Mailchimp is best at what it's name suggests - email!

Overall Satisfaction with MailChimp

We use Mailchimp to handle all of our email newsletters that go out to various lists we have which includes both B2B and B2C customers. It is our main resource for being in touch with all of our customers and interested parties. We also use integrations to connect our Mailchimp account with our website provider as well as some social channels in order to provide opportunities for people to sign up for our mailing list. Mailchimp also provides an easy to use service for creating ads on social media networks like Facebook and Instagram. We use this occasionally and it works very well.
  • Mailchimp, as the name suggests, excels at email. The platform is easy to use, has templates that make getting started easy and looks incredibly professional. The terminology is made simple so that anyone can understand what is necessary at each phase of crafting emails and deciding on what features to use (or not use).
  • List management with Mailchimp is very easy. There are multiple ways to create or add to lists - name sand email addresses can be added manually; a csv file can be uploaded and integrated into a list; users can sign up and add themselves via sign up forms on websites and social media; and, my personal favorite is the Subscribe app that Mailchimp offers. For companies that want to add people to their lists from on-site locations like a trade show or expo, the app allows people to add their name and email and then automatically syncs that info with a predetermined list.
  • One thing that Mailchimp does that, in my opinion, is better than many other email providers is their free option. Many other providers will give you 30 or 60 days free to try out their platform. What Mailchimp does is allow you to use their service completely free up to 2000 (or maybe 2500, I don't remember) people on your lists. So for small companies that are just starting out and growing their lists, they can use Mailchimp for as long as they want until they go above that 2000 limit. There's no time limit.
  • Mailchimp's Help, FAQ and knowledge-base section is INCREDIBLY deep. So much so that sometimes each article or question answer leads to another one, and then another one, so much so that the actual answer you are looking for can actually seem pretty complex. That may or may not necessarily be Mailchimp's fault as it depends on what kind of answers one is looking for. And, while much of the time, the answers are very clear, I've found that occasionally some answers or articles are not necessarily so easy to understand.
  • During the entire GDPR "countdown" I found it hard to navigate what the requirements were and how I could make sure I was in compliance. I assumed that Mailchimp would have an extensive explanation of how to take care of it. While they did provide some resources, I found them not very helpful. I did reach out to their support team and all I got back was an answer directing me to the same articles that weren't clear enough to begin with. For a company that does good job of taking complicated processes and lingo and turning them into a completely doable tasks, I found the support to be lacking in this instance. Who knows wha that means for things like this in the future, but it was an example where I was not happy with the support provided.
  • This is more of a pet peeve, but when editing an email certain functions are not editable the way I wish they'd be. For example, if I want to add an image group of three pictures to an email, Mailchimp allows to choose from a few different options in how those images are laid out. Those options are not always enough. I find myself sometimes wanting more options to choose from.
  • Our email campaigns are integral to generating B2C sales. Mailchimp allows us to reach our subscriber audience and get product info and sale or discount info out to our customers. One sale can cover the cost of Mailchimp for that month. Good ROI.
  • The analytics data that Mailchimp provides on email and advertising campaigns is very in depth (but still easy to understand and digest). It gives great insight so that future campaigns can be tailored to the different lists accordingly. Once again, it provides a good ROI.
  • We see a substantial uptick in traffic to our site after sending emails with Mailchimp. I imagine this is usually the case with any email service but our web platform allows us to see where traffic is coming from and our emails do well. On days when our email go out traffic can go up by 3-400%.
As I've already mentioned, Mailchimp is absolutely fantastic for email communication between your business and your customers/subscribers. Especially if you're just getting started, Mailchimp is a no brainer. You don't have to worry about making sure to utilize the platform enough times in 30 days before your trial period runs out. The fact that they allow you to use the platform completely free up to 2000 subscribers is a big plus in my book. This is a better way to give people and businesses a chance to see if this platform is the right one for them.

Mailchimp also has an Automations feature which can be used very cleverly. Its a way to interact with your subscribers via email without actually having to do anything. You set the emails up once and then the automation takes over, intelligently sending out emails to people based on their behaviors and interactions with your campaigns. Great stuff. For example, if you send out a welcome email to new subscribers, Mailchimp can automatically send out different follow up emails to those subscribers based on whether they didn't open it up, opened it o clicked on a link in the email.

Mailchimp Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
Email deliverability reporting
List management
Triggered drip sequences
Standard reports