Very satisfied with Totango - clearly improving my day-to-day work!
November 22, 2020

Very satisfied with Totango - clearly improving my day-to-day work!

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Overall Satisfaction with Totango

Totango is being used by both onboarding as well as customer success at my company. We introduced it as we found Salesforce lacking some insights into how our product was being both implemented during the onboarding phase, but also later used once the onboarding had been completed. With Totango, we have now been able to gather data from different data sources among others our backend, Salesforce and support system, allowing us to understand the painpoints of our customers, and detect early signs of customer dissatisfaction. This is great as it allows us to intervene before a customer has gotten to the phase where they start to think about changing solutions, rather than collaborating to find a solution together with their current provider. Moreover, I find Totango very useful in order to have a clear overview of renewals. It allows me to become proactive rather than reactive in my job.

One thing I do find a shame is that you as a user haven't got access to more triggers in regards to the segments that you create yourself. There's simply a possibility to add/remove a tag or get an email. I'd love to see the possibility to automatically add tasks to myself as one of my clients enter a segment that I've created.

  • Segments - allow me to be independent from our data team.
  • Tasks - get an overview of what's next per account / per week.
  • Health score - think the idea is great, but we've not worked out how to really use these to our advantage yet (guess this is a work in progress) - great feature overall.
  • More alternatives when it comes to triggers on a user level.
  • Allow greater flexibility when importing data (feedback from data team).
  • Contacts - make sure that these sync with SF properly - you lose a lot of time when you have to manually log emails.
  • Understanding risk cases earlier --> saving accounts.
  • Pro-active about renewals.
I use Salesforce complementary to Totango, and you can see that Totango has been developed to focus more on Success teams, whereas Salesforce is mainly designed for sales teams. I find it useful for understanding customer engagement, as I've mentioned. It moreover helps the team become more independent from the data team. I think the data team is quite relieved about this as we bother them far less now after Totango has been implemented.

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When I've been in touch with the Totango support team (only had the pleasure twice as I've not had too many issues that I've had to deal with myself) they've been very professional and sent over useful articles. From my manager / BI team I've heard that it can take some time to get problems fixed, but I'm not sure if it's due to our setup itself as we're importing data from several sources.
I find the Totango software very usable itself. The layout is simple to understand. What I've heard from many in the team is that they do not find the layout of the segments very clear, as the filters [are] very visible. However, in cases where you'd like to add additional data that shall not be filtered at the same time, it can be troublesome finding this if you do not know where to look. It'd be brilliant if Totango could implement a "walk-through" tutorial as this would definitely help when working on the segments.

Overall, I have the impression that Totango has a large range of features. Some may just be a bit hidden :-)
I think that Totango is well suited if someone in your BI team is available to help you with its setup. We didn't have this luck at the beginning as we thought it was more plug-and-play. Hence, Totango was rarely used in the first 4-5 months after it had been implemented. Once someone from our BI team got onboard to help us, it's been great. As such, I would primarily recommend Totango to teams where the BI team can be involved in its implementation.

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