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What is MindTouch?

MindTouch is a customer experience management platform with content management and help authoring capabilities. Formerly known as MediaWiki, it is optimized for building knowledge bases for customer self-service and agent assistance purposes.
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7 out of 10
October 18, 2017
It's being used as the backbone of our Intranet across the company. This allows us to have general as well as technical information from / …
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What is MindTouch?

MindTouch is a customer experience management platform with content management and help authoring capabilities. Formerly known as MediaWiki, it is optimized for building knowledge bases for customer self-service and agent assistance purposes.

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MindTouch Customer Story – Customer Success Self-Service
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Product Details

What is MindTouch?

MindTouch is a leader in customer self-service software. According to the vendor, MindTouch brings the customer record (CRM) and customers’ self-service behavior together to better understand their experience with the brand. Additionally the vendor says companies like Accenture, ADP, McKinsey, Sprinklr, Whirlpool, and Zuora rely on MindTouch for effective self-service and because it helps them create actionable customer insights. MindTouch has been named one of 2017’s “Hot 100” best privately held software companies by JMP Securities. MindTouch aims to make an organization’s customers smarter, happier, and more successful.

MindTouch Features

  • Supported: Customer self-service
  • Supported: Agent enablement
  • Supported: Field service
  • Supported: Contextual help
  • Supported: Documentation authoring and publishing
  • Supported: CRM integration
  • Supported: Help desk integration
  • Supported: Ticket deflection
  • Supported: Analytics and reporting
  • Supported: User behavior insights
  • Supported: Versioning
  • Supported: KCS methodology
  • Supported: Structured atomic content
  • Supported: Customizable Interface
  • Supported: Mobile responsive layout
  • Supported: BI Integration
  • Supported: 20 supported languages

MindTouch Screenshots

Screenshot of Content from MindTouch site visualized with Wave Analytics.Screenshot of Example MindTouch implementation from customer Whirlpool.Screenshot of Example MindTouch implementation from customer Conga.Screenshot of Example MindTouch implementation from customer Cisco Meraki.Screenshot of Example MindTouch implementation from customer Hitachi Data Systems.Screenshot of Example MindTouch implementation from customer Zuora.

MindTouch Video

Customer Self-Service Optimizes Growth

MindTouch Integrations

MindTouch Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesAll

Frequently Asked Questions

MindTouch is a customer experience management platform with content management and help authoring capabilities. Formerly known as MediaWiki, it is optimized for building knowledge bases for customer self-service and agent assistance purposes.

Reviewers rate Vendor post-sale highest, with a score of 9.3.

The most common users of MindTouch are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Marshall Yam | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use MindTouch as the platform for our Knowledge Center, which provides our customers and employees with access to our product documentation and training materials. The Documentation Group is responsible for managing the Knowledge Center, with support from the IT department. The MindTouch based Knowledge Center allows users to search for content via PC or mobile devices, read it online, or save or print it for offline access.
  • Good search engine
  • Easy-to-use editor
  • Mobile access
  • Customization is complicated and limited
  • Should offer ability to save selected topics to a favorites list and then generate PDFs that include any number of the favorite topics and in any order
  • Content lists are arranged arbitrarily in alphabetical order
  • Searching for content across range of documents, not just within individual documents
  • Accessing content via mobile devices
  • Streaming video
  • Setting content access permissions for individual users or user groups
  • Too early to determine
Analytics tools are very limited and should be enhanced.
MindTouch are not willing enough to develop requested features.
difficult to configure more than just very basic features or functionality. Platform works very well, but customization is essential and this is very hard to do without expert knowledge in HTML coding.
Olav Andreas Frenning | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
At FotoWare we use MindTouch to document the entire suite of Digital Asset Management software we develop and sell. We document user guides, technical configuration, and our API in MindTouch, and the documentation is made freely available for our customers and resellers at https://learn.fotoware.com. We believe a knowledgeable customer is a happy one, so anyone who's interested in our software can find ALL the information they need on the MindTouch site, without restrictions.
  • Weekly development cycles that mean changes and fixes are pushed to content creators quickly. We truly feel the MindTouch team is actively working to improve the service.
  • Content editing is fast and intuitive; linking articles, adding rich media, it works just as expected. Anyone who's learned the basics can add content that's meaningful and adds value to the documentation.
  • The search engine was a big thing for us - once articles are tagged right (we have a lot of content), related articles are REALLY related, and when searching users find the content we most want them to find. We all know Google is great at finding things, but the MindTouch search engine is fast and accurate. And it can be implemented in the browser's omnibox so you can trigger a search directly from the address bar in your browser. That's a big deal for me when I manage the content on the site.
  • The only think I can think to wish for is an improved video player. But we've got around that by embedding the Vimeo player directly through a dekiscript when we need it.
For a company that frequently updates large bits of documentation, or where several people work together on a documentation team, MindTouch is a perfect fit. We considered several options, but no one seemed to offer "the whole package" in the way that MindTouch does. Content management, indexing speed, search accuracy, and the possibility to integrate with Zendesk - these are the things that mattered to us, and we've never looked back.
  • We've not done accurate testing or number crunching, but the feedback we receive through support tells us that customers and resellers alike love the site and often find precisely what they're looking for.
  • A much improved ranking on Google also tells us that MindTouch has done much right in the SEO department. Kudos!
We wanted a SaaS solution that was always online. In the past we used RoboHelp, but the whole idea of having to compile the help project before publishing seemed rather backwards at a point. Mind, we have not reviewed later installments of RoboHelp.

With MindTouch we can edit stuff live - we use this a lot to fix smaller inaccuracies in our docs based on support feedback, and it's all fast and accurate.

Zendesk has a nice documentation feature for smaller projects, but we found that with the sheer volume of documentation that we produce, nothing could measure up to MindTouch.
We've put lots and lots of content into the MindTouch system, of course, so that makes it harder to opt out, but we're also very pleased with their rate of development and weekly pushing of improvements, as well as their response and solutions to our questions and input All in all, a winning combination.
Implementation was fairly quick. Migration of content from our old CMS could be started right away, while we had a design agency work on the visual aspects of the site. Although some tweaking and CSS troubleshooting was required underway, the system was functional and could be used by ourselves and our customer base from the first week of launch, albeit without the custom styling completely implemented. I'd say that's pretty good.
Written documentation and videos are very good and have helped on numerous occasions when I've had to look up how to accomplish a certain task. The reason I have not given a full score is mainly because there have been some inaccuracies in the documentation because updates to the MindTouch framework have slightly changed the way things work. But this is usually the same type of challenges I face when making documentation for the software solution we develop. So all in all I'm very satisfied with both the personal webinars and the online documentation MindTouch provides for their service.
There's really not a great deal that requires configurability in MindTouch. The things you need to change are there when you need them in the control panel. I've not missed anything in particular.
It feels very responsive both in editor mode and when browsing and searching for content as an unauthenticated user of the site. Service windows are announced well ahead of time, so I have never experienced downtime to the extent that I have been unable to get work done.
Al Pahl | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
MindTouch allows our clients to seek information on, and updates of, our school-related software.
  • MindTouch makes it easy to have templates and self-help instructions so that a variety of teammates can contribute without a ton of learning curve.
  • The MindTouch search engine makes it easy for our clients to find what they need.
  • MindTouch created an easy ability to add and control users. And we found the page-level security meets our needs.
  • MindTouch's flexibility means you can get the organization and look you want, without needing a degree in html.
  • MindTouch support people genuinely care about my success, are easy to get to, respond in a reasonable time period and are both knowledgeable and down-to-earth.
  • MindTouch (MT) bought the text editor from someone else. It lacks precision, flexibility and features. Word can do many things the MT editor cannot. Photos can be hard to place and run text around them without awkward spacing. The tool to place text near photos needs improvement from its present level of zero. Photos cannot be cropped. Placing a photo in the middle of a numbered list will require a big time investment. The text frequently loses "normal" and needs to be re-defined. Pasting text into an article never is formatted correctly the first time. It would be nice to be able to do text boxes, like Publisher allows. Presently, all copy runs the full width of the only text box you get.
  • MindTouch's support people often like the enhancements I suggest but getting them into the product -- if it happens at all -- takes too long. MindTouch does many admirable big-picture things but needs to pay more attention to enhancement suggestions and improving its text editor.
  • When you are in any of the control panels or behind-the-scenes control areas, why do you have to close that page -- actually close out of MindTouch and then go back in, to get back into the text editor?
  • The "views" counter on each page is very difficult to reset. You have to export the page, delete it and then import it back in. This would be less necessary if we, as clients, could control when the counter starts. Currently, it starts when the page starts, so every time you access the page as you construct it counts as a view -- actually, in our install, it seems to count as TWO views. That's like having your traffic counter on your highway count all of the construction traffic before the road was opened to the public.
MindTouch is well suited for both small and large staffs. But if complex, artsy pages are your goal, you better have programmers on your staff.
MindTouch was purchased by our management team. I had no knowledge of the selection process until the decision was made and my training began. I'll say this: MindTouch is easy to learn to use.
Support, Client Services, Documentation
Detail-oriented people. Need people with a little writing flair. Need people who can communicate directly and concisely. Some page layout experience is a plus.
  • Getting software updates to clients.
  • Allowing clients to get help, by themselves, on our software products.
  • Providing a platform where we can easily get videos to people who want them.
  • Our deployment time is too short to have found any yet.
  • Using the API and some programming to integrate it with our system that manages Service tickets.
  • I would hope to get our sales staff more involved so that they can use it during presentations and as a way to create a library of info for potential clients.
MindTouch's ability to meet our needs.
Regular support serves us well.
Love MindTouch and its employees. On the other hand, the last time I commented to trustradius, they dogged me with emails and notifications for what seemed like weeks. Strongly dislike trustradius.
I wanted our landing pages to look a certain way and display info in a certain way. They helped us develop one series of css/dekiscript/jem which meets our needs and we can duplicate that set for every page we need it on.
  • Templates
  • Managing Users
  • Changing headline definition changes it in the whole shootin' match
  • Linking people from one page to another.
  • Copying and moving pages.
  • Linking people to off-site URLs
  • placing videos
  • creating copy in an article which is only for teammates to view
  • Cropping photos (can't do it).
  • Placing text consistently and elegantly next to photos.
  • Getting text to STAY in normal style without losing some of the elements thereof.
  • You always have to format text after you paste it in.
  • Placing our software updates in MindTouch and having clients download from there is slow. We now put them on our .ftp site and link to them from MindTouch. Works great!
Go back and read my answers in difficult/cumbersome and some of the comments I made in the free-form areas early in this session.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Mindtouch is the documentation authoring tool that is used for both Internal and Customer requirements. We use our doc portal for all our documentation needs. Our portal serves as the one stop shop to search across content, and provides the content visibility to our internal teams across different products.

The writers and the engineering are responsible for providing content relative to content type. The documentation team is responsible for distribution and administering audiences with permissions. Our content is consumed by the Customer audiences, Support, Training, and Product Dev.

Mindtouch helps resolve issues we have had in the past of using one portal to access all content across our products where you can use the Search feature as opposed to using Search across Guides/PDFs
  • Content Reuse: This is a great feature, allows the doc team to use single sourcing as opposed to our previous solution
  • Linking Content: Excellent feature, reduces time and improveds usability for our customers
  • GUI Interface: Ease of use
  • Revision History
  • Creating PDFs of more that 50 topics /pages. Ease of use of PDFs. This is an important ask that allows us to continue/discontinue with the tool
  • Applying Templates to a topic that we are editing.
  • Would like to see some flavor of collaborative Review Tools
  • Content Reuse: Wish we had an exception rule
  • Linking Content: UI is so cluttered especially when the links all have similar titles. It just seems like a very busy list of choices to select from which does not allow you to view the end of the link (string)
  • Reduction in Print
  • Availability of Content on the Go
  • Faster Search: Reduced time on searching through multiple guides
We have migrated our content from the Framemaker Books to Mindtouch proving to be a big shift. We have also been using Confluence and Zendesk for different products
One of many reasons is that most of what was a feature in MT has been a plug in in Confluence.
Product Development
Training & Education
Professional Services
Pls rephrase this question, unclear
  • Implemented in-house
  • We inherited the tool and was part of the team, but not involved in Implementation
The Support Team has always been responsive and provide the necessary granularity, the ease of their explanation and their ability to view and share the screens to understand the issue is a huge plus. Very appreciated .
The support folks I have worked with have always resolved our issues and quick to respond and never make you feel that our questions are beyond help.

Excellent service from this team, no matter who I speak with
Very easy to communicate and they are honest if I ask a question that stumbles them, they go for the help and get me Quick Resolution.
Please look at our support tickets. Most recently I got some help in rendering teh PDF correctly, was a complex issue, but Support did a great job in working it out and providing the necessary help.
  • Creating Content, using the GUI interface
  • Content Reuse
  • Linking content
  • Attaching Images
  • Creating a PDF
  • Troubleshooting source of a page
  • Reviewing content for collaborative use - i think this doesn't exist
Yes, but I don't use it
My left nav bar keeps closing in on my content when in View mode. My tables are skewed and could be improved. Auto-Fit of columns can be improved...
Bill McClain | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We are using MindTouch to create a knowledgebase for customers of the Cisco Infinite Video line of products. Currently, we have 2 technical writers and one SME adding content. As content becomes available (the product is in its infancy), more writers and SMEs will begin to use MindTouch. Distribution will be through our website administered by MindTouch. Our users are cable operators in several different countries. MindTouch allows us to create and update our documentation on the fly, giving our customers access to the latest documentation via the web.
  • MindTouch allows people with multiple levels of expertise to contribute to the product documentation.
  • MindTouch allows us to present the user with the most up-to-date documentation possible.
  • MindTouch makes content creation fairly easy, with templates and use guidelines.
  • We struggle with customizing our site, because so much of MindTouch is 'behind the scenes' and difficult to discern. We can't see how they are using certain things (for example, one variable that we used as a glossary popup was 'JSON' - we had to change it because it blew our site up).
  • MindTouch does not allow two people to edit a page simultaneously. It does, however, warn you that someone else is editing the page.
  • The location of content in MindTouch is not always apparent. We struggle sometimes finding the pages that we've created. A more streamlined approach (like a file system) to content management would be nice.
MindTouch is well suited for groups that are geographically dispersed, when writers and SMEs are using the system at different times. We have issues, at times, in our local group because we need to change things when someone else is editing a topic.

MindTouch is great for groups that produce product documentation and need to iteratively update that documentation (for example, in an Agile environment).
  • At this point, we haven't seen much of a return on MindTouch (we've only been using the product for a few months). I expect to see many users and contributors in the system, but for now, the volume just isn't there.
  • I think MindTouch will contribute to a faster software update cycle (we are an Agile shop).
  • MadCap Flare and AuthorIt
Both Flare and AuthorIT are different products - think more standard online help and documentation (PDF or printed) output. MindTouch is a different beast - I think it's strength is in its ability to create and publish (to the web) documentation that is quickly available to the user. All three products support some type of content reuse (Flare and AuthorIT seem to be a bit more robust in this department). MindTouch seems to have some issues with reuse (though, again, we are new to the game).
At this point, we have Technical Writers as content creators, editors, and publishers. We have product owners, product project managers, and engineers as SMEs creating and updating content. We also expect to have support engineers as SMEs to create and edit content. Currently, the product we support is not released, and is in development, so we expect the impact of MindTouch on all areas to be much bigger in the near future.
Currently, one full-time and one part-time persons support MindTouch. We are technical writers, and have leaned on the MindTouch support team to help us navigate the waters of this software. We have had a few issues, as I've described, but overall, it's been a valuable and interesting experience. I recommend giving MindTouch a try if you're going to publish a knowledgebase for your users.
  • Supporting a new product.
  • Allowing SMEs (amongst several groups, e.g., Support and Engineering) to create and edit content. (Only technical writers can publish content to our site at this point.)
  • Creating content that is the most up-to-date for our customers.
  • We are new to the MindTouch experience, so we have had little time to experiment with the product. We are concentrating on gathering material to add to the product at this point.
  • Track user feedback on our documentation so we can give them the best experience possible.
We are sold!
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