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Sysomos Heartbeat

Sysomos Heartbeat is well suited for organisations with a huge Twitter structure. It is not well suited for finding meaning in the conversations or deep diving to unearth essence of consumer thinking.


  • Ease of use
  • Dashboard views are nice
  • Easy reporting of main points


  • Detailed info on authority ranking needs work
  • Insight into your social base is lacking
  • Seems almost to regurgitate already existing info in social platforms, nothing new
  • Account management is poor -- no contact or consult with our account team.

Likelihood to Renew

Sysomos Heartbeat7.9
Based on 6 answers
I am renewing b/c there is not another product that is in this price range.


Sysomos Heartbeat7.0
Based on 1 answer
It is a pretty easy product to pick up and run with. Though the queries and tags you use to monitor can be tricky at times and require you to think your ultimate goal of what you want to achieve

Reliability and Availability

Sysomos Heartbeat10.0
Based on 1 answer
I haven't noticed an issue of this being at all.


Sysomos Heartbeat10.0
Based on 1 answer
This has not been an issue. It is actually beating TweetDeck when we are tagged within a post that TweetDeck is monitoring.


Sysomos Heartbeat6.0
Based on 1 answer
I didn't find my account manager too keen on helping me. I had to do majority of the research all on my own.


Sysomos Heartbeat8.0
Based on 1 answer
The implementation was pretty easy.

Alternatives Considered

Heartbeat is comparitavely user-friendly, which is helpful in a distributed environment where training is costly. It is very focused on listening, and though they have recently introduced and developed publishing features this not the product's core value proposition, and the model of priving by Heartbeat queries isn't a great match for that purpose. Other tools are better for managing multiple accounts and publishing, but Sysomos represents value and power for listening.

Return on Investment

  • I was able to track the public perception of a client and quantifiably show how client actions related to public sentiment.
  • It was the best/easiest way to record impressions based off of social media hits like blogs, tweets.
  • Helped to create reports that we were able to use to prove that our work with bloggers was not only happening, but benefiting our product.

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Sysomos Heartbeat

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