Kronos Oversees Your Staff for Improved Efficiency
February 04, 2014

Kronos Oversees Your Staff for Improved Efficiency

Dan Hill | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Software Version

Krono Workforce Central version

Modules Used

  • Event Manager
  • Workforce Integration Manager
  • Workforce Record Manager
  • Workforce Timekeeper
  • Touch ID
  • Workforce Device Manager
  • Workforce Integration Manager - Interface Designer
  • GuiSim
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting
  • Java 7 Update 51
  • 4500 Series Terminals
  • Data Collection Manager

Overall Satisfaction

PeopleSoft is our database of record. Records for hourly (and a small group of salaried) employees are exported from PeopleSoft and imported into Kronos via a Data Integration Interface. Employee data and schedules are pushed out to the timeclocks. The clocks scan fingerprints to verify that the correct employee is using the device. Kronos then records the employees' punches and reports schedule deviations to the appropriate supervisor. The Payroll Department extracts time and attendance files to upload into PeopleSoft for payroll processing.
  • Prevents others from punching an employee IN/OUT by requiring biometric validation
  • Alerts the supervisor of schedule variances and discourages employees from taking long lunches and stealing time by punching in early or out late.
  • Maintains detailed records of who, when and where a punch was created.
  • Reduces errors for Payroll by requiring supervisor review of timecards prior to extractions.
  • Access to timeclocks through Device Manager, web browser and GuiSim provide a variety of tools for resolving issues as they arise.
  • Pay codes are provided to supervisors for their use, but, restrictions do not exist that prevent the application to inappropriate groups.
  • Timeclock devices and annual maintenance fees are expensive.
  • Timeclock devices do have limitations to firmware updates based upon motherboard version. This can have an effect on functionality. Depot Exchange for problem devices does not upgrade the board.
  • Detergents/cleansers do erode some employees' fingerprints.
  • Kronos works well. We have had some trouble with JBoss and Apache Access on the server growing so large that they cause the app to become sluggish or appear to freeze. Support has been responsive and is working to assist us. Preventing employee theft of time and restricting overtime has helped offset the cost of the program.
  • Punch documentation has proven very valuable.
  • It would be nice to have another source for time clock devices that would encourage competitive pricing.
I have not been involved in the product selection process.
We have a sizable investment in this program. We are hard pressed to find another app that provides what we need at a price that would justify leaving Kronos.
Biometric verification and supervisor access to prevent overtime has helped to pay for this application. The new healthcare requirements are prompting us to consider bringing more staff into the program.

Maintenance fees, Manager's licenses and device costs are expensive. Devices are proprietary.