Simple to find what you are looking for with TrustRadius when narrowing down different options
July 25, 2018

Simple to find what you are looking for with TrustRadius when narrowing down different options

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Was scouting for a new tool to help us track user behaviour on our website. I needed to get a quick understanding of others' experience with a different tool in order to make a short list for trial. For this purpose I believe that the site was very helpful. Through TrustRadius I managed to narrow it down to two options and will do testing based on this. I was the ultimate decision maker.
  • To understand my options (i.e. build my short list or long list)
  • To compare products
I had a long list of different software and managed to narrow down the list to only two options. It helped me to get a quick overview of what other users where thinking about it. I would say that TrustRadius is a great way to narrow down between options and to compare products.
I mainly look for what is negative in the reviews. All the positive things that are mentioned are already highlighted by the company website. Of course, I also read the positive parts but what is not working and the limitations of a product or service is for me most important.
Very positive [impact on my experience during the buying process]. I think reviews and recommendations when buying new products is by far the best option.


  • Clarity on the website with the + and - points did lead to a very easy navigation.
  • That the users had put in a lot of time and effort into the reviews which made them trustworthy.
  • Amount of reviews - it will be a biased case if there are only 2-3 reviews for a product.


  • I have never heard of TrustRadius before - perhaps be more visible online (not sure how you currently make money but) in some way featured.
  • In some cases you could have an expert panel that could go in and make additional comments etc.
  • Possibility to vote for the helpfulness of review so that the user can see what reviews are being helpful (like Amazon or Google does with Q&A).
  • Just an idea - you could start doing video reviews?
I, of course, start with googling and then reading different blogs about the topic and products. Also in this process I am asking around colleagues etc. for what they think. Based on the combination of these two I narrow down to get reviews from YouTube or sites like TrustRadius.
I think the experience was good simply because I could easily find what I was looking for which should be the main purpose of using a service. Other review sites are quite similar, I liked that I could see the position of the person that had made the rating. It provided me with additional security.
I think it is a solid service and was great in my case. However, I have not used it more than one time so therefore I do not feel too much loyalty and cannot base it all on a single time usage of the service. If my experience keeps being good then I will increase my rating. Also, it is all about Google traffic since myself and many others Google reviews for the product and if ranking is high, TrustRadius will get users.


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