Why BirdEye Rocks!

Overall Satisfaction with BirdEye

I own an Advertising Agency and I recommend Birdeye to call my clients. The platform is the easiest I've seen in the industry. Simple and easy for my clients to use as well. Their support team is also the very best. Knowledgeable on every level, responds immediately and they even follow up with a phone call. They don't close a case until they get permission to do so. We use it across my whole organization.
Problems it solves:

The Ability to handle ALL reviews on one platform.
Allows SMS Text Message for review request
Allows you to share reviews on other social media and some are automatically shared
Allows you to choose where you'd like to send customers to get a review
It can be automated through API
Allows us to keep reviews up to date
Allows us to stay ahead of the competition by having the most reviews that are current
From start to finish, I've had NO issues with Birdeye - Top Notch Sales Reps, Management, Customer Service - It can't get any better
  • Their Support Team is beyond amazing. Very Knowledgeable, they know the product inside and out, they respond immediately. They don't close a support question without confirming I have everything I need!
  • They have the fastest, easiest platform that makes it just a click or two away from a review. It's not all Jammed up, no signing in with email, etc. They get right to the point.
  • Their Reporting is Top-Notch. In the click of a button I can tell a client exactly how many reviews have come in via the BirdEye Platform for each Review Site. I can tell my clients their conversion ratio or they can log in 24/7 as well.
  • The Only Thing I can think of is the ability to easily determine whether or not a review was done through the platform or if the customer went direct to the Review Site. You do have to jump through hoops for this.
  • They could provide re-sellers more knowledge regarding strategies that seem to work better with different industries. What review source works best for Dental vs Restaurants? What tools are their direct clients using to get the reviews? IPads? Sign in Widget? What process gets the most reviews by Industry would be some great inside information.
  • If they could provide knowledge regarding the day and time people are more likely to respond to reviews by industry.
  • Easier step by step instructions for me to give my clients so they can upload phone numbers and emails. Currently they have a template, but if you change anything on the template, the entire process gets screwed up, so it takes some time before you learn what not to do.
3 - President - Oversees all areas of the business, solicits new BirdEye Clients - Face of the Business
Account Managars - Responsible for setting up new accounts, training, and sending out review campaigns.
Marketing Managers - Reviews all Reports, Shares Reviews, Responds to Reviews, constantly tracking results as to how get more results based on specific templates, time of day, day of week, etc.
  • All Positive ROI - It's simple
  • As a re-seller, it's all residual income, sell it once, train them, your done.
  • Even if we manage it as a re-seller, once you know the platform, you can pay a college student pennies to send out the campaigns or train clients. As an owner, I recommend it, my clients take my expert opinion, I'm done.
Podium - much more expensive for almost the same platform.
Get5Stars.com - They use a 10 Star platform, which is ridiculous in my opinion. Google is the most important and they have 5 stars - Why have 10?
It's tough for restaurants, as it is difficult to get the names, phone, and email of customers to send a review.

Perfect for the service industry, events, entertainment, places to visit on vacation and products. - especially if it's automated. Who's going to pick a plumber with a 2.0 or 3.0 Google rating? It's not an option in the service industry as your customers are now your marketing source, like it or not.

Tough for Doctors, Dentist, Medical Professionals as well, unless you use an API and get it automated, and most re-sellers don't want to deal with the cost associated with an API.