ON24 is great and we are excited for future improvements
Updated December 02, 2022

ON24 is great and we are excited for future improvements

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Overall Satisfaction with ON24

On24 is used by 3 of our departments to deliver webcasts to our members. ON24 allows our company to provide high quality webcasts that our members enjoy. We also take advantage of the E Hub which provides us the ability to offer mini conferences to customers. We get access to analytics immediately after events.
  • EHUB
  • Email notifications
  • Analytics
  • Need more robust features
  • Ease of use compared to zoom is lacking
  • Cheaper add ons
  • Quality webinars
  • Increased engagement
  • Quick turnaround time for building ehub page
Integrate with CRM/marketing automation software
tested go live to see difference between it and ehub
We are able to offer high quality webinars, which would have been in person events.
Many add ons like captioning and new breakout rooms, but add ons are expensive.
Not as versatile or robust, but the listed apps are easier to use for our departments.

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For webcasts with limited interaction between speaker and attendee, ON24 is great. It is also great for us to provide 1 day conferences. When we have smaller groups of users, who should be able to speak in webcasts, we must use other platforms. There are also no breakout rooms available.

ON24 Feature Ratings

Audience polling
Branding options
Integration to Marketing Automation
Participant roles & permissions
Confidential attendee list
Calendar integration
Record meetings / events
Event registration

ON24 and Communications During a Pandemic

Compared to Zoom, navigating through the platform is in the words of our users 'daunting' until they get used to it. I needed help for a few weeks to learn the platform.
  • Customer training
  • Product Marketing
  • Other

Using ON24

20 - IT, chapter coordinators, project manager, regulatory dept., professional development dept.
4 - desktop support, HTML, graphics design, end user support
  • Marketing our programs
  • Training our members
  • One day conferences
  • EHUB extensiveness
  • Marketing ability
  • Breakout rooms are critical
  • Virtual Conference platform
  • EHUB grouped content for multi day conferences
Some features that we require are quite expensive. Upcoming breakout rooms may need to continue on our Zoom platform since purchasing features like breakouts are too high priced. I give ON24 a solid 8 because our company is able to use the webcasts, EHUB and analytics to run webinars that are very successful.

Evaluating ON24 and Competitors

Yes - Zoom, Adobe Connect
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
We know the premium product was associated with a high price tag but ON24 worked with us for a feasible solution. We liked the interface and modification ability, marketing tools, and general functionality.
We would have looked into whether the call to action feature is feasible as a breakout rooms options. We didn't get a chance to play with a trial version because it wasn't available but that would have helped our stakeholders determine whether ON24 is suitable for our organization more than Zoom. We have been able to make ON24 work for much of our needs but some in the organization still prefer Zoom.

ON24 Implementation

There were many errors we needed to work on before fully understanding how to use ON24 and maximize its advantage to us
Yes - We used Elite studio first and then gradually moved to using EHUB
Change management was a major issue with the implementation - Some departments were not satisfied with what they had been sold by ON24 and they needed to make major changes to many processes such as registration integration with our CRM system, email notifications when events changed, slides uploads sine they were familiar with screen share options via Zoom. I needed to learn much about the platform before implementation
  • Email notifications hassle when events were modified or cancelled
  • Slides upload continue to get stuck
  • Slides uploaded needed to be adjusted in PPT app

ON24 Training

Most points of relevance were covered as far as I can remember.
We figured out ON24 by trial and failure. Online training was limited for the complications involved with hosting different types of webinars but there is only so much training that can be done, which is understandable.
It was moderately difficult because there are so many part to Elite Studio. I would recommend that an ON24 rep stay in constant contact with the company to ensure smooth transition into the platform.

Configuring ON24

Configuration is a bit complex and one must become accustomed to the platform before being able to configure properly. One example of too complex are the build size measurements: our graphics department, just this week, had to spend hours configuring EHUB banner to the correct specs are were unable to make the picture fit without whitespace. I believe ON24 should have a graphics department team to adjust image sizes for our company if our team is unable since our team is busy with various marketing projects.
There are so many parts to configure for a robust audience experience. There isn't a best practice but double checking event configuration and reaching our to ON24 support to confirm helps in limiting mistakes.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - Once accustomed to the platform, customizing the interface can be easy but there are many moving parts to consider as event details change.
Some - we have added small pieces of custom code - HTML code to adjust templates is easy if one is familiar with HTML

ON24 Support

There are a couple of support staff who are very excellent in providing immediate assistance and understand the platform and nuances of technical aspects of on24 extremely well, but I also deal with support staff who don't understand my concerns and take hours to respond with solutions that may or may not meet our needs. General support is proactive in responses but do not escalate issues for me, rather asking me to submit technical tickets myself, which can add to frustration, if I have already reached out to support. Chat support is not worth my time since the individuals are not technical or qualified in my opinion and I always have to submit tickets for appropriate answers.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Problems left unsolved
Escalation required
We purchased premium for one event and we thought that the 'help' was overpriced and underqualified to help. When called upon, they were not in a position to assist. All of our support staff, in my opinion, is more trustworthy than premium support for an event. We will not be purchasing premium for a future event.
Yes - There are a few bugs associated with the web interface; the most annoying one is the email notification typing cursor which always defaults to the title of the email, despite my wanted to type into the body of the email. I reported this to staff who told me to submit a ticket regarding it; I believe that they should have escalated the issue to their developer. There are a number of bugs when ON24 is beta testing new features.
A particular technical support representative/ platform support individual, took my closed captioning inquiry very seriously and helped adjust all the time codes manually. I normally ask our captioning company to do this now, but at that time the fact that the individual went above and beyond in resolving my issue was refreshing and I am always happiest to work with that individual.

Using ON24

From the user perspective, we have heard the words 'overwhelmed' and 'daunting' when our speakers are using Elite Studio. As for our tech support side, it took us months to figure out full functionality and we are still learning the intricacies of ON24 when it comes to EHUB, Elite and analytics.
Like to use
Well integrated
Feel confident using
Requires technical support
Slow to learn
Lots to learn
  • Elite Studio
  • EHUB design
  • Reporting access
  • Slides upload
  • Closed captioning file upload post event
  • Chat function availability setting
Yes - Needs improvement. Our audiences have stated that they prefer being on a desktop/laptop since functionality is much more limited in the mobile interface. There is no app and access is done via Chrome browser for mobile. Not all attendees enjoy using Chrome but they are required to for accessing ON24. Mobile is very difficult to use when an event is being captioned since captions are not integrated into the media player when live.

ON24 Reliability

ON24 performs very well when customizations are complete. Audience members are often happy with their experience in webcasts and on EHUB. Analytics are very extensive.
There are no unplanned outages and despite some glitches, I can always rely on ON24 to allow for webcasts and conferences.

Integrating ON24

There are no problems with integration that I have personally seen.
  • CRM
  • Streamtext Captioning software
  • Captionedtext software
Not difficult from the on24 side. We needed to use our 3rd party company to integrate CRM to sync with ON24 registration. Captioning software is easy to integrate to ON24 as well.
  • Zoom for breakouts
We plan on using call to action for breakout room purposes
  • File import/export
  • Single Signon
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
Captioning tools
Ensure that any manual work is always accounted for; ie) CRM system always requires event ID from ON24 so ensure that settings are always aligned

Relationship with ON24

ON24 was easy to work with but it was unfortunate that they did not provide a trial version. ON24 contacted us and assisted us with questions often. They did not understand what breakout rooms were (August 2020) and offered the call to action solution which is not very feasible, despite our first impression being that the feature was available after having spoken with the developer.
Staff is easy going and often proactive. Our director dealt with the vendor pre and post sales and enjoyed working with ON24.
Pricing and platform availability
Ensure clarification on all points to be noted in application being able to meet business requirements

Upgrading ON24

Yes - There are glitches because it is a web based software. When we upgraded to Elite Studio from PMXD we found that the interface usability was much easier and more modernized.
  • Modernization
  • Less manual work for users to adjust settings
  • Easier to navigate (Media Player)
  • Breakout rooms
  • Easier navigation of Elite Studio
  • Better integration with CRM