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October 25, 2013

Webtrends Analytics: "Webtrends Review"

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Webtrends showed most of the web analytics info I needed.I was tracking page-level traffics and conversions to measure the performance of the pages and/or contents.
  • It's auto-login function is easy to use.
  • Its user interface is not really user-friendly because its menu system was not intuitive. Initially, I had a hard time to find the needed information. I had to spend lots of time to familiarize myself with the system.
  • Overall, it is not really a flexible analytics tool. I had difficulty in slicing and dicing the data within the system. I had to download the data to Excel in order to work with the data freely.
  • I did not try to directly measure ROI but I think ROI would be positive considering its price. It's relatively inexpensive and although ROI is positive, it's probably lower than for other tools.
I think there are other web analytics tools providing much better functionality and that are more intuitive. I wanted to spend more time in actually analyzing the data, rather than figuring out how to use analysis tools. Currently I use Omniture (SiteCatalyst) which I am much happier with. I have also used Coremetrics which I think is a better product too.
This is a tool geared towards more advanced users. I think it's really hard to figure out Webtrends for novices. Its
user interface is not easy to use. It requires a steep learning curve especially for the people new to web analytics.