Best tool for Automation & Simplification for Incentive Comp
June 18, 2019

Best tool for Automation & Simplification for Incentive Comp

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Overall Satisfaction with Xactly Incent

We use Xactly Incent for commission calculation of 90% of our Sales Org. Currently 3 depts use Xactly Incent Accounting Ops (manage Xactly system overall), FP&A (uses for Financial data) and SalesOps (uses for ranking & attainment data). Using Incent for 4 years, we've achieved our vision to get 90% of our comp automated. With a growing SalesOrg, we've been able to scale commission calculations and reporting at ease with Incent.
  • Commission calculation at ease - Methodology of Rate Tables & Lookup Tables have helped reduce writing of long & complicated formulas.
  • Reporting - Incentive Statements with drill-through details have proven to be effective for our Sales Org as they are easily able to maneuver their comp data.
  • eDocs - As an admin I am personally happy with edocs, as I apply only a version and can route plan documents with just a few clicks to the entire org.
  • Manual Hold on Order level - Currently with Incent we are able to create logic that can hold commissions at period level with a certain % of hold. However, sometimes we would like to hold commissions on a specific deal or only for specific folks. In this case, it is a manual turn around or 2-3 step process in Incent via Manual upload file and then offset with Non-rollable feature. It would be great to have some features in there that could put a hold on the order level or position level to have it flow within Incent and have no need to upload manual files.
  • Draws - There are inbuilt logic for recoverable vs non-recoverable draws and guarantees, when we built our draws we thought that if we select Preference - "Recovery as Immediate" we would be able to recover commissions against draws immediately but that is not the case and therefore had to build logic/formulas to make that work which then we ended up putting draws in quotas under plan design instead of using Draws as a separate sub-section. I would like to see more enhancements within Draws that can avoid building internal rules and formulas
  • Release Quarterly Commissions - Today we pay our SEs quarterly but credits kick-in on a monthly basis which then need to be considered for comm calc. In order to do this Incent currently calculates credit & comm monthly and then we manually remove out of payout file and add it at end of quarter for our total; quarter payout. I would like to understand if there was a better way we could handle this and not remove items manually from Result payment report.
  • 90% Automation - say to spreadsheets & manual commission calculation.
  • Tightened our Month-end close process - we are able to calculate commissions within a day and post our Commission Accrual entries for Financial reports
  • Provide visibility to Sales Reps and Management with Reports and Analytics within Incent
Once implemented and configured, its easy to manitain all under one roof. Also its robust platform is not very complicated to be maintained on an ongoing basis.
Suitable - if you have multiple comp plans each with multiple components. Incent is highly recommended for ease of calculation and automation of comp plans. Not Suitable - if you have fewer comps then you should look at Express.