See How NinjaRMM Chops Up The Competition
Updated September 21, 2020

See How NinjaRMM Chops Up The Competition

Paul Li | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with NinjaRMM

We just starting using NinjaRMM for our entire company. We've deployed it in our Los Angeles & Manila offices. We will be deploying it in our Amsterdam office as well. Our current computer consultant recommended NinjaRMM as a way of tracking operating system updates. As a fringe benefit it comes with Vipre antivirus software & TeamViewer.
  • NinjaRMM provides a web portal where all computers including servers installed with the NinjaRMM agent can be managed. From this web portal the administrator can track the health of all computers in the organization. Policies can be created to deploy operating system updates and Vipre antivirus installation.
  • The NinjaRMM agent comes with TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a great way for admin staff to remotely establish a connection and troubleshoot problems on any computer with internet access.
  • The NinjaRMM agent also monitors various activities on computers with this agent installed. An email notification is automatically sent out to the administrator when any of the following events occur: a computer is turned on & comes on-line, software programs are installed or removal, a virus or malware attack is detected and quarantined.
  • NinjaRMM's web portal, though rich with a number of features already, can use additional improvements. For example, there currently is not a method to show a list of all devices grouped by category such as all servers first, workstations next & etc. Though you can select the filter option to see just workstations or just servers, you cannot see them both separated on the same list. NinjaRMM's web portal does provide an option to manually rename each device so that you can name workstations to begin with a letter like "W-" and servers to begin with a letter like "S-". Then you can see a list with everything sorted alphabetically.
  • Though the NinjaRMM web portal provides a list of all devices installed with the agent as turned on labeled as "connected", there isn't a column feature where you can sort all devices that are turned on vs off.
  • Including TeamViewer in the RMMTools agent is an excellent addition. But since a device will need to be on for TeamViewer to remote in, there doesn't seem to be an easy method to force a computer to be turned on for monitoring.
  • NinjaRMM has provided an excellent ROI for our Architectural office. With a single tool that also includes an antivirus software called Vipre, all the devices including servers & workstations can be monitored and protected from attacks.
  • NinjaRMM includes a programmed called TeamViewer. With TeamViewer the IT staff can remotely access computers outside the office to troubleshoot problems encountered. As long as the remote computer has an internet access, our IT staff can see the computer as if they're sitting at that location. This saves so much time and reduce costs for our IT staff to have to travel to the location to fix the problem.
  • NinjaRMM offers a web portal interface to monitor all devices from a single location. This saves the IT staff time from having to go before each computer to review its health & operating system updates.
NinjaRMM is much better than other competitors we've used before called Kaseya. Usually those competitors only provide device monitoring features without a way to defend against virus attacks. NinjaRMM comes with antivirus protection called Vipre. Vipre provides protection both on workstations as well as your network servers. There's no need to purchase additional virus protection programs.
In using NinjaRMM's web portal, I'm able to create a custom filter to see a particular software that has been installed on the computers. Then I can uninstall the software from the computer. Unfortunately, there currently isn't an option to select all the computers with the software to uninstall. I would have to select one computer at a time to remove the software found.