • Response Time under 4 minutes
  • 100% Employee Retention
Honestly, Khoros Care makes my job easy and easy for my team, with results that matter. I will continue to use it as long as I work in Social Care.
I used Khoros Care with 5 team members, 15 team members, and eventually 30 team members. Each time it scaled perfectly, while also increasing the number of cases per agent, while also maintaining employee satisfaction.
Implementation is fairly quick. There are implementation specialists that will help you configure it to your strategy. If you know what you want, it can be done even quicker. Khoros is there to help every step of the way.
All of these tools claim to handle Social Care, and some may do an okay job at it. However, Khoros Care was developed with the agent experience and customer experience in mind, and with scalability in mind. It's very clear that one tool is superior above all, and that others are simply trying to copy a solution that beat them to market.

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Monitoring Social Media for Customer/Prospect mentions, reaching out to them, interacting with them beyond just one reply, providing answers to questions, reporting on all activity, and creating loyal customers through helpful support experiences.