All the information, all in one place
September 29, 2020

All the information, all in one place

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Overall Satisfaction with Kustomer

Kustomer is used in our company exclusively for customer service inquiries. It allows us to gather all points of customer contact (phone, email, chat, and social media channels) into one location to properly assess contact volume. It also filters all contacts from one customer, regardless of the channel, onto one page, so our agents have the most up-to-date information possible. This reduces duplicate contacts and helps them give relevant and accurate assistance.
  • All customer data (past orders, communication with customer service, rewards account data) is in one place. This helps agents avoid confusion and reduces the number of tabs they need to open.
  • The Knowledge Base (or K Base) is very helpful. Any time we roll out a new policy or have a limited-time promotion, we can add all the relevant information and worksheets there for the convenience of the agents. That way they can stay in a chat while looking up the answer to a question.
  • We can seamlessly move from chat into email if the customer leaves or the queue times are too long. All the interactions will stay on the customer profile page, so they are kept up to date.
  • Kustomer is great because no chats are abandoned, even if the customer leaves we are still able to convert those contacts into email. Unfortunately, this also means that the ability to analyze abandoned chat data (in order to better distribute CS agents) is extremely limited.
  • In general, the reporting functionality is not very intuitive. I would recommend requesting a lot of help when setting up your customized reports as you will not have visibility on all data feeding into a report without outside help.
  • Reporting numbers change day to day. This means that if you are creating a report or reviewing data you will need to wait at least 24 hours before pulling data.
  • We are able to easily compare agent productivity with their CSAT scores, in order to improve and educate as each agent requires.
  • This platform is also less expensive than most of the other options we were interested in.
We have a high percentage of customers who will reach out multiple times about the same issue. In the past, on other platforms, this meant that their old emails were being answered first, but we had no visibility into new information that was being added. With Kustomer we are able to be much more efficient, closing out old, irrelevant contacts and only addressing the most recent concerns of the customer.
With Kustomer, we have been able to incorporate data and direct links to our order processing system, as well as our rewards system and the product pages on our website. This helps reduce the number of tabs an agent needs to have open and helps keep them engaged with the customer even when they are researching.
Agent collision has been reduced to virtually zero through Kustomer. The only exception being Kustomer's tool to "merge customers" and "merge conversations" in the case of a customer reaching out with different names, emails, or phone numbers. If an agent is working on one conversation and another agent has a different conversation open from the same person, but they have not yet realized they are both the same person then there can be confusion once those two are merged together. Thankfully this cannot be done unless the agent specifically selects the option to merge them.
I would say this has not really changed the way we do business at all. The order appearing as an object in Kustomer is helpful, but the updates are not always in real-time, so this is not a factor for us.
I build the majority of our weekly and monthly reports directly in Kustomer. They are hugely customizable, but I have found that they are not very intuitive and I often require assistance from our account manager to get the results I want. The contact volume data also changes as conversations are resolved, so you need to update your numbers frequently.
Kustomer is a great fit for our organization because we can cut down on multiple contacts from the same customer and see all their information in one place. It's also infinitely customizable, so if we need changes made we can make them while still using the same platform. This helps us maintain consistency in data analysis and archived customer contacts. We want to help foster a relationship with customers over the years, and all their info is in one place to refer back to.
After using both Salesforce and Five9, I prefer using Kustomer. While the issues gathering reporting data are frustrating at times, it offers a level of flexibility that makes it almost infinitely customizable. If you have a picture in your mind of the perfect platform to assist customers, you can mold Kustomer into whatever you want it to be. This freedom is wonderful, but if you are looking for more guidance it can be a bit much to wade through.

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