TrustRadius powerful tool that is GainsightWe use Gainsight primarily in Customer Success, although this has begun to branch into opportunities in Tech Support, Field Services, and Education Services. Our primary business problems Gainsight addresses are as follows: Process automationEmail automationMass communications to current customersDeliverable organization & reporting,Mass email automation. We have been able to better scale our business , while still engaging with customers, through the use of Gainsight. Process automation. I have been able to stay on top of our data and and efficiency goals via the use of Gainsight. We have also been able to add and improve some of our offerings via the capabilities of Gainsight.,Documentation. They have improved in the volume of documentation recently, but the search-ability and usability is still lacking. I know the features are there, but it is sometimes difficult to understand how to use them. Product Usability. Again, like documentation, the product is immense. I just wish it was more naturally intuitive. I like to compare software to the Apple platform. They are the pinnacle of user-friendly. I think Gainsight could learn a lot about the simple, yet powerful, framework of software like Apple's.,9,9,This is something of growing importance to us. Traditionally, this has not been something that we worried about, but our senior leaders have a growing interest. I feel that within the next year we will need to create and utilize processes to keep our executives aware of key accounts. I know that Gainsight has the tools to help us in this area.,We have increased our on-time renewal percentage year-over-year through automated renewal outreaches and other processes. This has also increased efficiency of our renewals team. We started offering executive business reviews in 2017 and Gainsight has given us the tools to deliver. Early feedback from customers is immensely positive in this area. Our NPS survey implementation has offered us our first real, unfiltered feedback from customers. It also gave us a short list of advocates that we could leverage for our Marketing and Sales teams.,Bullhorn,We also connect Pendo and Amazon S3. These are new integrations for us, so we are still learning here. We also send Gainsight info to DOMO for some advanced dashboards (which works great)!,60,3,Scalability Creative Insights Proactive Outreach,Share internal data and customer information directly with customers Increase scale of accounts per CSM through automation,Advanced automated onboarding Sales staff awareness Easy access to customer information via Slack,10,Calendly,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation,I wouldn’t. We got the right product and are paying a fair price.,Implemented in-house,Poor buy-in from our organization Wrong person assigned to the job internally,7,Yes,Yes,Gainsight has a practice of alerting me when a bug MAY have impacted my account. They proactively reach out and let me know about the situation and offer to investigate for me. No pressure or work on my end. Then they report back with the impact and we take action together. This is amazing and something I greatly value.,Cockpit Surveys Rules,Journey Orchestrator Scorecards C360 Setup,Yes,8Keep your fingers on the pulse of your customers with GainsightGainsight operationalizes the customer experience consistently across the Ceridian North American customer base. Customer success resources proactively engage customers based on calls to action from Gainsight. It also captures the “pulse” of the customer to objectively reflect a customer status assessment based on a large variety of factors. This information allows Ceridian to take the right action to deeply engage customers and correct situations that need special attention. Unlike reactionary support solutions, Gainsight is used proactively to keep customers successful before they go “off track”.Gainsight is a critical component to the company technology stack that drives the activities of the award-winning Ceridian XOXO Customer Success program activities. It draws from Salesforce and many other systems to distill critical information for the users and management about the Ceridian Customer base. It also feeds other solutions with the real-time customer sentiment so they can be engaged accordingly.Without the scalable operationalization of the CX NPS will suffer. Gainsight allows team members to deliver a consistent great CX!,Gainsight provides a large team with a consistent playbook of tasks that result in a consistent operationalized customer experience. IF an organization is seeking the same high quality experience for customers from Toronto to Tempe they will appreciate the calls to action that present tasks for their team members and the dashboards that allow the team management to have insight into the programs success. Along with a phenomenal product, the Gainsight team members are great business partners for success. From the regular meetings to share best practices to the partnering to integrate their solution with others, they are great business partners. Gainsight delivers on its product road map. If you have an opportunity, watch a Karl Rumelhart product road map presentation to see the direction of Customer Success!,I'd recommend new Gainsight users keep initial configurations simple to allow focus and faster ROI. Many users, my own instance included can grow quickly to try to accomplish too much. Controlled quality growth, and product configuration scope, would be a good mantra to keep in mind.,10,10,Annual Recurring Revenue is the most important success metric for a SaaS organization. Gainsight provides insight into the customer experience from a granular account level view to a high-level overall business segment view for the C-suite. Customer Success managers are prompted with individual account level tasks while more senior managers and executives incorporate dashboards into their weekly routines to have real-time insight into the accounts delivering the ARR.,Ceridian prides itself on delivering the best customer experience through the XOXO Customer Success program and the other customer facing departments. Ceridian is regularly recognized as an industry leader for customer success program value to the organization. This program would not be possible without Gainsight. Gainsight is used to proactively identify and take action on at risk accounts and this has given us a much better chance to save the account and reduce churn. Gainsight's ability to create a health score from several objective factors has allowed Ceridian to systematically identify potential reference customers who in turn engage prospects to drive additional revenues.,,Salesforce is tightly integrated with Gainsight to the point where our CSMs can spend a bulk of their time in Gainsight views without the need to go to SalesForce to complete what would be redundant tasks. Influitive's AdvocateHub is the customer-facing portal that allows customers to review and accept or decline opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the customers and to Ceridian. Based on their actions and sentiment Gainsight triggers calls to action to engage the customer with the award-winning XOXO CX.,60,2,New customer engagement NPS Survey follow up Reacting to customer advocacy activities Regular executive busienss reviews End of year assistance,Gainsight sentiment is consistently captured and that score is passed to Influitive's AdvocateHub solution to target the right opportunities to the right customers based on their current sentiment.,9,Influitive AdvocateHub, Upland RO Innovation,No,Gainsight has reached out to engage a wide variety of Ceridian team members to assist with their unique areas of business. For example, our NPS Survey team was interested in migrating to Gainsight's survey capabilities and the Gainsight team engaged them directly and answered their questions and coached them on best practices.,9Gainsight saves the Customer Success puzzleWe rolled out Gainsight across our entire Customer Success organization of 100+ Success Managers and leaders. We use it as the central source of truth for all customer health and activity, and reporting on both to executives across multiple departments. In short, if it doesn't happen in Gainsight, it doesn't happen. Day-to-day Success Managers use the Gainsight Cockpit to track their customer activity. We use a combination of automated and manual entries to surface activity and needs per customer. We've also begun integrating our Gainsight to pull insights from other solutions to track customer health and create tasks for our Success Managers.,Roll up reports across the entire organization to glean insights that can be sent to other departments. Track and triage big moments in a customer lifecycle. Create tasks for Success Managers to mitigate a customer heading down the path of churn.,The Reporting module is only intuitive if you have extensive training on it, not even for someone who works in the SaaS space or is a heavy user. Creating manual tasks within CTAs can be very time consuming. It is best if everything rolls of a Playbook. The email notifications come in - at best - a daily digest.,9,More than 100 people,Got a lot of work off spreadsheets and documents Moved things to a historical, reportable space Surfaced insights to reduce churn,,Reading the Reporting Dashboards Reading the cockpit,Creating reports Creating on-the-fly tasks within a CTA,No,7Gain more with GainsightWe use Gainsight in Customer Success as a tool to help us proactively manage our customers. We have a mix of high touch and low touch, Gainsight helps us manage the mix. Other departments within our org utilize this to quickly check the customer temperature.,Gainsight's use of CTAs with daily reminders allow us to trust we are not missing the little things with our customers. Gainsight gives you the ability to create health scores for customers that not only encompass systematic information but subjective customer temperatures as well. Giving you a true way to measure health. Gainsight works well with our internal systems, so we are not adding more steps to our day-to-day routine.,I have not run into an area with usage where I think Gainsight is missing, however I am sure there are many more use cases beyond ours.,10,10,Customer Focus is our number one initiative. Each week at our Executive meetings our Gainsight dashboards are shown, our ELT is incredibly involved and supportive in making sure our customers are taken care of. Gainsight helps us provide real time customer temps to our leadership.,We have seen an immediate impact on our success team's efficiency, our ability to automate has helped our teams focus on time with the customers.,Totango,Gainsight is integrated into our CRM Salesforce, we utilize this information to feed dashboards for our executives, for finance and for our internal leader boards.,15,1,Renewal Management Usage awareness, Up Sell/Cross Sell Identification Exec Scorecard,The reporting has been a benefit to Finance,Renewal Forecasting Customer Marketing,10,Salesforce Lightning, Atlassian Confluence, Slack,No,Price Product Features Product Usability,We were pretty thorough with our process, I can't say I would change anything in that evaluation.,Don't know,Self inflicted process gaps,10,No,We were in the middle of a Salesforce migration and had some confusion around access and settings, Support resolved our issue and got us back on track right away. This was incredibly important as we had deadlines that would impact the overall success of the migration project. Thankfully with the amazing support, we were not progress impacting.,The Timeline Entries are very smartly designed and gather intelligent data points.,N/A,10Gainsight - Great for automationWe are currently using Gainsight for all levels of our customer journey. Gainsight and the outreaches/advanced outreaches have allowed us to scale via automation. It also allows us to deliver that "just in time" approach to provide resources. We are also using Gainsight for renewal automation as well.,Automated outreaches - allows for being able to scale. Calls to action - allows for the use of automation to monitor data and create actionable items based on the data; scalability. Reporting- allows quick/easy access to reporting on customer health with automated, actionable items.,The backend setup of Gainsight is not that intuitive. Email formatting is difficult Would like to see rules setup in a template to choose from,9,7,With the system we have in place, this is becoming more important. We haven't started with executive dashboards yet, but, that will most likely change in the near future; especially if we move to slack and can leverage Sally.,We have used Gainsight to increase our NPS score via automated customer engagement. This also appears to be driving growth for existing customers for our SMB line. Our NPS has more than doubled over the last 12 months.,,Salesforce. Other data will be loaded via S3. Just about all of our workflows are based on data pulled from Salesforce.,30,3,Automation Customer Health Reporting,Automating renewals for Enterprise and SMB accounts Automating renewals of critical 3rd party products that our product relies on.,Automated QBR's,9,No,Don't know,5,Online training Self-taught,6,Not that easy. Time consuming.,7,Yes,Yes,No,5,,7Gainsight - thought leader in Customer Success SoftwareWe use Gainsight to understand our customer's health score. It is also incredibly useful for reporting, and to get a 360 view on our customers. Lastly, it provides us with automated, actionable insights that we can act on.,Thought leader in the market Very active in the Customer Success Community European office and presence,Adapt to Europe (different languages, currencies, etc.),10,10,I use Gainsight dashboards for my monthly executive reporting as well as board reports.,Single view of the customer Go to the solution to understand customer health,Natero,Salesforce, Usage data via Amazon S3 bucket (automated). The integration possibilities are endless.,10,2,Understand the customer health score Build up customer history in combination with a 360 account view Operationalizing CSM tasks NPS program,have not come across this yet,Integrate more datapoints to get a richer view on the customer health Exec / board reporting,,Salesforce Lightning, Atlassian Confluence,No,Product Features Product Reputation Vendor Reputation Existing Relationship with the Vendor Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor,I would spend more time really understanding the integration process and ensure to have a technical stakeholder included in the evaluation process,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled,Bad data in 3rd party apps that we wanted to integrate Common account ID missing accross 3rd party apps which required us to do an extensive mapping excercise,9,No,Yes,When I raised a bug, the GM for Europe personally got in touch with me to reassure me how serious Gainsight are taking the issue.,Customer 360 view Reporting functionality NPS surveys,You really need to know your datapoints in order to make the most meaningful reports,9Feel the Pulse of your ClientsWe are currently really focused on using Gainsight within our Client Success division, they are our power users. However, since we are getting a lot of data ingested into data we push a lot of it back to the Account level of Saleforce (SFDC) as well for other users who have a SFDC license but not a Gainsight one can see daily usage data. This give a lot more visibility into the overall health of a client by the usage of the tool rather then pulse checking between the CSM and client.,Great way to really see if your clients are using the service you provide them. Easily able to formalize an action plan to follow up with at risk clients before its too late to save them. Just as easy to set up a thank campaign for clients who are using your service as intended and showing them value. Access to their Vault to pull in already created templates to customize to our company liking.,It took a bit of time to figure out how to get our data out of our tool and then into Gainsight. But once we did it was very repeatable to get all the data we wanted. We just struggled with prioritizing developer hours to get this data push into Gainsight.,9,1 to 5 people,With the usage of Gainsight we have 3 different products we are now collecting usage data points on. This has been extremely helpful to run at risk calls to action if a client hasn't logged in x days for all of the CSMs to do the same follow and figure out why. Along with the usage Gainsight has made it possible to compare an organization with similar organizations and usage.,I've attended one local Pulse event since I'm an admin of Gainsight it was not very useful for myself. However, one of my CSMs attends and has said it is very helpful. I do find their online documentation very useful and a place I explore before opening a support ticket with them.,,5,1,Collecting usage data about clients. Having all CSMs follow the same follow up plan. Not only looking for at-risk clients but thanking ones that are using the tools correctly and see returns.,Sending out surveys after a client completes our smart start program to collect feedback about it. We ran into an issue of usage data blowing through SFDC storage so we created various MDA tables to collect all that data and display using reports on 360 to provide the same function without the strain on SFDC storage.,More data usage collection Getting better using their reporting engine Leveraging calculated fields within the MDA table to add where needed,9,7,I mentioned we were blowing through SFDC storage rather quickly by adding in usage data daily. This has me very concerned as we weren't looking to pull into an additional cost from another tool to support Gainsight. After this was quickly identified we worked with support and CSM at Gainsight to come up with an action plan on how to avoid this but still get the usage data we wanted to see from the all client level down to the individual client level. This works as intended and we aren't losing any functionality going this route.,8Early Use Gainsight ReviewCurrently used only by customer success organization. Solves the problems of: hard to find data in SFDC; need for health information, both subjective and objective; need for efficient and automated workflow for customer contact; need for alerts and triggers for activities; real-time info visibility back into SFDC for the rest of the org.,Automated workflow and activity creation, with a centralized dashboard for CSMs to manage their work, allows CSMs to spend their time on more valuable work Flexible health scoring based on many factors including quantifiable product use and subjective aspects like relationship status allows us to fine tune and focus our energy where it's needed most Ability to view rolled-up information on accounts that have multiple sub-accounts and see all relevant data within the 360 even for simple accounts, means less time searching and manually compiling data to get an overall view,Every CTA requires a task to sync to SFDC, and sometimes the CTA and task are really the same thing (managing an escalation, for example) Reporting seems somewhat limited, including visualization - but could be our lack of maturity Logging activity from different places shows in different areas, tagged differently, and reported to SFDC differently. Means CSMs have to make a lot of decisions on where and how to log - leads to wasted time and inconsistency,9,6,Our vice president uses Customer 360 daily. No other execs in the org use Gainsight at this time. We were charged with proving its worth before more licenses will be purchased.,Increased efficiency Haven't used long enough to recognize more quantifiable outcomes,, Totango and ClientSuccess,7,1,at-a-glance visibility to centralized customer information ability to track and score product usage workflow management for CSM team sharing CS information across the org via integration with SFDC,We're not quite there yet, still focused on the basics,expand visibility of Customer health and 360 data across the org via integrations with SFDC and ZenDesk automated triggers for changes in health or behavior automated onboarding and messaging for certain customers,9,, Zendesk,No,Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation Vendor Reputation,I wouldn't change what we did, nor would I change the outcome. We spent an appropriate amount of time, energy, and analysis for our situation, and were thoughtful about not just our current needs but where we wanted to mature in the future. Gainsight met our needs, and their view on the future aligns well with our strategy overall.,Implemented in-house,Yes,Change management was minimal,We haven't encountered any issues during implementation,8,Yes,We have had many questions related to Scorecard 2.0 and Relationships. Some were answered by Support, and some were answered by our Implementation dude (who is great). Support team never hesitates to get on a call with me and our Sales Ops team to explain features, and our Implementation dude meets with us every week to help us understand use cases and best practices.,Cockpit - the concept is simple and intuitive Customer 360 - this has been a lifesaver for CSMs, considering we had to look in approximately 17 places across several systems to gather basic information on each account.,Copilot - powerlists and so forth are more complex than expected Scorecards - there have been great improvements, but we're using usage data and the combination of the data and the switch to Scorecard 2.0 has been a little longer than expected. Reporting - not that hard to use per se, but more difficult and less powerful/flexible than desired. Would love to see improvements in this area!,8Great Product with awesome potential!Gainsight is being used primarily by the Customer Success Department, and is addressing our needs to scale and drive proactive behavior, thus helping us reduce churn and promote expansions.,Reports are insightful and easy to digest Standardization across multiple global teams thus helping align the business Net promoter score (NPS) survey mechanism which helps shed light on customers' opinions and feedback,Integration with Salesforce at the Field Level - it is not always easy to see/update Salesforce data from Gainsight Performance could be improved,10,,11 to 25 people,40,,Managing Renewals Preventing Churn 1 to Many communications,Managing Renewals,Promoting Customer Changeb Requests based on Usage CTA Promoting Co-Pilot blasts based on CTA,9,9,Yes,Their support is most exceptional, I have to say that about most cases.,Reviewing Customers Reviewing Repotrs,Managing CTAs Updating SFDC data Creating Powerlists,Yes, but I don't use it,7Go get Gainsight now!Gainsight is used by the Client Success, Sales, Marketing, Product and Executive teams to monitor the health of our global client base. It helps us to see all interactions and information about each client: logins, support tickets, product adoption, etc.,Great Customer Support Easy to Use UI Great Training Materials Simple to Understand Data,10,Better renewal rates Increased upsells Better visibility into health,Totango and BlueNose,11 to 25 people,35,3,Monitoring our Clients' usage of our UI. Tracking "Milestones" with our Clients. Using Health Scores / "Scorecards" to proactively communicate with Clients. Leveraging their survey tool for NPS Surveys. Using "Co-Pilot" to send our automated emails throughout the Client Lifecycle.,We now run our "Code Red" meeting out of Gainsight.,10,Implemented in-house,10,Yes,We had an issue with sending out our NPS survey, which coincided with Salesforce's Winter Release and the Gainsight team was very helpful in resolving our issue and ultimately ensuring that our survey went out properly.,10Gainsight review from early impressionGainsight is being used to help us make our Customer Success and Support departments more efficient, and to help increase/maintain our high retention rate. We are using the survey functionality, as well as developing a customer Health Score that will help reduce the time to prepare for a call to the customer.,Their Pulse conference provides great information, while making it fun and allowing for time to network with peers. The flexibility of the platform can make it a bit overwhelming at first, but as you learn more, the flexibility allows for customization to fit many different orgs. The people at Gainsight are very helpful during the implementation process, and help hold you accountable to the goals that have been set during the sales process.,The support documentation is lacking in real-world examples, with enough data to help direct the user to the data in their own environment. It is sometimes very simplified and unhelpful. The rules engine could use a little more simplicity for simple tasks, while still offering full functionality in another section/pane/option expansion. We were not offered a demo of the product and when we inquired about that possibility, after we had purchased, we were told that requirement on our side would have needed to be addressed before the purchase. We are heavy Salesforce users and have many custom fields and workflows, that made this a bit concerning. Thankfully, we didn't run into any issues in the four months we have had the product.,9,We were prepared to spend a fair amount to use a survey tool, so simply saving that money was significant. The upcoming Co-pilot feature, being released this month, will help reduce time we will need to work with our Marketo team to distribute emails. As move to leverage the Health Score, it will help us define at-risk accounts faster, and help resolve issues and get the customer back on the right path.,,11 to 25 people,1,7,7,8,9,7
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Ben Michael profile photo
November 30, 2018

The powerful tool that is Gainsight

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Gainsight is extremely powerful. That power creates complexity. At the point we are at now, we are comfortable with the tool and we get it. However, it is not easy to grasp at the get go. Even some new features take us time to understand. But as I said, the function and power of the tool are immense and that good outweighs anything that is too complex.
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Colin Burns profile photo
January 11, 2019

Gainsight saves the Customer Success puzzle

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Creating reporting is very, very cumbersome and slow. And creating on-the-fly Cockpit actions are a bit slow and tough to use. The concept of Gainsight is amazing, but they are still improving when it comes to making it very fast, scaleable, and usable for large installs.
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Vinny Poliseno profile photo
August 01, 2017

Feel the Pulse of your Clients

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Using the tool I don't think is very difficult. I do think there is a major learning cover to support and stand the tool up. There is a lot to learn when first getting started with MDA tables and rules. But once you get one or two under your belt they are very repeatable and easy to use.
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Beth Power, MBA, CSM, SA profile photo
August 18, 2017

Early Use Gainsight Review

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
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Most features are very intuitive and simple to use, but some are not. The core functions for a CSM are very usable, and since that is the majority of our usage the score bumped up. I would love to see improvements in CoPilot and Reporting overall.
The general UI look and feel is modern and pleasing, and the visualizations are clear and helpful.
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Feature Scorecard Summary

Role-based user permissions (142)
API (103)
Integration with (179)
Integration with Marketo (44)
Integration with Eloqua (17)
Product usage (171)
Help desk / support tickets (145)
NPS surveys (147)
Sponsor tracking (141)
Customer profiles (170)
Automated workflow (185)
Internal collaboration (171)
Customer health scoring (184)
Customer segmentation (157)
Customer health trends (173)
Engagement analytics (153)
Revenue forecasting (95)
Dashboards (185)

About Gainsight

Gainsight says they enable business transformation through their passionate community, proven expertise, and cutting edge technology. In addition to the largest customer success community, the vendor says they also have a diverse, 333+ customer base spanning across Fortune 1000 companies such as HP, Cisco and Adobe and growth businesses like Box and Shopify.

Via their community and customers, Gainsight says they have developed deep expertise around customer success best practices which are embedded into the product. Additionally, the vendor says 50% of their company headcount is dedicated to R&D, and that their platform can serve business needs across various customer segments. The vendor’s value proposition is that their product innovations are consistently first to market and built to scale from day one.

Gainsight says their customers see an average of 4% higher retention and 20% faster growth than their peers.

Gainsight Features

Customer Data Extraction / Integration Features
Has featureProduct usage
Has featureHelp desk / support tickets
Has featureOnline customer community
Has featureBilling
Has featureMarketing emails
Customer Success Management Features
Has featureNPS surveys
Has featureSponsor tracking
Has featureCustomer profiles
Has featureAutomated workflow
Has featureInternal collaboration
Has featureCustomer health scoring
Has featureCustomer segmentation
CSM Reporting & Analytics Features
Has featureCustomer health trends
Has featureEngagement analytics
Has featureRevenue forecasting
Has featureDashboards
Has featureCustomer lifetime value
Has featureChurn rate
Security Features
Has featureRole-based user permissions
Platform & Infrastructure Features
Has featureAPI
Has featureIntegration with
Has featureIntegration with Marketo
Has featureIntegration with Eloqua
Additional Features
Has featureCustomer360
Has feature4D Analytics
Has featureCustomer Lifecycle Cockpit
Has featureIn-product best practices library of resources
Has feature60 second video message to Customers

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Gainsight Integrations

Gainsight Competitors

Totango, Amity, Service Source


Does not have featureFree Trial Available?No
Does not have featureFree or Freemium Version Available?No
Has featurePremium Consulting/Integration Services Available?Yes
Entry-level set up fee?Required

Gainsight Customer Size Distribution

Small Businesses (1-50 employees)
Mid-Size Companies (51-500 employees)
Enterprises (> 500 employees)

Gainsight Technical Details

Deployment Types:SaaS
Operating Systems: Unspecified
Mobile Application:Apple iOS, Android