TestComplete does everything you want in Automation

Overall Satisfaction with TestComplete

TestComplete is being used by the QA department, We are using this for automating a JSwing application and it covers the smoke, regression, and business functionalities. It is mainly focused on the user experience and integrated flow with the product being tested by TestComplete.

TestComplete provides an option to perform actions with multiple AUT technologies under one project/project suite.

TestComplete has a wide range of options to overcome your issue during automation.
  • Script Extensions - Scripts can be developed using VBScript and JScript where it can be utilized by other script languages
  • Project(Suite) Variables - These variables can be accessed any where in the project/project-suite and it has different types of data type to perform the actions better
  • Custom Object Mapping - User can map the AUT custom objects into accessible controls where other tool doesn't have much on it
  • Extended Find - This can be used when user based roles and screens for identifying same object in different hierarchy
  • Code Editor - this needs to improved a lot in-order to be great product
  • Performance on Debug - this needs to be optimized when we use large project suite
  • Recovery Scenario
  • When we use TestComplete for Smoke or Regression test suite with playback time within an hour or less then you will get valid results without any hangs-up, then we will get a good ROI.
  • Sometimes, it is a bit difficult to understand the concept behind some of the features of TestComplete but once you stomach them fully then TestComplete is a great tool to automate.
  • When you [have a] legacy application then go for TestComplete.
Manual Scenario:
Every time when a build comes, QA manual testers will do smoke tests which cover basic validations. But it doesn't go in-depth of configuration and list components that should be part of that build. It causes major issues in the customer places. It will take 2 to 3 days to check the configuration and components list for one QA manual tester.

TestComplete comes bang on it and it completed the in-depth validation with 4 to 5 hours of time. Developing this suite took a week. So it reduced the 70% bug in customer place.
Let's you have a scenario like:
1. Create a member in Desktop APP.
2. Validate the added member in Web APP and trigger a Notification in Mobile APP
3. Verify the notification Mobile APP.

TestComplete [was used] in all three platforms and made it easy to cover the integrated business flow.
TestComplete supports most of the legacy applications which is a very important thing to notice. There are much more features that can be used to validate various type of business scenarios.
TestComplete impacted a lot in our project. Currently it plays a big role in regression testing integrated with Jenkins, Whenever a new build comes Jenkins will automatically trigger the execution which helped us in identifying critical, blocker issues early before it starts testing. This can be used in various places like creating test data for manual tests, and utility tools for checking the health of an application based on the parameters defined.
  • Handling dynamic objects
  • Handling complex object hierarchy
  • Language selection for script development
  • Script Extension provides you with an ultimate option to create your common and utility functions since it will run as non-debug code, it always much faster than unit codes.
  • Handling test execution on multiple machines using NetworkSuite. It has a Sync points where it used to sync between two system which will help us may ways