Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software

Best Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software include:

Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps (formerly Apteligent Crittercism).

Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Software Overview

What is Mobile APM Software?

Application Performance Management (APM) is defined as software that monitors application software to ensure performance and availability. APM is traditionally focused on enterprise applications like ERP systems, alerting IT staff to any disruptions to load time or response time that are preventing end users from accessing mission-critical applications. In addition to just alerting IT managers to problems, APM software also helps to prevent problems from occurring in the first place by detecting early warning signs that might presage future issues.

Mobile application performance management (Mobile APM) software does precisely the same thing, but for mobile applications. Mobile APM has become much more important in recent years with the explosion of mobile apps designed to run on tablets and smartphones which require their own monitoring infrastructure.

Mobile APM software should show how and when mobile applications fail, what operating systems or platforms and actions caused the crash, monitor 3rd party API for compatibility and performance issues, and track the success of transactions (e.g. logins, checkout and in-app purchases, etc.) to keep users active and satisfied with the app.

Mobile Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Products

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Dynatrace is an APM scaled for enterprises with cloud, on-premise, and hybrid application and SaaS monitoring. Dynatrace uses AI-supported algorithms to provide continual APM self-learning and predictive alerts for proactive issue resolution.
New Relic
115 ratings
48 reviews
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New Relic is a SaaS-based web and mobile application performance management provider for the cloud and the datacenter. They provide code-level diagnostics for dedicated infrastructures, the cloud, or hybrid environments and real time monitoring.
76 ratings
18 reviews
AppDynamics is an APM and Mobile APM program, with application mapping and predictive capabilities. These capacities enable automated remediation and code-level diagnostics in real time. It can be deployed on-premise or as a SaaS.
Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps (formerly Apteligent Crittercism)
0 ratings
2 reviews
VMware Workspace ONE Intelligence for Consumer Apps (formerly Apteligent Crittercism) is a Mobile APM and crash reporting tool. Its optimization for mobile environments allows it to handle the variety of configurations that come with mobile spaces, and can differentiate issues between applications a…
Quixxi Security
1 rating
1 review
Quixxi Security provides codeless app protection against hackers looking to clone, tamper, inject malicious code, or exploit a mobile app. A simple drag & drop feature applies a sophisticated set of security layers, for quick & easy mobile app protection.Quixxi is also a monitoring tool with…
Micro Focus AppPulse Suite
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1 review
The Micro Focus AppPulse Suite is an integrated solution of synthetic, real-user, and diagnostic monitoring that is designed to deliver superior UX and better business decisions by enabling continuous improvement of both the app and the UX. It automates and accelerates the process of delivering user…
DX App Experience Analytics (formerly CA App Experience Analytics)
DX App Experience Analytics (formerly CA App Experience Analytics and before CA Mobile App Analytics) from Broadcom company CA Technologies is a mobile application performance management (APM) option.
MobileBridge is a SaaS based mobile marketing automation platform.
HeadSpin is a Digital Experience AI Platform that combines a global device infrastructure, test automation, and ML-driven performance and quality of experience analytics. HeadSpin is designed to empower engineering, QA, operations, and product teams to assure optimal digital experiences across all d…