ROI? Because you empowered your customers to make powerful decisions!
January 28, 2014

ROI? Because you empowered your customers to make powerful decisions!

Nick McLawhorn | TrustRadius Reviewer
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At Thomson FindLaw, I used multiple SEOmoz tools to build a report that showed our customers the opportunities they had in the effectiveness of their law firms website(s). This report become one of the most powerful and effective tools the company ever used to gain new customers. SEOmoz was vital in helping us gather and present complicated data in a digestible manner to an audience that has little to no experience in marketing.
  • The individual tools are extremely easy to use and understand - by breaking them out individually, it allows users to find very specific data points to use to make decisions. This allows for a deeper and more precise view into the performance of your online marketing vehicles.
  • The development of the APIs was a huge step in scaling SEOmoz's expertise - this allowed us to build a set of data tools around KPIs that were important to our customers, and allowed the sales team and customers to quickly identify strengths and weaknesses in their digital marketing efforts.
  • Visual keys - along with the simplicity of use of the tools, the visuals built in allow the story to unfold for an audience that normally would get confused and turn off due to a lack of clarity and understanding of the online behaviors.
  • After detailing how I like the individuals tools, there are times when I would like to have the option to bundle 2-4 tools and run a single request for a digital property to get that 30,000ft quickly.
  • ROI - the report built for our sales force an astronomical ROI: a tool that cost company less than $100,000 for the year generated tens of millions in revenue. Being able to present KPIs in an easy to understand format allows the decision makers to make those decisions confidently.
  • And those confident decision makers means that the sales cycle is drastically cut. Add to that shorter sales cycle an increased retention rate, and the lifetime value of the customer exponentially increases.
  • Why is retention higher? Because it helps identify measurable goals that can be delivered against. When your customer can clearly identify the value received from the service, everyone succeeds.
  • TinderBox,WordPress,Webtrends Optimize,Google Analytics
Many other tools package everything up and give you just the top layer of data - SEOmoz allows you to break apart the matrix, and dive in to find insights that are important and actionable for you.
My job responsibilities have changed, but my colleagues that have taken over those roles for me have all become mozers. I would also go directly back to SEOmoz if a new role lead me back to lead generation, as I use moz to stay on top of what is happening in search and social marketing.
SEOmoz is extremely vital for small businesses. Without large marketing budgets, these companies need to invest in marketing tools that they will be able to use to take action - that's what SEOmoz allows small business to do. As PII rules and revenue generating tactics change among search engines, social networks, and aggregators shift, it is important to have resources looking for ways to help you succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape.
If you hire an agency to help you with social marketing, SEO, SEM - it is worth reading the resources on SEOmoz. Find out what your agency is telling, if they are smoke screening you (sadly this happens more than we would like to think), and learn the important questions to ask. In my experience, the best questions get the most actionable answers.