ScienceLogic at a Glance
April 20, 2019

ScienceLogic at a Glance

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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic

Fleetcor is utilizing ScienceLogic to consolidate and standardize of tools and processes, for automation, tool integration for decision making and event/incident management, and for executive operations (NOC), and security operations (SOC) dashboards.
  • We use ScienceLogic for its ability to integrate easily with ServiceNow and many other tools.
  • One of the many strengths we leverage in ScienceLogic is to perform several automated tasks that do event management, data collection, and status updates for incident creation and data collection for decision making.
  • We utilize ScienceLogic for building dashboards. ScienceLogic allows the flexibility to utilize the dashboard of other tools that can share/export their information as a dashboard.
  • Dashboards, while simple, could do better with dynamic content.
  • The IDE interface is nothing I would write home to mom about.
  • ScienceLogic has helped us with finding and managing many problems. We used to take application outages due to file system issues from not cleaning log files. That is no longer a problem. In our world, a small problem such as a file system can take down a server that generates thousands of dollars per hours.
  • ScienceLogic helped us prioritize our business environments and understand the impact of things going down.
  • We were able to utilize the IT Services configuration to break out our environment into an organized view which aligned with our business.
  • That has been a major benefit getting the naming conventions between IT and Business aligned.
Yes - Spectrum, Bigbrother, Netcool, and SolarWinds.
Our visibility across our business environments has improved greatly. It has also helped us resolve and find issues we face due to technical debt. When performing our ScienceLogic deployment we broke systems and applications into IT Services. Interviewing the people who were a part of the business, developer, and administrative teams helped us uncover data about our business environments that were unknown and incorrect.
We utilize ScinceLogic's ability to integrate with a large number of tools used to manage parts of our environment. Many of these tools are specialized in their function and until ScienceLogic, we didn't have any ability to get the view we have now. This has helped IT better support the business by maximizing uptime, as well as, find and head off capacity issues before they become a problem.
We utilize automation and workflow processes in many ways. One way that has really helped us out is with the integrations between ScienceLogic and ServiceNow. We are able to respond to events which may result in the automated process resolving the event, or collecting enough information that the technical people reading the data can quickly identify what is wrong and take action.
  • We utilize ScienceLogic to help process and respond to security events. Many of the automation processes are utilizing logic to identify if the event is real or not. If the event is real, the automation process can take actions based on the event.
  • We utilize ScienceLogic to monitor our sites, track response times, and alert if anything is abnormal.
Nagios, Netcool, HP Openview/Node manager, and SolarWinds.
ScienceLogic has done a great job at simplifying many things. ScienceLogic's power has really allowed us to get control and better manage our environment quickly. One of the biggest use cases for us was the simplicity of integration with so many things. It gave us the ability to pull data from so many different things and manage the events they created. With that, we were able to correlate and analyze data that helps us get ahead of problems, not catch up to them.