Science Logic: Versatile Network Monitoring for CSPs
March 30, 2019

Science Logic: Versatile Network Monitoring for CSPs

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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic

Science Logic is the monitoring and management backbone of Opus Interactive. We use it to monitor all the devices in our network and to alert us of any events, status changes, device availability, disk usage, and more. We also use it to give our customers a view into what we do for them by providing them with dashboards that visualize the data Science Logic is collecting for their specific devices. Not only do we use it internally for monitoring, but we also provide it as a service through our Monitoring as a Service program for customers. In other words, not only do we use Science Logic from an operations standpoint, but also as a product that we resell. We also use it to keep track of our assets and make sure that we have everything documented. All of our clients are listed, all the devices are listed, and all of our internal ticketing is performed within Science Logic. From the events that Science Logic generates, our systems and network administrators create tickets to keep track of changes across our environment.
  • Science Logic provides a kiosk that makes it very easy to keep an eye on all the events currently happening in the environment. All events are able to be tweaked, and even automation rules can be configured to escalate alerts through notifications in case nobody has acknowledged the alert.
  • Science Logic provides lots of packs for many devices out in the market. This makes it very easy to configure diverse devices for monitoring their difference aspects correctly.
  • Themes can be created based on DNS regex which makes it great to personalize EM7 to not only your own company but whatever company you are reselling the service to.
  • Ticket templates make it easy to generate and create audit tickets, maintenance requests, and more through the system for easy tracking and consistency among tickets.
  • Some devices do not monitor correctly. For example, it might be reporting that CPU usage on a particular device is high when it's actually not. This depends on the power pack and version of EM7.
  • The interface is a little bit on the dated side. It's not hard to use, but could definitely be modernized.
  • Science Logic takes a lot of time to fine tune. Expect to spend many hours tweaking and performing iterative tasks to get it to where you want it.
  • Science Logic polls every 5 minutes, so we are made aware of issues and events within a very short window.
  • Through per device ticket tracking, we are able to complete compliance tasks quickly by using filters to pull required evidence.
The level of visibility in our environment improved greatly. Instead of having to rely on many different management systems and interfaces, we now use a single application to view and monitor our entire infrastructure, both physical and virtual. Using the event kiosk, we are able to view a single screen for any alert generated by devices, availability, or even vCenter events.
We are able to resell Science Logic as a Monitoring as a Service tool to other companies which allowed us to expand our business and provide yet another service offering. Through the dashboards, we are also able to provide additional services to customers by allowing them to not only monitor the servers/services they have with Opus, but their private infrastructure as well.
Through the event monitoring, we were able to automate the identification of issues. Through the ticket templates, we were able to improve our workflow's consistency. Science Logic has also allowed us to automate escalations. If an alert hasn't been acknowledged, notifications are sent to designated members of the team.
  • Creating dashboards that allow us to visualize what is happening in real time allows for some very innovative ways of looking at your environment, including viewing it from a service standpoint instead of a device standpoint.
  • Using scripting, we are able to perform escalations, perform tasks, and more.
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Science Logic is great for a company that needs a single pane of glass into their environment. It provides lots of information, allows for per device ticket tracking, and asset management. It's well suited for dashboards that give you basically real-time information regarding the environment. It is great for managing infrastructure, physical or virtual.